manan ,the love – Part 4

after manik went karan who was hiding there smirks and rings the door bell wid a bag.nandini opened the door and surprised.
Nandini-now only u told u have imp work and left and next minute here.
Karan-my work was to to bring this dress to tell my sorry along wid this and also we will go to pub .
Nandini-but manik told not to go anywhere
Karan-u aren’t going alone but wid ur bf so chill baby
Nandini-fine give a mssg him otherwise he will be worried.karan thinks o shit then my plan will be flopped.think smthing
Karan getting her phone and giving the bag says baby I will do it get ready soon.then he hid her phone somewhere.
Nandini went inside her room and got was a white dress full backless just a thread at the neck and cover her bottom till a lil of thigh the fornt part was having a deep neck and was till the end of bo**s and a lil of cloth running vertical just enough to cover navel and the inner wear.this was the dress bought by that nasty karan .she wore lil make up and high white heels with a puff on top of head and walked out carrying a white purse.
Karan was highly impressed and said u r the one piece in the wholeworld.he put his dirty arm on her waist and went to a pub.
Karan-let’s dance first.
Nandini-ok baby.
Both went to the dance floor .karan being a dirty minded grabbed her waist firmly and pressed it hard.and another hand moved to her back and sm**ched her.nandini was busy jumping and dancing
He moved his hand down from her back and held her neck and soon another hand too reached her nandini felt uncomfort so asked shall we go
Karan-let’s have some shots
They went to bar counter and got drunk.karan pulled to a corner of pub and said we will dance here alone.(drunken)
Nandini-but all r there
Karan- u r special baby
Karan again started being nasty wid her by touching her here and there.karan now turned her making her back facing him and slid a hand inside her cloth from side and touched her navel.and was sm**ching her.just then a hard punch fell on his head and fell on ground and became unconscious .it was manik but this time he was too drunken very badly.nandini was busy dancing.he picked her in a bridal style and some how both reached home.after reaching home.
Nandini-manik u r looking very hot today seriously
Manik-thang u
Nandini-manik manik
Manik-ha wat
Nandini fell on sofa on top of manik to fell .the remote of the gets on and tv screen lights up showing a lip lock.
Nandini-have u ever kissed a girl
Manik-no ,u
Nandini-me no never but I feel like doing it now
Manik-but karan is a bast**d don’t do wid him and also not here now
Nandini-not karan re
Manik-then whom
Manik –wat me but
Nandini-u really don’t fell like kissing I look so bad
Manik-no dear u are really very beautiful even a mad man wont miss the chance of kissing u
Nandini-then y not u
Manik-who told I don’t want to kiss you
Nadini-then u want to
Manik- ya of course
Manik proceeds to kiss her both are just a micrometer apart then nandini puts her around manik and manik too held her waist and within amicrosec their lips fused.manik was sucking her chewing and even biting the upper part of lip his togue was tasting the inner part of lips .nandini was also a active participate as she held his neck firmly pulled closer closer and now she was sucking manik’s lips .their prolonged for much time .manik out of breathe tried to pull out but nandini pulled back as a result he fell on nandu even more deepening the kiss .due to sudden fall his hands pressed her waist slightly.unable to brethe further both broke the kiss.this was their unofficial drunken kiss.
Nandini-how was it
Manik-amazing I want once more
Nandini-even I want but
Manik-but wat
Nandini-my neck is paining
Manik realized their position on sofa so both got up .nandini went to manik’s room and even manik reached there.
Manik-this is my room
Nandini-I know and shelaid on black bed of manik’s.
Manik-that is my bed
Nandini –ya I know but I wanna sleep here only pls
Manik-but y u wanna sleep here u even have a better cot than this
Nandini-but it’s not urs na
Manik-ooo.but where will I sleep
Nandini-with me on this cot
He lays beside nandini and sees her just then notices the type of dress she wearing.seeing this instead of being happy he frowned and all of a sudden bursted of
Manik-y u always such type of nasty clothes
Nandini looks at herself and says they aren’t nasty.manik makes her stand before a mirror and says see it now.she see it again and says same .so to make her understand he removes his shirt.and stands before her shirtless.nandini closes her eyes and says stop this nasty way of showing ur body to me.he moves to the crook of neck and says same way she is also wearing this nasty cloth which hardly cover her vital parts .in fact showing of ur body to the whole cruel world.nandini understands and says now onwads I won’t wear these nasty clothes.i will burn them.she went to her room changed into casuals and brought all nasty clothes burnt them.
Nandini –fine
Manik-good.and hugged.
Nandini and manik laid on bed hugging and dozed off

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