MANAN – when only love remains episode 7


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Recap-manik trying to propose nandh

At night
Manik drove to nandhinis house as baba is also supporting him for proposing nandhu
Manik reaches
Manik rings the bell baba opens the door
Baba -ahh manik beta .all set right?
Manik-baba siddharth.ahh all set but I just want ur permission to take her out
Baba -ahh siddharth,why my permission,why do u want to ask me for taking out ur would be husband,haa
Manik smiles -but would nandhu come with me
Nandhu-she remembers how manik saved her from seniors .she is just remembering him and smiles why am I always thinking about him .do I love him no nandhu he might have seen u as a friend
Manik-baba how can I .would she allow
Baba-i am here Na . I will
Baba calls nandhu nandhu sees manik and is shocked
Nandhu -thumko yeha
Manik-no baba called me
Baba -what I…..haa I called him it’s just that nandhu u r afraid to stay alone naa I am going for a meeting it’s just for an hour so for an hour why don’t u go out with manik
Manik-ha why not
Nandgu-but baba ithni raath ko konsa meeting hai achha hum chaloogi .and I just feel like eating pani Puri kyu manik
Manik smiles -ha sure
Nandhu-wAit I will come 2sec
She goes to get ready

In her room
Nandhu -which dress I will wear .i am going with siddharth.i should look gud which one
She gets reAdy and comes downstairs manik just stares at her thinking hw beautiful Is she nandhuuu I just love u my princess
BaBa -accha u leave
Manik still staring at nandhu doesn’t respond but baba shake him he gets back to sense and both leaves
Manik goes to take his car that’s when nandhu stops him
Nandhu-can we wAlk
Manik thinks yes that’s perfect why didn’t I think about it earlier
Both leaves
Baba thinks -god ye tho rabne banadhi Jodi hai hare wa kisi ka Nasar Na large
Manik and nandhu starts walking and at a small shop nandhu wow pani Puri chalo let’s have it
Manik-no us seeing nandhu having pani Puri
After eating they continue walking
Nandhini-manik thanks a lot …….

Manik -fir what
Nandhu -it saved me today Na I was so afraid and wait is it was manik who attacked me
Manik -nahi. way ..manik won’t do that…and nandhini I won’t let anything bad happen to u
Nandhu smiles
Nandhu -why,
Manik -because

And the next time nandhu gets shocked seeing manik on his knees and holding a ring box
Manik-nandhini murthy.its a gift from a guy who doesn’t wAnts to lose u ,who won’t let anything bad happen to u and from a guy who …loves u and will love forever……
Nandhu stood still she doesn’t know what to say tears rolled she had just heard what she wished for for she is too happy
manik .nandhu doesn’t replay but still but still she is happy she just wants to make manik wait for a little
Nandhu -but not now looking let me think about it.w I’ll tell u tomorrow
Manik -pakka tomorrow naa
Nandhu-haa and blushes
Nandhu reaches house and ran to her room and dances and jumped on her bed and goes crazy.she is too happy
Baba -kaisa tha manik
Manik -she asked me to wait
Baba -i am sure it will be positive and cuts the call

Precap-anything can happen !!!!!!!nandhus answer+ introduction of a new character (negative role against nandhu crisane )

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  3. Nice episode

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