Manan: Love is You (Part 3)

hey people,thank you sooooo much for your support and lovely comments.. they meant a lot to me ..hope you like this part…
recap: evryone is shocked to know nandu’s condition. manik comes to know the truth. nandu in coma.


fab5 and chacha chachi are shocked to hear nandu in coma. everyone is in tears. manik was just unabe to react to the situation. nandini, his nandini was in coma, away from him . he fell on his knees and cried hard. he was feeling angry, guity, scared all at the same time. his memories with nandni come flashing before his eyes. their fights. their first kiss, patch up, date, soha mishap, break up, nyo and khurana’s convo. fab5 try to console him. chavha hods chachi who was now in a flood of tears.

it was night now. evryone was asked to leave. manik was stubborn and decided to stay with nandini. all left. he peeked into nandu’s room. and saw her lying lifeless on the bed . surronded with saline and huge needles . he could’nt see that tiny , deicate body pierced with these big needles. he just wants to remove those and hug her tight with all his love. he went and sat beside her. and took her hands in his. (too filmy, ikr)

ma; nandini, uttho na. get up. plzz . bohot ho gaya , its enough now. look, i’m sorry. kaha na. maaf kardo. plz? (he pleaded like a baby)see, you were right. i am sorry. tum uttho, phir main tumse fir soory kahunga. really, aiyappa promise.

nandini isn’t responding. manik sighed , wiped his tears and slept near her. holding her hand .

it was morning , the sun rays peeped into the room. nandini was slowly gaining her consciousness. she felt some weight on her body and saw manik sleeping like baby.(cutestttt baby on earth, seriouslyyy)

a small smile crept on her lips. manik felt some movement and got up with a jerk to find nandini awake. he kept staring at her .

na: manik, kya hua? why you staring at me? mujhe pehle kabhi dekha nahi kya?

manik took a minute to register everything and screamed in joy .

ma: nandu, tum uth gayi. see? i told you, kuch nahi hoga.

he ran out to call the doc. the doc came and checked nandi.

doc: manik, she’s ok now. but , u have to b care full.she can be discharged after two days. and he left. as soon as he did manik pulled nandu in a bone crushing hug.

ma(angry): u idiot! how dare you pull this stunt on me? do u knw , main kitna darr gaya tha. i love you nandini.

na: manik, i love you too. am sorry.

she felt something wet on her shoulders and saw manik crying.

na: manik? why you crying?

ma: i am sorry nandini. because of nyonika, u had to bear so much. u did dis for me, fab5..and i?/ can you forgive me ever?

na: manik, its ok. u can”t be blamed for what happened . so plz don’t blame your self.

Ma: I love you nandini..
Nandu is overjoyed to hear it.

Na: I love you too manik.

Fab5 and cha-chi enter.
Navya: hay Matarani, thank you. Apne humari nandu ko theek Kar diya.
Cabir(funny) : Haan Haan. Doctor to yaha raat se kushti khel Rahe the..
Nav: chup raho tum. Nandu, tu thik hain na?
N: Haan navya, I am fine. App sabko tension lene ki zarurat nahi Hai..
After some time , they all leave the room leaving manan alone.

ma: my own mother ,did this to me.. nandini , u won’t leave me na.?

na: no manik, never. jo huwa just forget everything.

manik pulls her in for another hug and then pecks her lips .

nan: buss , ab itna zyada pyaar karoge to mujhe phirse coma main jaana prega! but you were so very worried for me. hain na monster?(teasing)

man(attitude): no, worried? kon mein? never. bilkul nahi. woh toh bas, ky2 ke liye auditions chal rahe the . is liye acting karne ki practice kar raha tha. vaise bhi.. don”t you / monster’s aren’t scared of anythin..

nan giggles and manik smiles at her.

doc enter’s .

doc: so, nandini how are you feeling?

nan: awesome doc.

doc: ok, manik. plz go out for a while . i need to check her.

manik stares at him or rather glares at him like an alien. nndu understands and giggles softly. manik glares back at her. and goes out. but , he keeps peeping through the transparent hole on the door.

cab: manik! tu pehredaar(guard ) kabse ban gaya?

man: what?

cab: kya what? aise andar peep kyu kar raha hai? doctor ne bahar nikal diya kya? Hawww..

man: just shut up man.varna nandu ke baad tu coma mein chala jaayega.

cab(fake tears): dos t dost na raha! magar pyaar pyaar rah gaya!!!!

manik gives him a deadly glare.
Cabir runs off. Doctor Comes out and gives her report. In these few days, manik is taking full care of nandini. He doesn’t even let her down of the bed. Slowly, they get to know each other better. And come closer. Finally, nandini was released. They all took her home and pampered her to fullest. Even fab5 were now comfy and more open to nandini. After a few days, it was her birthday!!
Birthday night 12:am :
It was dark in the hall, nandini came down to drink water. Navya came pulled nandini.
N: navya, kya huwa ? Where you pulling me!!!

Na: nandini, Hume tumhe kuch dikhana Hai! Zara aao ..
She takes her to a room and keeps her busy. Then, she makes a phone call and runs out. And slyly locks the door from outside.
And runs away. Nandini tries to open the door but fails. Before she could react, navya messages her:
”panic, mat Karo. Open the Almira on your left and wear it! ”
She does so and gets a note:

“roses are red, sky is blue,
This beautiful dress, is made just for you!! ?..”
She wears it and goes near the mirror and sees that all her makeup is set. She puts some.
She finds another note with a earing box.
“I know you look like a princess, and also my star, wear this if you like, and twinkle like one! . ”
She blushes and laughs at his antics.
She finds another note beside with a box.
” I know you have the best partner and I do too. But your hands need one also, if only you knew!! ?”I love you”

She wears it and steps aside only to see another note with a box.
“and now, for the last time, I want to tell you, put your tiny feet in this shoes made for you!! ”
She giggles and wears the shoes takes a final look and goes out. (the door is now open) everything is dark outside.

Precap: surprise!!!!! ??
Sorry for keeping you waiting, really. I hope you liked this part. Please let me know and I’ll be posting the epilogue soon. Thank you for your support ??please keep commenting and supporting!
loads of love!!!

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