manan- when only love remains episode 1


hello everyone !thanks a lot for ur comments .I just changed the name to naina because I love that name :).if nandhini was more gud just tell me I will change:)its ok with me and once again thanks a lot for the comments .keep reading my ff +comment..

at naina’s place
the rays of sun had made naina to wake up . she woke up with a sweet smile. she then checked her alarm and was shocked.she screamed ‘nahiii! I am late. the 1st day of my college would be ruined.”she quickly gets ready and she ran downstairs.”baba apne muje uttaya ky nahi ,apko phatha he na aj mera pehla dhin he aur wo karab ho jayega”(baba why didn’t u wake me up .don’t u know its the 1st day at my college )’ sorry beta me bhool gayi. its okk now eat something.” both are having breakfast .”naina its ur 1st day at college atleast find my son in law .”and he took a deeep sigh .baba ,are u always like this . when its time for me to get married u find a boy for me.its the duty of parents not my.” baba started again “naina u know na how I met ur mother we were in the same college and she was my junior and I fall in love with her when I saw her for the 1st time’ actually when I went for ragging ‘ naina the same way I am sure u will also find ur love.

at manik’s place
manik is still in sleep but wakes up when his phone rings .it was cabir “hey buddy.where r u.dont tell me u are still in sleep.u forget its a big day.its the 1st day for our juniors and plz come fast’ manik-I know buddy .will be there with 15 min and cuts the call.manik gets ready .all his servants are there serving breakfast for hin and he leaves in his car.

at naina’s place
“baba I don’t know about abou my soulmate and.bye baba take care”and she leaves in her scooty
suddenly a car hits her scooter . nothing happened much.but naina was too angry she asked the owner of the car to come out.she knocks on his window and its shown its MANIK .


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  1. I think Nandini gives us d feel of Manan’s love…thats yyy…othrwise ur choice…n e ways nyc chappy..interstng precap…t c

  2. Nice dear

  3. Nice dearr it seems different track..cont…

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