Manan, the love – Part 16


Mansi-manik I left u with her so that u get her feelings
Manik-u know wat she really thinks I m in love wid u and also says(mimics her)u both look cute together.
Mansi starts laughing and manik gives her a glare.
Mansi trying to control her laugh –seriously I mean she wants us to be a pair
Manik-I know she loves but she is behaving in adifferent way
Mansi-wat I say is try hard to get her that’s it
Manik-I m going to her jealousy on top .nandu u can’t get out of my plan.smirks and leaves.
Manik went down and beside nandini who was watching a movie.
Nandini-so did u think about ur love
Manik thinks u idiot it’s u it’s only u
Manik-nandu I like her but not love her .
Nandini giggles inside as his plan is hiting him back.-but I think she too likes u and u should think about ur love too.see I can’t see rockstar without a girlfriend it’s so weird .
Manik-so u think I need a gf .and that too mansi no way .i love ….(stops and remembers he is going to confess his love)
Nandini-love whom (eagerly waiting for ans)
Manik-love my rock music that’s it
Nandini-so gonna make children with it.
Nandini-see I want a gf for u.(manik now I m 100% sure that u love me and I m gonna ask u such more questions so that u confess it .now u r trapped)
Manik(angrily)-I don’t want a gf .fine and leaves.
Nandini thinks oh god heis so stubburn .he is not gonna confess so easily so let me pick up his own jealousy idea and also I will execute properly not like manik get ready to get jealous on top .)
Manik thinks oh got she really thinks I want a gf .she don’t even know that she is whom I love.and my jealousy plan flopped.howwill I get to know her feelings towards me.i think she doesn’t love instead pairing me up another girl .can’t she see I love her .may be not god pls show me some way to get to know her feelings .i really love her n don’t want anything else .o god I forgot about fab 5 as they r returning from their trip 2morrow .thank god I didn’t go with them otherwise would have missed the chance of getting nandu in my life. And also I don’t know how they r gonna react finding my love thing as I hid the most important thing love from them n also I can’t even say them as we aren’t official confessed aree wat confessed not even I m sure that if she loves me.already can’t handle her now fab 5 will make it worse .i want my friends but not now.god plss help me. Just then mansi broke his thinking.mansi-manik I gotta go as I have some important work.bye enjoy wid ur future gf.bye
All three are down
Mansi-bye manik take care
Manik-bye n tc of urself too
Nandini-mansi bye don’t worry I will take tc of him.mansi winks at manik and leaves.
Manik-I know to tc of myself
Nandini –I m ur friend so tc tho I deserve right (stress more on friend)
Now manan r all alone just the manik gets some naughty idea.
Screen on his face with a smirk.

Credit to: titiksha

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