Manan, the love – Part 20

Nandini changed and came wearing a 1 piece white dress .manik was mesmerized seeing her and walked to hold her but jeevan took her hand .which made manik frown and nandini was happy inside seeing manik jealous .to instigate him more nandini held jeevan hand more tightly and kept her head on his shoulder .
Manik thinks y is nandu sticking to him like a glue .and this jeevan I really hate him .i can’t see this.manik rushed out and pulled nandini towards him and separated her from jeevan .nandini gave confused look .but she knew he was jealous .nandini-manik y did u pull me .
Manik-t h a t …. Nothing
Nanidi-wat nthing tell me clearly
Manik-y can’t we go by car
Nandini-manik we r three so definetly we r going by car .
Manik-o ya
Manik went to the driver seat while they both were in the back seat .manik thinks I m a driver to them can’t she come and sit in the front seat .
While driving manik and nandini were stealing glances of each other which is clearly noticed by jeevan .
Jeevan goes to nandini ear and whispers-y don’t u get me out the car so that both be free to gaze at each other .
Nandini blushes and hits his shoulder playfully and holds his hand and winks at him and points manik .
Jeevan understands and he too joins the drama .
Jeevan(bit loudly)-baby y can’t we go back our room .
Nandini (loudly)-ya baby I too feel the same but we r half way so better we go to pub itself.
Manik frowns and thinks wat is going on here .y is she blushing on his words .y r they holding hands and it is her room not “our room”.seriously our room wat was that .y do they wanna a room now .god wat is happening here r they too……no no they can’t be .manik stop this thought they are just friends .are they .really
Manik-guys I m feeling sleepy can jeevan drive.
Nandini smiles inside seeing his cute jealous face through rear view mirror
Jeevan-it’s ok manik I will drive .and whispers in her ears enjoy the ride as I m going to be a deaf and blind her .but I can’t tolerate too much pls see to it .nandini hits him playfully .

Both exchange their seats .manan r at back seat .manik sits and the car is moving .manik hed her hands which was just beside him .nandini liked it but didn’t repond to it .just then a steep turn and nandini plants a kiss near his lip .manik was shocked but realized it was accidental and didn’t even look at her as he thought it was embarssing for her.but she was blushing a lot .just then car stopped and jeevan told he got a msg for his office and he gotta leave and winks at nandini.jeevan went out of car .
Manik was about to go out when a gang of dirty boys were stalking at the car.nandini was hell scared and held his hand and pulled towards her .she dig herself into his chest .manik to hugged her .
Manik-wat happened nandu y r u scared .
Nandini-those boys (pointing towards the gang ) were staring me a min ago.pls don’t leave me .
Manik-nandu I m just shifting my place that’s it .
Nandini-can u be with for a li time with me till they leave
Manik-when u r scared we should leave the place rather waiting here.
Nandini-but u r here with me .
Manik-if I m here who drive the car to ur pub .
Manik went to driver seat from outside while sshe shifted to front seat within the car .
Both drove to the pub.nandini called jeevan .
Nandini-idiot y did u left in mid way .now how will I execute my plan.
Jeevan-hello madam I helped u and ur blaming me .u were romancing in the car .so let u be free .as I told I won’t tolerate too much of ur romance.
Nandini-ok fine .tommorrow I will make some other plan .bye
Jeevan-enjoy with ur babe.
In the pub
Manik –with whom were u talking with
Nandini-with jeevan u know na tis for him and he himself is missing such a idiot.
Manik thinks gud he went .
They both went on the dance floor .
Both were dancing separately but still stealing glances of eo .then a romantic song was being played .manik asked nandini hand.
She too gave it to him .he slid his and on her tiny waist which send shiver through her spine.she kept her hand on his shoulder .they danced very romantically.
They went to bar counter and got fully drunk .
Guys I m really soory for giving u late updtaes as I told u that I m in 12 class so hectic schedule .i also don’t get time to sleep properly as my aim is to be a doctor so lot of studies .sooooorrrrry pls forgive me but I will try to give u the updates but pls don’t expect daily.and one more thing see guys being friends in a drunken state they did too much but they are in love with each other so think of it and pls do comment as I want know wat u r expecting.

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