Manan, the love – Part 10

Hai guys, I think u don’t like my ff so I will wrap up very soon don’t worry. Just bear me for 2-3 episodes. So to my story.
They reached home. Nandini n manik went to their respective room. Nandini came out in her casuals with wet hair and started drying it.just then someone sneaked into her room and pulled her and made her lay on herstomach. Just that back was up. And. She was wearing. A backless top.he moved his lips across her back and bite it. As nandini was struggling on the bed. Now. He started to get her clothes out of her body. Just then nandini screamed n got out. Of this dirty dream.
Manik came there and saw nandini all sweating and struggling in her bed.she was breathing heavily and stress lines formed on her forehead.manik went and hugged her very tightly and STARTED shaking her body. But she was pushing him away from herself. Manik gave a small kiss on her forehead. Suddenly she woke up and hugged him while crying.
Manik-wat happened y r u tensed
Nandini-he came again he kissed my back and also tried to force me to do it manik pls make him go. U always be with me forever Plssssss.
Manik-I m always here I won’t leave u alone. See u should be strong now till I m there he cannot see u so no chance of touching u so sleep now.
Nandini -pls sleep with me.
Manik -fine I will sleep on couch u sleep here.
Nandini-please be with me. They hold hands and sleep as couch n bed are close.

Manan wake up and find their hands holding. They took their hands of and manik went to his room and came down with a big smile while nandini was already present with a scared n worried face.manik-did u had ur breakfast.
Nandini -no waiting for you.
Manik -so let’s have it.
They had their breakfast without uttering a word.manik initiated a convo
Manik-today it’s very hot so let’s go somewhere else.
Nandini -where????!!
Manik -snow world.
Nandini -no no if I go with u all girls will be around u pushing me aside.
Manik-I will buy all the tickets so only us will be there. OK
Nandini -fine.
They move to there respective room to get ready.
Screen freezes

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  1. Oh my god! Pls Don’t stop writing…I ws wondering why ur ff’s were missing…I love it!….please don’t stop writing..u are doing such an amazing work dear…Don’t stop…I think there was no much response because your ff was missing from the page…or else how can someone not comment on your wonderful work…keep writing dear. 🙂

  2. Heyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Pla don’t think that way…. People r liking ur ft it’s just that there r many silent readers who do not comment but that doesn’t mean that no one is reading ur ff…. It’s super cool n very nyc ff…. Plz for us u don’t stop writing this ff… I seriously love it…. U r going good n at the starting people don’t comment much but as soon as u proceed n ur fan no. Goes up n people start commenting… Soon plz understand me n love ur ff

    1. Tasha thanks for your encouragement so I will try to keep it alive.

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