Manan, the love – Part 15

Guys I will not be able to give you many update as my school is going to start so busy with school work and study. But try to give one in a day.that too try because I m 12 gotta concentrate on studies so please adjust with me. Please don’t get disheartened
I m really sorry.

Manan are alone in hall
Nandini -manik I know you love her but please don’t romance in front of me I mean I feel shy and also bit guilty of spoiling your romance. And giggle inside as manik was taken aback

Manik thinks god she really think that I am in love with her.
Nandini -manik I think you should propose her.

Manik is shocked by her reply
Manik thinks if I say I love her definitely she is gonna make sure to propose her or even marry. So better say that u r not in love with her. But try to be close to her so that she open up.
Manik-I don’t love her.

Nandini -I knew that u don’t love her.
Nandini -u two look cute together.
Manik-I can’t love her just because we look cute together. If that’s the case even we both manan look awesome together. So can we be couple.
Nandini -wat.
Manik -nothing. And moves in anger on himself.

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