manan ,the love – Part 5

Next morning
Manik wakes up and finds himself shirtless and nandini in his arms and gets shocked and thinks wat is she doing in my arms and y m I shirtless did I do no I didn’t .manik come on remember something atleast.then he moves out of the room holding his head and had lime and also placed one for nandini.he had shower and dressed up went to the hall holding his head sitting on the sofa
Manik thinks god y I m not able to remember anything o shit I was drunk last night.but from where did nandini come ?i was searching for her I think I found her may be brought home but y was she in my room that too in my arms.wait we shared a kiss.shit we kissed damn it now how will I face her .i mean I was the one to protect her but I itself kissed’s disgusting.i will tell sorry to her .but sorry is too little for this mistake.just then nandini came holding her head .manik was damn nervous.
Manik-did u had lime kept on table.
Nandini-ya my head is paining
Manik-do u remember anything.
Nandini trying to recall and suddenly said-we kissed
Manik thinks o shit she remembers how will I explain her-nandu I was really drunk I was not in my sences tht’s y I didn’t intent to do such this I am really sorry I know sorry is very lil but what can I do now it’s better we forget it plss forgive me and I promise I won’t be drunk again till u r in this house.actually meeting was there and later a party where I got drunk and went to pick one of my friend who was not in his sences.but I don’t know how I got u and kiss and all plss forgive me.
Nandini was standing like a statue and suddenly outbrusted manik can u just tell me one thing .
Manik-ya surely

Nandini-did I resist while kissing.
Manik was embarrassed of such a weird q.and replied don’t know .wait we have cameras let’s watch it .
They went and started the video.
Manik-r u comfortable watching this .
Nandini-I really want to .to clarify all my doubts regarding karan.
Manik-where did karan come from
Nandini-after video I will tell.
They watched and both were hell shocked listing their convo and seeing their kiss.
Nandini went out followed manik.
Nandini-I m really sorry this so disgusting having a bf and kissing another guy .o damn shit how will I face him .the one who really loves me I have ditched him .how will I able to forgive myself.and manik I have also hurt u a lot .i really sorry.did u listen to the convo I was the one asking u to kiss me and also I wasn’t thinking u to be karan as I clearly said manik .she starts to cry.and again starts whenever karan came near me I never allowed him to kiss me even in more worst situation.y did I allow u so easily to kiss me infact asked for a kiss .even yesterday when he sm**ched me I was imagining him as u I was really comfortable .y even I wondered..
Manik-I wanna say u smthing.
Nandini-ya say
Manik-actually ur karan is just using u wait don’t be angry I will give u proof.
Nandini –wat proof I love him very much he too does more than that
Manik kept his hand on nandini’s mouth and said just listen to my test for him
Nandini-fine if he turns to be positive
Manik –I m ready to do whatever u say fine

Manik-u tell him that u wanna break saying the reason we kissed last night if proof is asked we will provide that too.if he is possessive and gets angry then he loves u a lot and I will bring him around but if he says it’s ok .u just stress of break up he himself will accept it I m damn sure about him now.
Nandini calls him .
Nandini-karan come home plss
Karan-baby wat happened
Nandini-I wanna talk about our relationship.
Karan thinks may be take it next level.then I gotta dres up hot and also a extremely hot se** attire for her exposing everything.karan u gotta get s** .so pls don’t leave this chance just sm**ch her as much as possible as it’s gotta be the last day of f***ing her.oh god cant control my harmones.
Karan-ya baby coming
Karan came in but his excitement was faded as he found manik there so placed the bag outside .
Karan went and hugged her tightly kept his hands on the waist and asked what baby.
Nandini removed his hand and went andcaught manik’s hand and said I wanna break our relationship .
Karan thinks may be found out that I m just loved her body but still I will confirm.
Karan-y baby I really love u

Nandini-u love me but I ditched u.i kissed him.
Karan thinks so this is the reason I was hell scared but wat if she is testing my trust on her and also she go wid any damn boy but I wanna just do it .so doesn’t matter whom kissed and all
Karan-r u just kidding me I know u can’t do it just say the truth.they showed the video .
Karan thinks o god I missed it narrowly hope I was there in manik’s place .but luck favoured him wat can I do.i just can’t break for this reason if we had done it then it was yes but now we weren’t right so better be a hero in front of her so that I can get that very easily
Nandini thinks karan I really love u pls be angry on me and prove that u love me not my body.
Karan-baby it’s not a big deal so tht we break our relationship.
Nandini is shattered and wid a teary eye looked at manik.manik caught her hand and wid eye said proceed.
Nandini wid a choked voice –karan I know our love is true but I m feeling guilty so I gonna spent rest of my life wid manik
Karan-are u mad just becoz u kissed him u r leaving me
Nandini-see I ditched u I feel it as a sin and I can’t bear this so we r done and pls don’t see me again
Karan-u idiot wat u thought of urself ya we will definetly break up but after s** .ok wat u thought I have spend a lot on ur se** dresses and pubs just for this stupid love I want to do it that’s it .u r already paid so better do it .otherwise
Manik-otherwise u wat tell me wat u will do.just get out of my house and don’t show ur dirty face again out.
Karan goes out tAking his bag and nadini breaks down

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