Manan- when only love remains episode 5

Hi cutiepies .thanks aaaa lot for ur comments and silent readers too. if there need to be any change in the story line plz let me is episode 5 happy reading

Manik-arre year .why are u so much afraid of manik. He is a gud guy. I know him very well.ahh he will rag but it’s usual naa like all seniors do
Nandhu-dont say anything about him .i just hate his name too. Monster .and what u mean by usual seriously siddharth.u think after what he did to megana I will forgive him no way.and plz let us not talk about that duffer .
Manik thinks-omg before she gets to know I am manik I have to remove the bad impression.?

Nan-ok bye manik I have class bye
Manik keeps on looking her till she is visible
Manik-arre yaar cabir.she thinks I am a bad guy like a monster
Cabir-bhaai .what’s wrong in that u r one ?
Manik-ahaa nice joke
Cabir-manik ,before someone else told her that u r manik u should say her or else she will feel cheated Ok now take it seriously
Manik-sahi kaha thumne .i can’t think of losing her
Manik moves to the cafeteria suddenly he hears sound from one of the classroom near.

Inside the classroom
Nandhu-navya are u here there

Then suddenly a group of seniors in front of her she gets scared
Nandhu-ye Aplokh yeha…..kya..
Seniors-ok nandhini u dont know are yaar ye ladki kithna sundhar he.i feel like dancing with you .how is it .?
Nandhu-ye …Aplokh..kya..key..ra..hi huuu..n
Senior -its a part of raging

And he holds her hand she tries to remove and they took cameras to take her video she cries
Outside the room manik thinks what’s this and sees some boys raging he thinks is it not megana or navya if something happened to those nandhu won’t spare u manik and he enters the room he doesn’t see nandhus face he asks the seniors
Manik-ahaa he yaar juniors ko Aida rag math karo leave her
Other guys-no bhaai see how beautiful is this girl .but see she isn’t even ready to dance with me at least not even for a date
The senior has closed her mouth using his hand nandhu inside her mind thinks siddharth plz help me

Manik to nandhu-ae ladki date keliye mean jaaona Varna bohath bura ho jayenge
Manik was about to leave that’s when the other guys took out the hands from her mouth
Nandhu-s…Sid.. siddharth
Manik gets shocked
Manik -nandhini it’s u!!!
Other guys -what happened Bhai u know her or u also want to dance and by the way she is hot and he laughs that’s manik lost his temper. And started hitting the guy he hits everyone and says”don’t even dare to hold her again if u then there won’t be anyone who is bad as me she is my girl and he hits him again
Manik turns to nandhu who is still in tears

Nandhu runs and hugs him and cries
Nandhu -if u were not there…..
Manik-ssshhhhhh I am always there for u and now stop crying
Nandhu breAks the hug and she wants to go home and manik says I will drop u and nandhu nods

Precap-in nandhu s house nandhu Introduces manik to her baba

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