MANAN – when only love remains episode 6

Recap-manik drops nandhu to her house
In car
Manik-sahi nandhini who all are there in ur house.
Nandhini-mera mamma ,baba,dosth air abh hai phar vo sab ek hi athmi hai mera baba and she smiles .mera mamma tho Mike chodkar bhaghvan ke paas ja gayi .after that for my every needs my baba is there for me.aur thumare bhare me bhathavo
Manik-looks emotionaly and says-then we both are almost same mera tho both of the left me when I was 3 .ek car accident ho gaya tha.a after that like u said mera dossth ,mamma ,pappa ,sab kuch mera Nanni thi.
Nandhini feels sad for him
They rich nandhini house
Nandhini-manik come inside I will introduce my baba
Baba-nandhu u came. How was ur day
Nandhu -it may not have been gud if siddharth wasnt there.he saved me today (and she explains whole to her Babs)baba get impressed
Manik-namasthe baba. I have heard a lot about u from nandhini
Baba -ahaa kya mera bura ya achha
Nandhini-manik u know Na I can’t say anything bad about u
Baba laughs and manik stood still enjoying the talking of both daughter and father.he thought there just like best friends who doesn’t hide anything from each other .
Manik-nandhini is lucky to have a baba like u .
Baba -accha beta,aur thumare njan kya bhathaya that ,I just forgot
Manik-man……I mean siddharth
Nandgu-i will just change and. Come and she goes
Baba-well siddharth hw is ur college life going well ha?
Manik-yes baba oops uncle .i just get used by hearing nandhu
Baba-its okk call me only baba no uncle okay and by the way is there something btwn u and nandhu ha?
Manik smiles -no aisa kuch nahi
Manik -baba can I say something to u .
Baba-ahh say beta

Manik -actually baba I am not siddharth….!!!!i am……manik
Baba-kyaaaa.what u r that manik which nandhu always complains about .then we’ll do nandhu no this
Manik-no baba.she doesn’t know .aur I am not as bad as nandhu thinks
Baba-then why did u lied to her
Manik-no baba i had a fear of losing her.i knew that from the 1st day I saw her she was afraid of me and she hated and she had a bad image about me . and i just want to know her that I am not as bad as she thinks .baba i can’t lie to u when I saw u I feel like I am talking to my own baba .i just wanted u to know this .
Baba-its telling the truth I too hated manik when nandhu told me.but when I realized it was u I am really happy .aur what have said just before “that u had a fear of losing her”ha is that means u …..loves her
Manik blushes
Baba-after hearing how u helped my nandhu from those seniors now I am sure that my nandhu is in safe hands .aur u seriously love her naa
Manik-no love her more than me now. She is my life.u can believe me.
Baba-but when nandhu finds that u r manik …..
Manik-baba I have a great plan I will say
Baba-but u have to do it fast .Ok
Manik-no baba and he leaves baba wishes him all the best

At space
Manik-i am gonna propose her today ………
Cabir-manik what kya u ….
Cabir was listening to music
Manik -i am gonna propose her
Cabir-u what I can’t hear u say it loudly
Manik this time Ina too high voice -i am gonna propose her
All suddenly the room becomes silent all stares. At manik
Manik smiles at them
Cabir-what manik u could have told that in a low voice Na
Manik -thumko me
Cabir-u fine .and by the way u are gonna propose her !!!!!!!wow mera Bhai ko pyaar mil gaya and all the best and by the way as whom u are gonna propose her as manik or siddharth haa?
Manik-i just thought that I could tell her once after she accepts my proposal .what u say .
Cabir -cool bro but she should hear it from u beware

Precap-manik proposes nandhini and a new entry is shown against nandhu


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