Manan, the love – Part 14

Hi guys I really thank all of you for your immense support. Thank you very much. I will try to my ff to keep it alive. I m really impressed with all of you. No words to describe my happiness n a big Thaaaaaankkksss.

Manik goes to mansi’s room.
Manik-mansi I wanna talk about something that is very important.
Mansi -u can share anything comon say it
Manik -I m in love
Mansi -who is the lucky one
Manik -it’s the whom u saw down
Mansi -she is weird didn’t even gave her intro to me
Manik -she was in jealous
Mansi-that too with me seriously
Manik-so I m thinking to keep her jealous on top so that she confess her love.
Mansi -r u sure she loves u
Manik-let’s test her u always be with me OK
Mansi -for my friend I will help you to fix ur love life
Manik-thank you so much.
He hugged her just then nandini came in n saw them hugging.

Nandini think y r they hugging. Mansi be away from my manik. Nandini calm don’t respond to him. Just be normal..
Nandini -ahem ahem seems like busy I will be down
Mansi-manik she is normal I mean calm this didn’t affect her at all
Manik-even I m surprised I think she really think I m in love with you. God this girl is specimen. Few minutes ago jealous n now calm.that’s wat I love about her. Come let’s go down.
They went down and saw nandini coolly reading news paper.

Nandini -I m nandini Mansi actually didn’t give my introduction as I wasn’t knowing who u r. Sorry for that. Mansi-hi
Mansi to manik she is really cool yaar
Manik- now see. He wraps his hands around her waist.
Nandini saw it but ignored it as she was hiding her jealous with a smile on face.
Mansi-see didn’t even react to you. Now remove ur hand.
Mansi-just a minute I will be back guys. She left some alone time.
Nandini -do you like her.
Nandini thinks so u want to make me jealous. See I will put ur plan against you. U know what manik I heard ur conversation with her in her room. Actually had a doubt so follow u will the one who will confess ur love to me
Wait and watch.

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  1. Wow yaar the epi is simply awesome.pls dont stop ur story, its really really really really mindblowing.and pls give the next epi quickly, pls pls pls pls pls pl§ssssssssssssssss

    1. Already updated dear

  2. The episode is really awesome n good n nice really loved it plz continue. …Stay blessed

  3. Just mind blowing episode……
    Keep going dear….

  4. Really its so funny and cute nandhu what an act super and now manik is going to confess first plz update fab 5 scenes also

  5. After confessions I will include them too but provide only manan manan manan

  6. Simply awesome..eager to knw who will confess love …
    Keep smiling….

  7. Awesome one but short… Lil more plzz

  8. N haan we will always be there to support u

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