Manan: Love is You (Part 2)

thank you a lot lot and lot for your support.. it meant a lot to me.. please do keep commenting and supporting me.. and hope you like this epi….
recap : manan break up. nandini in hospital..
story continues..
Manikk is shocked to see nandini in that condition. He forgets his anger and runs towards her treacher.
Ma: nandini , what happened?? Get up. U can’t leave me. Tum thik ho jaogi. Promise. Please utho.
He starts crying like hell while nandu just whispers a sry and blacks out.

the doctor comes and rushes nandu inside o.t . chachi cries harder and chacha consoles her. manik rushes to her.

ma: chachi, yeh sab kaise hua?? how did it happen.

chachi: manik, beta woh, hum bas nandu ke liye wait kar rahethe. usi train jo thi aaj. woh mangalore jaane wali thi na, humesha ke liye.

manik : kya???? par kyu? khair, then what happened?

chachi: then we called her. she was not picking up. at last she picked it up and a stranger picked up and told us that she was lying on the road..then…(she breaks down)

manik’s tears make their way out, but he controls them and walks away. he looks at fab5 who look at him questioningly.

cab: manik, kya huwa? nandini.. is she fine??

suddenly, manik remembers their fight and her betrayal.

ma: i donno and i don’t care. to hell with her..she jiye ya mare, mujhe kya..waise bhi..( before he could complete , navya slaps him hard. which shocks everyone)

[author’s note: navya knows about nandu and nyo’s deal]

nav: shut up, just shut up.. how blo*dy dare u . tumhari himmat kaise hui?? do you even know why she lied in court?

ma: yes, because she was a phony!! jhuti hai woh .. she betrayed me!!!! usne nyonika se paise liye hai..

nav: nahin !!uss ne yeh sab tumhare liye kiya.. fab5 ke liye. not for herself..

manik(shocked): kya?? tumhe kaise pata?

nav: haan, dis is d truth. usne hame khud bataya..

she tells the whole truth to manik and fab4. who are shocked beyond words. nandini, whom they disgraced and hated had left her love for their future. manik almost fell down , thinking what had he done..

ma: yeh maine kya kiya?

muk: but manik, pehle ek baar confirm karle, ki yahi sach he.. pata nahin, agr yeh jhoot bolri ho…

manik just nodded and rushed with his car to malhotra mansion. he was about to bang on nyo’s room . when he hears her conversation. nyo and mr. khurana were talking.

nyo: well done khurana, uss nandin i ko maarke you did a pretty decent job. i am impressed.

manik gets angry and cluches his fist.

mr. k : yess, vaisebhi, aadha kaam aapne toh already kar hi dia tha. unn dono ko door karke.

nyo; haan, yeh to karna hi tha , nandini yeh manik ko badal jo diya thaa. aur isse mujhpe, i mean mere bank balance pe heavy toll jo par raha tha..

mr khu; sach me, uss bewakoof ne humari batein maanli, aur manik ne uspe bharosa tak nahin kiya..

manik could’nt hear anymore. tears of anger and guilt welled up in his eyes . he rushed to his room and started crying. cabir’s message came;

”nandini is critical. come to hospital, fast..”

manik rushes to the hospital. he parks his car midway and runs inside. he collides with the wardboy yet rushes in. here, doctor was trying to treat nandu. she was breathing heavily and taking manik’s name. doctor came out and said;

doc: who is mank?

ma(panting heavily due to run): me, what happened?

doc; she is constantly taking your name , plz come in. fast!!

(in my story, kuch bhi possible ;-p)

manik goes in to find nadu breath heavy. his heart wrenches and tears of guilt come out. he looks at her with love and pain. nandu tears up.

manan (together) : sorry! plz , forgive me.

na(breaths heavy): no mani, it’s all my fault. mujhe maaf kardo please. i love you manik….

manik is shocked plus overwhelmed at her sudden confession. before he could say anything nandu blacks out.

doc: mr malhotra, please bahar jaiye, we need to treat her. fast!!!

manik stares at nadu lovingly.. he feels and reminsces her words. doc brings him out.

ma: kuch bhi karo but save her you understand . varna , i’ll shut ur hospital down…

the wardboy pulls him out. everyone rush to mani who is standing their like a statue.

cabir: manik, kya hua? is she fine?

manik does’nt respond.

dhruv: buddy, tu toh ghar gaya tha na. kya hua? kuch pata chala?

manik nods and sits on the bench beside . everyone move towards him. mukti kneels down to him.

muk: manik, bol..kya hua?

manik: she was right.. nandini ki galti nai thi.. nyonika. she was behind all this.. kaise , woh aisa kaise kar sakti hai.., nadi jaisi innocent ladki ke saat h and me mr. jerk malhotra, maine uspe trust kaise nahi kiya.. even after all this, she loves me.. how??

he starts sobbing hard.. everyone feel sad for him. manik’s anger takes over and he suddenly stands up with a jerk.

cab: manik, kaha jaa rha hai tu?

ma: ghar, i need some questions answered.

alya: no manik, stay here . nadini ko tumhari zrurat hai. she needs u…

dhruv is hell shocked.

dhruv’s p.o.v:

alya just told manik to stay with nan!! how? this means she does’nt love him anymore actually? (guys, remember dhruv’s insecurity during that time?) aur maine kya kiya? i broke her heart !

end of pov.

he looks at alya who was staring at him. they yshare an eyelock which was interrupted ny the doc..manik rushes to him.

ma: doc, kya hua is she ok?

doc: i am sorry.. she is in coma..’

everyone i shocked . manik feels his world come crashing down….


so, how was it? plz tell me. pretty plz. and wat do you ppl think will nandu survive? do tell me.. and the last part is coming up soon…thnx

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  1. OMG…. nandz is in coma!!!!!!!! I’m hell shocked. …this episode was really good. .. loved it sooooooo much… pls pls update soon. . take care ? ?

    1. Jazz

      thank you luna πŸ™‚ wiil try n update soon ..take care :[email protected]

  2. The episode is very good but I was only read where you in English ,please can use English more because some of us we’re fr Africa ,but l like your ff.

    1. Jazz

      thank you and i’ll try to use a bit more of english but am afraid i can’t make it fully english.. hope you understand πŸ˜‰

  3. pretty sweet ff. i love it. waiting for nxt epi..

    1. Jazz

      thank you raji πŸ™‚

  4. Superb…Soon bring Nandu out of coma

    1. Jazz

      thanks and lets see dear.. πŸ˜‰

  5. U gav us a coma shock… Manik ka kya hoga…. Waitngggg nd t c dear

    1. Jazz

      hehehe..thanks anjali tc.. πŸ™‚

  6. Waiting!!! N ua dng a great job al d best n give some best ff like dis ??????Take care ☺️

    1. Jazz

      thanks sweety πŸ™‚ so sweet of you;-) tc

  7. Oh my goddd nanduu coma pee aur manik realisation was superrr.. excellent eagerly waitng fr next epi dear Jaldi upload karo nada.. . With lots of love

    1. Jazz

      thanks manu.. πŸ™‚ i’ll try

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