Manan, the love – Part 18

Hi guys I m not well so may not be able give you update till I get well soon. So please forgive me for not updating. As soon as I get well I will give you a lot of updates. Sorry.
Manan composed themselves n went to the door and saw a car. A man with a cute face and tall and was really looking hot. Came towards them.
Guys come on guess. Any guesses

He hugged

.nandini and exclaimed baby
Manik thinks oh god who is this. Hope she didn’t get a new boyfriend. Please don’t do this with me please please.
Nandini -baby I missed you very much and kissed on his cheek.
Manik thinks god y is she calling him babyn also y did she kiss him. I will not let this happen.
Nandini -baby this is my friend manik
He extends his hand and without any interest gives his hands and faked a smile on his face.
Nandini -manik he the most special person of life and also

Boy-nandini first tell my name atleast then u can tell about me later
Nandini -oh yeah I forgot to mention he is. Akil.
Manik thinks oh god after karan I have to bear this Akil too. And also she said. Most special person n all and his eyes caught them walking hand in hand and enter room and lock it.

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  1. Take care of ur health . No need to rush. Take rest nd be well. Till then we can wait.

    Nd don’t worry about update……we can wait till u become alright……
    Nd yes…….thanks for this update…..

  3. Plz don’t make this much short yaar..This is too much.Iam really impatient.Plz fast….

  4. Take care yaar get well soon ur update is nice

  5. Get well soon ?

  6. No problem take care of ur health…atleast tell us who’s this akhil v won’t tell to manik….and listening akhil I can imagine akhil akkineni

  7. Great episode
    Hope u get well soon

  8. U plz take care n take ur time!! But another suprise element!! Aaaaaaaaa Akhlish!!! Who is he???? Plz make him nandu’s relative or brother!!! But plz make manik jealous!!! I want manan together soon! Love u… Thanks

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