manan ,the love – Part 1

Manik slowly made her sleep on bed getting out of her and covered with a blanket .he turned to leave but suddenly nandini said I love u .hearing this he just smiled and asked his trusted worker to drop her home as he had some imp work.he left from there . the next day nandini woke up holding her head and had a lime .she tried to remember of her past night but in vain but just remembered a blurred image of a man and the words which he told pls don’t let any damn bl**dy guy to use u .as u r very beautiful and deserve the best guy in the world .and don’t give a bit of urself to anyone .ok.pls accept it as a friend request.and wondered who might it be.
a few days passed but nandini was keep haunting manik’s brain . manik was not able to forget her as she was the first girl after mom who kissed atleast his cheeks.
Nandini’s home
She was like princess on a royal bed.just then her phon rang she picked up.
Nandini-hello who is speaking.
Karan-baby,I m really sorry pls meet me in the resort next to park.
Nandini-ok sweetheart.
Karan-pls wear the dress which I gave .
Nandini-u gave many.
Karan-the latest one dear.and also bring a swimsuit as it has a pool.
Nandini-fine dear bye.
Saying this she hanged up the call and went wid a dress insinde the bathroom .she came out of it in half an hour .she was wearing a dress which is fully netted except the a lil upper part and a lil lower part.they were sleevless (just atwo theards across shoulders) exposing bare neck and shoulder .the upper part was navy blue and bottom white.THE bottom was exposing her theis clearly .the was backless and much of her stomach part was also seen. She was looking damn se*y .her hair was a lil curled at the end.she put on her high heels and lil make took a hand which had swimsuit as instructed by her beloved man.
Manik came to a resort which karan instructed to nandini .karan was sitting on a table which was also near manik who is having a meeting over there.nandini in thi extermly hot attire came and sat in front of the same time manik was also present just opp to nandini.manik thinks y she always wears such kind of clothes which were exposing most of her body parts to others.just then manik overears their convo.
Karan-u also look damn hot in my clothes.
Nandini- karan but I think the cloth is damn exposive.
Karan –so wat dear I want my girl to be different.
Manik thinks-oooo may be they patched up.and this is he really mad to make his gf to be dressed like this.girl herself not comfortable but he is ….
Nandini-y did u call me here
Karan-I m really sorry I just can’t be away from u I mean I just can’t and I m dying every sec.and he starts to act as if he is crying.poor nandini after this went near him and hugs to console him.karan just hugs in a different way which was noticed by manik.
Karan was just touching the bare parts of her back in a sm**ching way with one hand and he was moving his other hand right from her this to waist and around stomach rather was pressing it .nandini was busy consoling him.he looked up and saw her upper part of dress.karan thinks oh god her skin is so soft like a feather and her shape is perfect I really want her atleast once that’s y I m back
He unwanted pulled back from hug but his were still rested his one of his hands on the upper part of thigh.with another hand he took a glass of water (cold) and wantedly poured on upper part of dress. Now nandini’s upper part of dress was drenched.
Now manik who was wittnessed all this just became angry but did nothing as nandini and karan were in relationship.manik was confirmed that he was just using nandini but didn’t know how to stop .somewhere he felt a lil bit of jealousy but didn’t recongnise it.
Karan-y don’t u change ur dress into the swimsuit as we can go to pool.and also this dress is drenched.
Nandini-ya I will in a minute.
Karan –well I m too coming wait.
Karan-as I too want to change becoz I m uncomfortable in this shirt.
Nandini-but u look hot in this.
Karan-just hot I wanna look se*y like u look everytime everywhere as I m ur bf I wanna match upto dear plsss baby.
Nandini-fine.but promise me u won’t ask for it.
Karan-for wat.
Nandini-due to which we broke up .
Karan –I won’t but I think I desrve a kiss atleast.
Nandini-no I won’t that’s punishment for the break up.
Karan-fine.and thinks how will u able to resist urself from kissing me the great karan khanna may be more than that .i know u r difficult but I will crack u.
Manik was listening to their convo instead of meeting .he abruptly left the meeting and followed them but lost them .suddently nandini came in front of him and she slipped manik caught her right on the bare waist and another on shoulder.manik was very close to fer face just then his eyes fall on the cleavage which karan made it exposed.he immediately shut his eyes and whispered in her ear pls take care of ur dress as it is failing u from exposing ur body parts.karan witnessed this and shouts-nandini .
Both compose themselves and nandini looks her dress and finds wat he said is true and covered it properly and smile appeared on her of his manliness and gesture.and said thank u to him and walked towards karan.karan notices smile on her face and also notices his hardwork was wasted .nandini’s eyes were just seeing the way he shut his and walks smilingly .both went to reception .manik too came there.
Nandini-can we have two rooms sweet voice
Karan-baby y 2 room 1 is enough na plss
Nandini-but in 1 room
Karan-if u don’t trust me no problem dear it’s ok
Nandini-fine can we a room pls
Karan smirks.
Both enter a room but had no other option than waiting outside.
Nandini-ok u change here I will go inside bathroom and change.
Karan-wait a minute show me ur swimsuit.
Nadini takes out and shows it which 2 piece and was bought by him only.
Karan thinks this even more hotter than this let her change first and said okay baby.
Karan changed his shirt and can out in two piece and was se*iest in this whole world.karan was constantly looking her and approached and acts if the carpet made him slip and falls on nandini on bed.karan was on heaven .nandini was really very uncomfortable and manik’s words are just ringing in her ears. nandini could neither accept nor reject but was a lil strrugling .knock knock heard a sound and nandini realized wat was going and pushed karan and said let’s move and opened the door there stood manik in shocked expression as she was in 2 piese .nandini remembered wat he said few mins ago went in changed into a demin black jeans and a top covering her body parts with a fraction of sec.and came back to manik and asked wat u want ?
Manik-so u take advice
Nandini-ya when a manly man like u say it y won’t i
Manik-good.i came to say that pool would be closed in half an hour.
Nandini-thank u.karan come fast.
Karan(angrily)-y u changed that suit .it was me who bought it to u wid lots of love
Nandini-I found it uncomfortable
Karan(angrily)-now u r saying uncomfortable wid my clothes then u will say I m uncomfortable with u right.
Nandini-yes I do feel some thing fishy when u touch me.but I really don’t want to feel so but don’t know y it happens and if wear that most of my body parts are exposed dear pls try to understand it .if it would be only friends or only u it’s ok but here there are many families and also children.
Karan thinks I really want to expose those but not in public but in private and also she sounds right .why should others enjoy when I have done all the hard work.karan says ok dear .
Manik was still there hearing their convo.this karan is really a bastard.
Nandini-well wats ur name .
Manik –I m manik. Nandini can we be friends.
Nandini-ya .so friends they shake hands.wait how did u know my name.
Manik-t.h.a.t u…r b..f …c.all.e.d ..s.o right and wats his name
Karan-I m karan her bf .saying this he wrapped his hands around her waist and squeezed it .nandini felt embarrassed and shook his hands from her.manik saw this and thinks ya she really feels uncomfortable when he touched.that’s good atleast her body is understanting this bas**rd.fine
Nandini-u too can join us wat say
MAnik-of course
They went to pool.karan was irrited by manik .as she was just talking to him.karan said lets go karan and nandini went to nandini’s home and manik to his.
Nandini’s home
Karan-see I have bought smthing 4 u
Nandini-wat is it show me na pls
Karan gives a bag which has a dress and instructs to wear it right now .after shower she wears it .(guys as she is U.S returned so these dresses don’t affect her n also kisses n sm**ches r pretty common there so she doesn’t care n also pls bear this shitty karan’s romance as it’s very imp for story and also I promise I will give much more intense scence for manan.plsss bear with me) it was a white shorts which was just enough to cover her inner and other parts was naked and a white backless top and failed to cover her stomach and waist. Even the front top was having layers just was’t covering her boo*s properly . so karan in sweet voice said-baby I think these b*a is declining ur se* can u change it for as I want u to be too perfect
nandini-no plss
Nandini-is this ok can I change now.
Karan-not so soon baby.i want a reward.
Nandini –no baby 2morrow.
Karan shaking his head went close to her she was moving backward and fell on sofa karan fell on her .she closedher eyes but karan was just staring those extreme cleavage.he placed his one hand on side of a bo** andback another hand on waist and squeezed it .but nandini was imagining of manik .so her body didn’t resist.he placed his face at the cle**ge .nandini came out of imagination and was shocked to see karan at tht position of head placed there.she immediately pushed him and got up straight.karan fell down and stood up and puled her by waist .
Nandini-karan pls go I need some space.
Karan-it’s ok dear .2morrow we will meet.and I m not miffed wid u as I can understand u.
Nandini thinks –I know I love karan but y I imagine manik and after imagining of manik I became comfortable with touch. y I pushed karan .i m thinking too much .better I stop this process of thinking.
screen freezes

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