manan ,the love – Part 6

hi guys lack of words so started a lil earilierly
Nandini calls him .
Nandini-karan come home plss
Karan-baby wat happened
Nandini-I wanna talk about our relationship.
Karan thinks may be take it next level.then I gotta dres up hot and also a extremely hot se** attire for her exposing everything.karan u gotta get s** .so pls don’t leave this chance just sm**ch her as much as possible as it’s gotta be the last day of f***ing her.oh god cant control my harmones.
Karan-ya baby coming
Karan came in but his excitement was faded as he found manik there so placed the bag outside .
Karan went and hugged her tightly kept his hands on the waist and asked what baby.
Nandini removed his hand and went andcaught manik’s hand and said I wanna break our relationship .
Karan thinks may be found out that I m just loved her body but still I will confirm.
Karan-y baby I really love u

Nandini-u love me but I ditched u.i kissed him.
Karan thinks so this is the reason I was hell scared but wat if she is testing my trust on her and also she go wid any damn boy but I wanna just do it .so doesn’t matter whom kissed and all
Karan-r u just kidding me I know u can’t do it just say the truth.they showed the video .
Karan thinks o god I missed it narrowly hope I was there in manik’s place .but luck favoured him wat can I do.i just can’t break for this reason if we had done it then it was yes but now we weren’t right so better be a hero in front of her so that I can get that very easily
Nandini thinks karan I really love u pls be angry on me and prove that u love me not my body.
Karan-baby it’s not a big deal so tht we break our relationship.
Nandini is shattered and wid a teary eye looked at manik.manik caught her hand and wid eye said proceed.
Nandini wid a choked voice –karan I know our love is true but I m feeling guilty so I gonna spent rest of my life wid manik
Karan-are u mad just becoz u kissed him u r leaving me
Nandini-see I ditched u I feel it as a sin and I can’t bear this so we r done and pls don’t see me again
Karan-u idiot wat u thought of urself ya we will definetly break up but after s** .ok wat u thought I have spend a lot on ur se** dresses and pubs just for this stupid love I want to do it that’s it .u r already paid so better do it .otherwise
Manik-otherwise u wat tell me wat u will do.just get out of my house and don’t show ur dirty face again out.
Karan goes out tAking his bag and nadini breaks down
Nandini starts crying like a baby .manik hugs her and consoles as she didn’t loose anything but saved herself from being used by that jerk.nandini hugs him tightly and says u r my savior as u understood his dirty mind.thank u so much n promise me u won’t leave me alone in this wicked world. now I feel I did right in asking u to kiss me .i feel proud of asking it becoz of which I could save myself.

Manik-u r asking again for it
Nandini- manik i.. didn’t …mean it
Manik-so wat u meant
Nandini-thank u for being drunk
Manik-so wanna be drunk for wat karan did or we did
Nandini(blushing)-move I think u forgot the promise of not drinking when I m here
Manik-just kidding .see I deserve reward of saving u wat say
Nandini widens her eyes –wat reward
Manik-my reward is u won’t cry for that blo*dy jerk
Nandini-fine I ill do it .
Manik – today we will have ur lunch outside fine
Nandini-ok I will get redeay soon
She goes have shower put herself into a jean and a girly t-shirt wid a high heel on foot lil make and lots of lipgloss on lips.manik too got ready wearing a white shirt and black jean wid a black blazer on hand and both go out for lunch.
Manik- see we have reached .
Nandini-seems to be a good restaurant .
Both get seated .manik thinks-she is really trying to be brave of not being affected by their break up but I know she is totally shattered from inside .how to cheer her up .i want to see her happy always like a smile ball even when torn into pieces assembliming together it always smile I want her to not regret of choosing karan as bf so I will find the best guy for her and let her happy (u idot it”s only u ).
Nandini thinks god thank u so much for sending manik as my friend who saved me from that karan if not I would I have definitely lost myself to him would never be normal.but to my surprise I really didn’t shatter much as much as I expected I was rather angry on him for trying to use me may I really didn’t love may it was an attraction and also a I didn’t find my love .so god when r u goin to make me meet my lover boy. I mean all these days I was stupid thinking him as my love but it isn’t.
Manik-so wat u want to have
Nandini-just wat u order.

Nandini-see I don’t know which dish is and all but u might be knowing it so order wat is best but I want chocolate ice cream at last.fine.
Manik oders food and theyboth have it .finally her dish ice cream comes
Manik was looking at her lovingly the way she was having it .most of the icereams was smeared on her lips rather than having it.manik smiles at her childish innocent acts .he was searching for a hand kerchief for wiping it and finally succeeded and brought her it and rubbed her lips in order to remove that process his hands touch her delicate lips .both got a electric shock.
Nandini –u could have told me
Manik-if told u would try removing and fail n I would do it so I did it directly.
Nandini-that would have happen only in movies not in real
Manik – even drunken scence like us would come but did happen it real let’s leave.

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