Manan- when only love remains episode 4

First of all I am really sorry for not updating properly .but I was busy with my exams and I hope u understand .and I will be updating each episode on weekends

I stopped my last update at which navya says nandhini that its not manik and at the same time navya getting scared seeing manik showing her funny video that he will post it on internet if shell tell the truth to nandhini and here is the continuation
navya-ahh yes its sid I just……
manik-hello navya and he smirks
nandini and navya leaves
here cabir manik finds a girl who very traditional and they thought to play a prank on her.
when manik and cabir approach near her she gets scared
Manik-whats ur name
cabir-u seems so scared calm down we are not going to eat u but will just give u a task
manik-so meghana so its very simple a”manik says pointing a boy in the corner and says go and kiss him .
the girl gets shocked and starts weeping.she begs them can she go but those seniors are really a monsters and manik just makes her more scared all meghana could do was to obey them and after the task was completed both manik and cabir Hi fi
manik sees nandini sad and goes to her
manik-kya hua
manik-u wont share it with ur friend?

nandini-whats the problem with these seniors especially that manik Malhothra who he thinks he is .whatever comes in to in his mind he will just do it if I get him I would just kill him.idiot stupid bhadhameez …..
manik-no nandini he is not so bad I know him….and by the way why are u mad at him right now ?
nandini-my childhood friend just joined here today and that manster manik …. u know na what he did
manik-nahi manik wont do anything like maybe some misunderstanding and by the way he s ur bf na u can talk to him 🙂
nandhu-bf !!my foot can I say u samething serious .promise me u wont tease me
manik -sure
nan-that… bf
manik-what?u just lied to me;|
nan-but I lied because I thought u are a senior and u would rag me too but see u are not like that monster
manik laughs
manik-and u know manik will be arriving here now
nan-what ?and she drags manik and run from there
have u liked my update plz comment….

precap-some seniors approach nandhini and asks her dance with them and nandini refuses they holds her hand and suddenly someone from back hits the guy(as u can guess its manik)

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