Manan, the love – Part 11


Nandini came down wearing a black mini skirt and a backless top till end of the her boo*s. Exposing her stomach. Manik who was wearing a shirt and jeans was mesmerized in her beauty and thinks she is looking hot and se*y. I m really in l.o.manik wat the hell are u thinking. This is not love.
Nandini -can we make a move
Manik -ya surely
Nandini -so ready.
They reached snow world.
Manan entered the cold. Area which was fully covered with white snow. Nandini made a snow ball and hit manik.soon they had a snow fight.they even made a snow man.
Manik -can we move.
Nandini -just two minutes
Manik -no right now. Saying this he pulled her which made her fall on him due to slippery snow below their. Feet.her both hands were on his strong chest and his hands on her bare waist.they had an intense eye lock. Without breaking the eye lock he took one of hands from his chest and twingled it and pressed it and rolled on. Now manik was above her tiny his gaze fell on her bare neck which stimulated his harmones to,rush all over his body.he made his lips travel to,the crook of her neck and kissed there very passionately and was also constantly pressing her hand. Nandini was lying as a statue but somewhere enjoying his move.after the kiss he turned her tiny head to turn the other side n kissed the other crook of her neck.nandini can to,her sense her said manik.
Manik too came his sense and removed his hand from her bare waist.they composed themselves.
Manik-I m sorry don’t know what happened to me when I am wid u.I just carried out by seeing u.sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy.
Nandini -I m too sorry for that. I just can’t resist u. My body always likes ur moves on me as if I m born for u but now even my started saying it.give me some time to understand it.
Manik -even from first day my heart is saying the same as urs. Even I m trying to understand it.but always let’s. Move.
Nandini -u move n get the car I will be back soon.
Manik left the place and nandini was busy playing with snow. Now a shadow is seen screen freezes
Guys. I m damn upset as I get really very less comments n I feel that I m really dragging it too much so u r not liking it. If so then tell me directly on face as I will accept it pls don’t be mum it’s like I m just talking to a wall which has no effect. I know I m really bad but atleast u can say that. Even I m ready to receive all chappals, eggs, tomatoes n whatever you wish pls do comment something. By now I m feeling very low.

Credit to: Titiksha

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    keep going…….
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