Manan, the love – Part 17


Manik goes to nandini n says nandini y can’t we make something to eat by our own .nandini knows something is cooking in his brain but still was eager to know wat it was .
Nandini-so u know cooking so pls cook these stuffs n gives him a long list .
Manik was shocked as he thought of something romantic but now again plan failed.manik thinks o god I thought of romancing with her and with my romance I will get to know her feelings towards me .but again god ditched me.manik with a a upset face says –fine n moves towards kitchen and the first thing written was paratha.
He used internet and got to know the procedure and started making.manik was preparing dough and while this process atta sticks on his face .nandini sees his poor condition she went to him and started rubbing off the atta on his face .they were having an intense eye lock .just then nandini found out that dough wasn’t well and in order to help him she put her hands into the bowl and caught his hands .manik was shocked at her act but was loving it .nandini came upto hs ears and whispered I think this is ur first time in kitchen so I will help u .
Manik-of course I need ur help
(imagine manik behind nandini both of their hands in thebowl)
Both of their hands were touching ,rubbing along with the dough .manik kept his head on her shoulder and starting rubbing his nose on her neck .nandini was enjoying it still she thought it’s not good so says the dough is prepared and leaves manik alone .manik thinks of his act blushes hard .manik with a lot of hardwork prepares food .they both sit on table opp to each other .just then he switches on tv and a romantic song plays.
Nandini-I love this song n also feel like dancing on it.
Manik-may I dance with u .
Nandini-of course . manik goes near nandini holds her waist and caught hold of her hands and nandini kept her hand on his sholder and danced romantically .manik came close to her to her lips they were about kiss just then heard a horn and they composed themselves .
screen freezes .

Credit to: titiksha

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  6. Amazing…….. Nandu’s plan is great. It’s getting interesting day by day.

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