Manan- when only love remains episode 3

Manik-I am a gud friend of manik but he haven’t told me about this;)
Nandini-its just that …..we..decided not to tell anyone about was me who resisted because I doesn’t want everyone to be afraid of me like they are to manik;(.nandini to herself-he rabba plz don’t let this boy to ask me any more questions
meanwhile manik cant control his laughter
nandini tried to escape saying she is having class but manik stops her
manik-atleast say ur name maniks gf
nandini-ahh.plz don’t share this with anyone ok its a secret u know right and I am nandini and you?
manik -I am manik
manik-I mean I am maniks friend siddharth and u can call me sid and can we be friends?
nandini-no way I cant be in friendship with astranger
manik-stranger?we have talked all this while and u are calling me stranger.if u don’t want to be in friendship with me I will go ask manik about you
nandini gets panicked -no ,I was just joking .friends?

and both shake there hands and nandini leaves and manik watches her leaving
nandini to navya-navvya I met sid u know him? .he is our senior.he is not like others he doesn’t rag .
navys-sid?who is it I haven’t seen himand I am pretty sure that there Is no one named sid as our senior
nandini- u don’t know did. we both become friends too.wait I will show him come with me
navya follows her
nandini calls manik as sid but manik doesn’t responds she calls again and manik asks cabir who is sid ask him to answer her he gets iritatted
cabir-are bhaai she is calling u
manik-ohh I forget I am sid right?
he turns back
nandini-hello sid this is friend navya and navya this is sid .sid she told there is no one named siddarth as our senior so I just come to introduce u to her
both navya and manik gets shocked
manik -hello navya
navya -nandini this is not sid .this is……..
manik scares her by showing her funny vedio in which she dance blackmailing that he will post on internet
navya stops

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  1. Hai it’s really nice story and very funny too..thank u for this wonderful story

  2. Supeerrr funny part loved it

    1. Nainatalwarsingh

      Thank u piya

  3. Nainatalwarsingh

    Thank u soon much for reading my updates:)

  4. Yaaaaar…that was funnny realllllly….nandu yaar reallly…manik is defintly havng fun…too good bt short….plzzz update soonr…t c

  5. Wow …ridiculous….nxt update pls

  6. Ohh its really nice.. But very Short..

  7. Super story

  8. Plz tell me when wll d nxt update? Plzzzzzz…..

  9. Nainatalwarsingh

    Will try to update today.sry for making u all wait?

  10. Y haven’t U updated ur nxt epsod yet???? I’m eagerly waiting for it.

    1. Nainatalwar2050

      Sry aysha will update soon. I am really helpless .I am quite busy with my family .hope so u understand:(

    2. Nainatalwar2050

      Sry aysha I am really helpless .I am quite busy with my family .hope so u understand:(

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