manan ,the love – Part 9

In the trail room .
Nandini-can we search for a way out
Manik-see this is trail room so no way to go out.
Nandini-ya u r right. Suddenly lights go off and nandu gets scared so searches for manik moving her hands in air .and says manik manik don’t scare widout any reply
Manik – I m here. and pulls her(hope u remember they were already sitting)
Due to sudden pull above manik nandini was there .her whole body was on manik .her one hand on his waist and another one the back of his neck.she holds them very tightly out of fear.manik to calm her down puts one hand on her waist and back.both were there like this for few mins . manik pulls her lil up and proceeds towards her neck crook and whispers- y u always hug me that too very tightly .
Nandini suddenly gets up and compose her while still manik was lying there.
Nandini-it’s not like that I wanna hug u and all if u don’t like I won’t do it don’t worry .i was hugging as I thought friends hug n that’s not a mistake.
Manik-no no I liked ur hug but hug is ok but
Nandini-wat but
Manik-but …kiss….is…..also……permitted……in ….friends that’s smthing new to hear
Nandini-…t…h..a…t….was ….becoz…we…were….drunken….na
Manik-so if not drunken u won’t kiss me
Nandini-ya I won’t y

Manik felt disappointed due to her this reply and thinks this means she really don’t want to kiss but y do I always feel like even withuout be drunk we would kiss.i know I m really much attracted towards her but I really feel to kiss her I mean when ever I remember our kiss my heart is really happy and don’t know y a smile creeps on my lips like a idiot I keep smiling for few mins.
Nandini-I m hungry
Manik-I have one burger have it.just then his stomach makes a hunger voice
Nandini-even u r hungry so we will share it
Manik- I don’t have knife to cut
Nandini-see we will share this way one bite me and one bite u ok
Manik-if it’s ok for u then me too ok
Manik gives burger to her she haves one bite and gives to manik.manik eats the bite part of nandini on which her cherry lipstick was topped and her saliva made it taste the best food ever in this whole world .manik was eating it very passionately as if he is getting a really deep passionate lip lock for it was her turn she too had it and was enjoying the burger .no not burger but his saliva more.she too felt it as a passionate kiss of manik.though both lips were apart still they shared a romantic deep passionate kiss and that to broke it not due to lost of breathe but due to burger’s end. But water was there to continue their kiss each sip was like a kiss to them .they were kissing heart to heart .and suddenly to disturb it a lizard fell on nandini so hugged manik .
now the trail room as opened by a worker .both composed themselves with a lot of embarrassment went out.both billed their shopping and started to go home while some dragged her aside and kissed her neck and even left a love was karan and whispered in her ears I will get u anyhow .this is just a triler be ready baby.
Nandini opened her eyes in fear and searched for he was nowhere but found a bite of his on neck.she was tensed badly.and went to manik.
Nandini-manik he came again see he kissed me and even warned me that he will get me .manik pls save me from that devil.i really don’t want to loose myself to that jerk.manik pls don’t leave me plss

Manik-nandini he is not here it’s just that u r really scared that’s it
Nandini-see he kissed me here and left his dirty love bite here(showing the bite)
Manik touched it and frowned –how dare he kissed u I won’t leave him he is dead now .
Nandini-pls don’t leave me alone here he ill come again let’s go to home.
Manik-but I have to teach him a lesson .
Nandini-it’s dark outside and it’s 11.but I wonder who got to know we were struck here and at this timeworker opened our door and also karan.
Manik-it’s nothing just stut this crap.
Manik thinks may be seen nandini entering the room .he might have waited till we get locked up and everyone went asked a worker to open and it was easy to nandini to drag aside do that dirty trick while I was busy complaining who locked up there.
Manik-nandu let’s move now it’s already very late.
They reached home by car.

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