manan ,the love – Part 2


Manik’ home
Manik had shower n changed into casuals.he was just thinking of nandini.manik thinks o god she is just ruling my mind .i just wanna protect from karan as I observed he was just intesrted on her for the sake of body not heart .he making ways to touch her vital parts and always constantly staring her cleavage.i can sense but nandini as a girl should understand but she gave her heart not body as it was resisting her from doing so .but how long will it that work .i should protect her but how .she was really very frank and adorable so she shouldn’t loose her to this bast**d.i m overthinking n should sleep as I have to arrange party 2morrow morning.
Next day
Manik is busy arranging party.nyonika called manik .
Ny-did u invite murthys
m-ya mom
ny –ok .fine
nandini got call from suraj
suraj-2day we gotta attend a family party be ready.
N-whose party pa
s-malothras fine be ready
Evening at malothra mansion
Nandini with her dad entered and dashed with a strong body it’s manik .he was stunned as wore a long party dress and was covering her all body parts .it was red comb wid gold lace .her face was like moon glowing widout much make up .her hair is left free .suddenlf she threw herself into a hug .even he hugged her.she broke the hug.
n-so I got a company to hang out.actually I don’t know anyone here right.
m-i will surely entertain u.
m-didn’t u get ur bf wid u
n-no my accompanied me also if would come he will really not allowed me look this bad.but it’s ok.
m-actually u look really awesome in this attire than that one.
n-really but karan won’t like this
n-he really wants me to be modern that’s it
m thinks she really thinks he is too good.
Ny-manik come here
Both went there and ny was talking wid suraj.
Suraj intro as nandini to ny and informed her he going to U.S due to work so she will be wid malothars.
Ny –I will take care of when is she shifting
They two went off.only manan were left.
m-any prob in staying wid us
n-no no actually wo karan
m-y wat happened
n-my father doesn’t know ur relationship n also karan won’t listen to me I mean he just comes to my house in ur house also he might come if ur mom informs then I will be big trouble.
m-don’t worry my mom is also like ur dad she too doesn’t stay wid me.and u can trust me I won’t let ur dad know about it .happy
n-thank u ok I thought u will entertain me
m-ya surely
they went poolside and sat dipping in their legs in pool.
n-do u have gf
m-no y
n-really u r single I mean handsome boys with manliness aren’t single right.
M (blushed)-it’s not like that
n-means u aren’t single
m-no no I m.
n-wat kind of girl u want .just to show such if present among my friends.
m-a pure hearted girl
n-that’s it I mean guys always like se** ,hot ….but u r diff
m-i wanna love her heart not body
n-thinks he is the real man .he is amazing.i too want to be his gf .wat the f**k nandini u r thinking iam already done for karan .just shut ur brain
m-y did u choose karan just becoz he is hot
n-then I would have chosen u too right.
M thinks so she accepted I m hot that’s awesome.wait y u r happy even before her many told same.shut this crap
n-actually he saved me from some goons and gradually I fell for him.
M thinks even did the same .now party was over before going she said I enjoyed ur company a smile crept on his face n waved hands .
Next morning
Nandini shifted to manik’s house this she wore a desent attire apink crop top and ¾ denim .all her stuffs have been shifted to the room next to manik’s room.manik who was helping saw she had two types of dresses one damn explosive other really simple one.he asked does u all types of clothes.
n-actually these clothes(desent)are mine that is I bought it.and these(hot)are bought by karan.
M thinks here comes again karan.just then karan came .nandini went and hugged him again karan was not leaving her .he started rubbing her back then waist n saw manik and paused.
k-hi manik.if u don’t mind can I too stay her as I can’t live without seeing her.before manik could reply .n-no no no if dad gets to know then all will be messed up.karan pulled her waist . k-but to live without seeing u.
n- u can come here whenever u want .as maNIK WON’T OPPOSE U.RIGHT NA MANIK.
Manik-ya ya of course.
sreen freezes

Credit to: titiksha

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