Manan, the love – Part 13

Manan were still kissing.they broke their kiss out of breathe .they didn’t had eye contact .
Manik-actually temperature went low so this was the only way to give warmth.i m sorry.
Nandini-manik I won’t suspect u.I know the reason so don’t give these explanation .no need and if u won’t I was also thought of doing it .it was neccecsasry for ur need of guilt.just behave as before.
Manik-thank u.
They sat down due to coldness nandini went to him wrapped hands around his waist and buried in his chest.and said it’s really cold so pls forgive me
Manik wrapped around her tiny waist .and said even I know u won’t try to take advantage of me.and smiled.nandini also gave a smile as reply and slept in his warmth .manik too selpt in her warmth.
After some time someone opened the door saw them in this state.
Worker-sir pls wake up
Manan woke up n composed themselves.
Another worker-don’t have any shame .manan herad it and felt embarrassed .but manik anger on top.
Manik held his collar and said y did u guys lock up us and coldness was also increased.that was ur mistake n blaming us.and also we did nothing so don’t u dare to point us otherwise u will be in grave next min.
Manik held nandini’s hand walked of .nandini removed his shirt and gave.
Nandini-wear it.manik wore it and drove his car to house .both went to their respective rooms .
Manik pov(point of view)
Nandini u r driving me crazy .i just like u very much.i cn’t see u in trouble.pls don’t leave me I can’t bear it. I want to with for the whole no how will this happen.manik it is possible.i like her very much no no love her .yes I m in love with her but how will I get to know if she loves me or not .wat if she says no.i can’t bear and also our friendship will be broken .oh god how I get to know how she feels for me.this is frustrating.let me go down.
Nandini pov
Manik is the first with whom I feel world safety.i trust him very much when he touches me I love it and my body demands more .when we broke ur kiss I was upset .till now I didn’t experience it .now I feel he is everything .whenever he is wid me I m happy I forget everything around me .he rules my heart I just want to spend whole life with him not even a sec away from him.i like no no more than it.i just love him and his warmth want to be in his arms for the whole life.yes I love him but do he too feels same.don’t know how to find it .oh god give me some idea.
Both r finding ideas to find feelings for each other.
Both are in the hall.just then someone comes and hugs manik from back.
The girl was really beautiful and was hot .
Girl-baby I missed u very much
Nandini thinks seriously baby .sheis hugging my manik how dare she hugs him .i will burn her.and manik y is he not responding I mean jerk her off.manik told me he is single oh god pls don’t snatch him from me .and tears starts forming in her tears.
Manik-mansi how r u when did u come
Mansi-fine ,today morning I will be staying in ur house
Nandini thinks mansi is her .i hate her she is just sticking to MY MANIK I just don’t like it I have to talk to nandu’s jealousy on top as she gives e peck on his cheeks.
Manik-just fresh n come
Nandini dragged him to her room .now manik was able to sense her jealousy .and plans to make it more to know her feelings.
Manik thinks so mansi affects her .now wanna make her jealous so that she accept her feelings .though she is one of my best friends not more than that but she don’t know it .i will tell my plan to mansi also .
Nandini-who is she and y calling u baby
Manik-till now just friends
Nandini-wat till now
Manik-is she not beautiful and hot
Nandini-but u want pure heart right
Manik-she has tht’s y
Nandini-that’s y wat
Manik-when it happens I will let u know .manik smirks n leaves
Nandini thinks does he has feelings towards her no no I somewhere know he loves me only me.yes only me .how dare he says that she is beautiful and hot imitates see what I can do .i will show my jeaolousy in different way.ya I m jealous.actually I won’t show it self but do whatever u do with her I won’t react otherwise move out of that place that’s it.nandu don’t be jealous be calm and he come running to me .
screen freezes

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