manan a love story of fire episode 1


Dehradun 2:ooam
Dark jungle : this jungle is known for its darkness even rays the brightest sun cannot reach there
A big mansion is shown
A girl is sleeping in full darkness on her king size bed suddenly her phone rings
She picks phone with full irrigated face : who called at this hour of night picks with out seeing caller id
Girl : hello

Other side a lady speaks : nandini what r u doing ??
Nandini : r u kidding me ???? U call me at 2 am and ask am i sleeping ….then my answer is NO…..i was dancing
Lady : here i am dieing with tension and u r joking
Nandinj checks caller and sits with a jerk
Nandini : nyonika aunty …. is every thing ok …u called me at this hour …should i come
Nyonika : i am waiting at the road near ur house ….i am scared come fast ….its imoptant else i would have come in morning …
Nandini : i am coming ….keep ur car lock …close the windows and off lights …i will be there in 5 mins
Nyonika : can we keep talking till then
Nandini : hmmm
Nandini keep talking to distract nyonika and after few mins she reached nyonika car
Nyonika reliefs seeing nandini .nandini sits on passengers seat
Nandini : what happend ???
Nyonika : manik came back to india …
Nandini shock tears form in her eyes : manik…
And blood tears rolled down from her eyes
: why didn’t u told me before

Nyonika starts the car : i would have if i know before ….he gave us surprise by coming with his friends and we got shock instead of surprise
Nandini wipe her tears : now what do we do ??
Nyonika : i and neil ( manik’s dad ) have handled the situation
Nandini : when he came ???
Nyo : an hour back ….
Nandini : he remember me ???
Nyo : he haven’t aajed for u till now …i think he forgot u
Nandini : it is good for him
Nyonika keeps hand on nandini’s shoulder: i understand its difficult for u but we have too…..for him
Nandini : yeah…..for him

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  1. Sindhu_Varma

    This is awesome nd unique ?
    But it is short

  2. Nyc…yaaa its too short….eager to know days their past

  3. About*

  4. Mahi13

    Amazing….. It’s superb…… Do continue……. Ur ff is really interesting….. Update soon plz…..

  5. Interesting yar…..
    Plz continue……

  6. Tash

    Nyc yaar… New n unique

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