MANAN – when only love remains episode 10

helloi!!!!!sorry guyzzz i know its been a long time .I was really busy with ma exams ,my exams are still going but still i found time for this,u guyz would be really angry sry srt?hope u will understand

here is the next episode
recap-nandhu find out that sid is manik and she now thinks that he cheated on her .she is really furious ,manik is trying to make her forgive ,but she denies
nandhu wakes up from her sleep ,and she remembers all that happend last day.
nandhus pov
he rabba i didnt think that sid…….manik would do this to me. he really cheated me .he rabba i didnt want to see him anymore buti cant stop going to college kya karoo me….

then she gets ready and comes out of her room baba-nadhu u got ready
nandhu-ha baba ,ab bye me ja raha hu
baba-atleast,eat something
but he was late she already went
in maniks place
manik was,worried how nandhu would react today
nandhu reaches colleges

there she met navya

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  1. Jazz

    nicee.. update asap!! 😉

  2. Nainatalwarsingh

    thank u jazz ,u r the 1st one to comment ,i am so happy.all these while i was waiting for a comment and finally i am happy u r new here right?welcome keep reading i wasnt able to complete this episode due to ma exams will update as soon as ots over,where are my other readers piyaa,anjali,manuand many other sorry i forget others name as its been a long time

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