Manan, the love – Part 12

Someone enters the snow world and goes towards nandini and places his hands on her shoulder.(guys. Common give a wild guess. Is he the Villan of the story karan.come it’s time to squeeze ur brain)
.it. Is
Revealed to be manik.nandini got scared thinking it’s karan so finding it to be manik she relaxed and hugged him.
Nandini -I thought it was k.a
Manik placed his finger on her lips and said don’t even think of him OK promise me
Nandini -I nandini promise you that I won’t think of that jerk here onwards. So let’s move. They make a move just to find a closed door.
Outside the snow world door.
Karan came in excitement and found door closed so his face reddened seeing this.n made a call.
Karan-what the fu*k is this y did close the door when I m not in
Man-sir I saw u entering so I did it
Karan-damn it was manik again get lost u idiot
Karan calls snow world operator and says u should lock me and a girl inside the world keeping the temperature very low. I will pay u so don’t worry.
Karan thinks baby how r u going to resist n u alone in cold area. See now u will have to have s*X with me to save ur life. So get ready for my surprise dear.
Fb ends ————————————————-
Karan thinks again missed her and jackpot goes to manik. Just then his dirty eyes falls on another girl wearing extremely se*y attire.karan-woow she iseven more hotter y to waste time on nandini. So move on karan. Grab that hottie now.
Inside the snow world
Manan are sitting down.
Nandini -y always get locked up with u
Manik-so wanna locked up with someone else
Nandini -no no
Manik-so u like to be locked up here with me
Nandini -ya I like because I feel the almost safety with u
Manik -so safely comes here wat if I try to take advantage over u
Nandini -no u won’t
Manik-seeing such a hot girl in front if me even mad won’t leave chance of taking u y won’t I
Nandini -I know u won’t
Manik-no I will.
He comes near her.and says yes u r right I won’t. But tell me the reason
Nandini -because i trustful.more than myself.
Manik loved her reply and he was on the infinite number of the cloud dancing. Crazily.
By now temperature dropped too low and nandini was shivering due to coldness. Manik saw her tiny shivering very badly and her jaws continuously beating like heart. Manik dragged her to. A corner where the was little bit less coldness and removed his shirt and made nandini wear it but button Nandini saw him shirtless n was staring at the perfect body of manik. Manik notice it and smile a bit.
Manik -I know I m hot don’t stare like this.
Nandini shifted her gaze.
Nandini -it’s really very cold y don’t u have ur t shirt back.
Manik-it’s my duty to protect u from everything. To reach u it should bear me first
Nandini hugged him giving him a little warmth. Manik placed both the hands on her waist enjoying her warm body.manik tried to break the hug but was pulled back by nandini.
Nandini -I know u. R also feeling cold so shut ur brain n be in our warmth.
But further temperature dropped down. Even hugging didn’t work. And nandini was losing her warmth continuously. Manik got worried.
Manik-nandini be strong and I m sorry
Before nandini could ask questions. He slammed his lips on her delicate fragile soft lips. He was blowing his hot air into hers. He caught her waist very tightly and nandini arm reached his back of neck and another on waist.his lips was fully covering her lips and even sucked her lips passionately bite it, chewed them his tongue made it’s way to find her tongue and linking it. Manik was about to withdraw the kiss when her hand tried to squeeze his waist and another pulled his neck more closer and putting her lips on top of his and making them soft by licking, sucking, chewing. Both were equally participants of their loooonnnnnnggggg kkkkkiiiiiisssss.
Screen freezes on their kiss

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