manan- when only love remains episode 2


hello o! SO starting from this episode I am changing NAINA to NANDINI.:)
Nandini to manik-“if u don’t know how to drive properly plz don’t drive and I don’t understand what is the problem with u guys calling themselves as youngsters and just doing whatever u want uuhh “at the same time manik stood stil . its the 1st time he is seeing her and he is feeling butterflies inside him:). he haven’t let anyone to scream at him all his life long and its the 1st time.he is mesmerized by her beauty.nandini continues ‘I have wasted my time talking to u and its the 1st day of my college he rabba “and she started talking her papers from the road manik helps her in picking them up and he notices her admission paper and its written the name of college ‘SPACE’.manik gets happy(as there are in the same college)”and by the way what’s your name ?”manik asks.but nandini completely ignores him and rides off.manik gets in his car .

Nandhi and navya meets and are happy to see again and navya is gving a small introduction of space to nandhini.”the college is gud the teachers are gud but expect on thing ” nandini eagerly asks “what’s that” . ‘FAB FIVE”.THERE ARE A GANG OF MONSTERS and nandini beware what ever happens don’t be in there trap never try to stop them especially there leader MANIK MALHOTHRA ” and the others are CABIR ,ALIA, MUKTHI AND DHRUV.but dhruv is not like other 4 he is calm and quiet.” after hearing all this nandini started shivering.”my day is ruined all because of that fool uff” nandini sighs .
MANIK tells cabir about the girl who he met in the mrng and dreams about her
cabir-wow!manik Malhothra is in love
manik smiles
both manik and cabir wents to see juniors
all the time manik was searching for nandini .
navya-nandini, the only girl who can escape from Manik is his love
nandini-who is it?
navya-there is no one like that .

nadhi was searching for her classroom that’s when manik finds her manik goes to her.
manik-hello ,u remember me we met tod……..
nandini -whats this u are following me ahh plz I am not a girl as u think (nandini doesn’t know he is manik )
manik thinks ah she doesn’t know I am manik ok fine
manik-ok then who are .usually juniors are afraid of seniors but you are not .suprising
nandini-why should I be
manik – means……
nandini-she suddenly thinks of navyas words(“if u are maniks gf u doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone”0 she continues”i mean….ee.. I am ..maniks …..girl friend……
manik -what

precap-manik asks nandini -so lets be friends?
and nandini noda

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