manan ,the love – Part 3

Karan now moved his lips towards her collar bone to give a kiss. Nandini pushed him away and said pls don’t romance in front of manik .
Karan-so let’s go to our room .
Nandini-our room no it’s my room and pls be lil away ok .
Karan- y should I be away from my gf .he kept one hand on her waist.
Nandini took his hand and droped.n-becoz of ur yesterday’s act.
Karan-but it’s not a big deal .
Nandini –u should be away for a day as a punishment.
Karan thinks already we are away now I can’t even tounch her.damn she is really very difficult.if I won’t accept it I will get 2 days as punish ment so better I accept it.
Manik(thinks)thank god nandini made him away but how long .propabily I should be nandini so that he won’t touch her.i really want her not to be used by this stupid karan.
Karan asks for water .as nandini was giving he purposefully tried to pour that on nandini’s dress so that he can touch her saying this sake.but before that happens manik caught his intentions and kept his hand in middle as a result water fell on his body.karan –wat the f**k ?is this
Manik-sorry by mistake it fell.I will give my dress u can change it in my room.come wid me.and he smirks
Karan thinks this man always manages to fail my plan .he is really irritated already she is difficult now he is making it more.he frowns and follows him.
Karan goes and chages his shirt and comes wid manik down.nandini is sitting on the sofa watching tv.
Karan-baby y can’t we go out somewhere
Nandini-no not in a mood
Karan –pls come .as u r new to india I will show u some places over here
Manik-ya nandini I think we should go.
Nandini-so u r also joining us the let’s explore here(excited)
Manik –fine but pls wear some decent clothes as people here aren’t like in U.S.and smirks
Nandini-ok I will be back soon
Karan thinks again this man interfered in my plan .so I should bear him whole day wat the hell is this .y does he want to come between us .and seriously descent clothes .and also I m her bf so should tell her wat she wear who is he to tell all this.he goes behind nandini and both r in her room .karan shuts the door before manik comes.karan comes to her cupboard and picks a extremely short dress and hand overs to nandini to wear.
Nandini-I will not wear this dress.
Karan-so u will not listen to me rather obey that manik.
Nandini- it’s not like that .he is my friend and also he has to take care of me .that’s y he suggested it.
Karan(angrily)-then make him as ur bf.
Nandini-stop this .it’s final I will not wear this.pls move I have to change.
Karan goes out in anger and thinks y is she making every possible way to be away from me. Is she aware of my plan no no otherwise she would have broke wid me.then y .and sits on sofa where manik is also present.
Manik-so wat next
Manik –actually the places which we are going to visit .
Karan-I didn’t thought of it yet.
Manik –it’s ok I will decide it any prob
Karan –no.
Nandini comes down wear a denim jeans and a sky blue crop top .she was simply awesome. Karan just moves out in anger.
Manik seeing his weird behavior as he used to stick with nandini asked-wat happened to him
Nandini-a fight.that’s y
Manik –wat fight .
Nandini-a silly one re just leaveit he will come around soon.
Manik-ok .actually I wanna say that u look beautiful in this simple attire.
Nandini-thank u
Karan(angrily) –r u coming or not.
Manan-ya ya
As they move hurrily they fall and manik above nandini.
Manik-I m sorry
Nandini-it’s paining
mAnik got up held her hand as she was unable to walk manik held her waist and laid her on sofa.
Nandini-it’s paining .she was holding her ankle and crying like a baby.
Manik said don’t cry wiping her tears.where it is paining
Nandini-my ankle
Manik held her ankle placed on his laps and brought first aid and did bandade to the ankle .
Karan-r u guys coming or not
Manik-she has got hurt we will go another day.
Karan-fine and also I have got an imp work so I m leaving.
Nandini-karan bye .but he didn’t respond.
Manan were left alone in the whole house.
Manik-is the pain decreasing
Nandini-ya a lot
Manik-fine .aren’t u feeling hungry.
Manik brought break fast and kept on his table .nandini was trying to get up . manik went held her waist and back and made her sit .
Nandini-aren’t u hungry.let’s have together.
Manik-ok .he too brought a plate and started to have bf .wid some talks.
Nandini called karan.
Nandini-I m sorry pls come to my home.
Karan smirks but fakes anger –na I have imp work .be wid “ur friend manik”.and cuts the call
Karan thinks I know u won’t be away from me much longer.but don’t know how to get u on my track.
Nandini sits upset.
Manik-y upset
Nandini-he is again miffed wid me don’t know how to pacify him.
Manik-can I ask a q to u
Nandini-ya of course
Manik-is he ur first bf I mean u r from U.S .SO
Nandini-no his is my first lover boy
Manik-oooo.ok y angry on u
Nandini-I know I spoke harsh
Manik-wat u spoke
Nandini narrated whole incident
Manik-u don’t need to say soory as he was wrong
Nandini-but I can’t bear the distance between us
Manik-then y u broke up and patched up
Nandini-u know wat I can’t bear distance neither too close I mean when he comes very close to me my body resist him and I panic as if he is a stranger.i really don’t understand this thing .i love very much ready to do whatever he wants but my body doesn’t accept it .can u just believe this we have not even shared a lip kiss till now though I love him very much.y I always wonder.
Manik was really very happy hearing all this but lil upset as she always tells she loves him very much.actually not upset but jealousy deep inside his heart hurts him.manik thinks-this nandini loves him but he ..i should expose his intentions to nandini any way but how?don’t know but should before it’s too late.
Karan comes to their house.
Karan-so how is ur pain.taking her in arm and putting her sofa with the leg on his laps.
Nandini-I m really sorry I was too harsh on u right.
Karan –it’s ok dear.karan hugged her even she reciprocaled .karan was sm**ching her bare stomach and the back.he wasn’t leaving her .
Nandini-karan leave me manik is there.
Karan broke the hug .he was touching her ankle as if trying to remove the pain .
Karan-I m too sorry dear I was also too harsh’s just that I was mood off today .
Nandini-y mood off baby.
Karan-just becoz of my f**king work.
Karan got a call and left saying it’s imp.
Manik-ur bf is strange one time angry another too sweet (In mind too sweet acting )
Manik too got some call so asked her to stay at home safely and left

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