Manan, the love – Part 19


Manik was left alone In the hall and they both went inside the room .jeevan(guys I changed his name as I didn’t like his name .sorry )-nandini wat happened y u called me.
Nandini-jeevan I wanna tell that that
Jeevan-wat tell me fast any problem
Nandini-jeevan can u be my boyfriend
Jeevan-wat the heck are u talking r u out of mind we r friends for ever and u r …
Nandini-stop this I want u to be a fake boyfriend like person .
Jeevan-I didn’t understand
Nandini-I want like we love each other but not confessed a type of sticky to eo.fine
Jeevan-but y
Nandini in a shying voice –I r.e.a.l.l.y love
Jeevan-who is that lucky one wait is he karan
Nandini-karan is a womeniser ,I love manik the one whom u met down .
Jeevan-nice choise he is hot but weird
Nandini-that was because u were wid me right so

Jeevan –so u know he loves u then y can’t u confesss
Nandini-I want him to confess first pls help me
Jeevan-fine I will do it for my sweety.
Nandini-n do call me with cheesy names and also try some chessy lines so that he confess his love.
Jeevan-don’t worry I will make him confess fast.
Nandini hugs him then they go down and saw manik restless n his back was facing her.nandini smirks and puts jeevan’s hand in her hand .
Nandini-manik we r going to pub bye .
Manik turned and saw their hands together and thinks wat is she upto like seriously hand in hand and wanna go to pub this night .no no this can’t happen .
Manik-today it’s too late go some other day .
Nandini-pubs are meant for nights manik
Manik-ya but in pub u drink and become uncontrollable

Nandini-don’t worry about it jeevan is there with me
Manik-so let me also join u .
Nandini –ok .i will change n come.
screen freezes

Credit to: titiksha

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  1. It’d good to see u back after a long time. How r u? The update was nice but short. Update soon: )

    1. Fine I m in 12 so busy with school work

      1. It’s ok take ur time. I can understand ur situation.: )

  2. Nice update after long time u updated and same pinch im also 12 now

  3. Such a long time and such a short update.. i thought manik will also folow them to room and over hear the fake couple.. but y do I feel nandini s plan is gonna back fire

  4. Thankyouuu….good that u updated…I’ve been waiting for sooo long…feels good to see u back…update soon….:). Study well..

  5. Happy to see u back…..
    Keep going…..
    Waiting for next part…..
    Plz update soon…

  6. Nyc one.. But thoda chota tha.. By anyway so know ke u r in 12 soon take ur time…

  7. Superb and a mind blowing update????????????
    Waiting for your next update………..

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