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Guys, to be honest, these days I don’t feel like continuing this fanfic cause of the less number of comments. Its really annoying cause lm working hard on these updates and I feel sad seeing such a low response. It was much better before but now its all getting worse. So I have decided to end this. Probably you all want the same. And its not good enough either to he continued.


*After 2 weeks*

Concert- Fab Five Vs the Eagles, Mumbai.

Manik’s POV

‘Please please please…’ I silently prayed as we reached the stage. We started singing the very famous Yaari Yaari song.

“Yes!” I exclaimed as almost the whole performance was done except the last signature dance step.. Maddy, who was my partner then, walked up to me and giving me a pat on the back, said,
“Woah dude! One more hit step, huh?”

I flashed a smile at him and walked back, looking around at the crowd. It felt so good…So many people had gathered there and were shouting with full zeal, cheering me. As I turned and got ready for my next shot, my eyes suddenly spotted Nandini in the V.I.P. seats, talking to Ayesha Di. I’d had so much difficulty convincing Nandini to come over for this last last concert of the competition, which was fortunately being held in Mumbai, and she had finally agreed when she learnt Ayesha di was also going to come. I’m glad she came as I think she is lucky for me because I’ve already done my whole dance perfectly (I suck at Dancing to be honest), although it’s a ridiculous thought of linking my good luck with her presence. My eyes were still on Nandini when she turned and our eyes met. She flashed a smile and gave me a thumbs up sign, and mouthed something, which I assume was a ‘good luck’. I kept staring at her until my mind, overpowering my heart, forcibly drew my attention towards the song and the steps. I inhaled deeply giving myself some confidence and determination. I got ready for the most flip shot and I was still thinking about Nandini. I looked at the Mukti, who was getting ready to play the tune. This is now or never, I thought, but Nandini’s face was dancing in front of my eyes. It was as if Nandini was standing right there in front of me, and I was in a different world altogether. And before I could realize, I heard the someone shout,

“Shit!” and I was brought back to the present situation. I didn’t understand anything at first but as I saw myself landing on the floor with a thud I understood, that I fell on the floor while doing rhe flip. “Shit!” I blurted out. I cursed myself immensely and rose up, must to the disappointment of the now subdued crowd. I felt like destroying the whole world. How can I do such a thing? How did this happen? What the hell was I doing? I kept firing these questions to myself when my mind replied to these thousands of questions with one mocking answer–

Because you were in another world, with Nandini. I quickly shook the thought off and went up to my green room after the performance. I felt my frustration rise up to my face. I went over to the washroom and flashed some cold water on my face and glared at my reflection in the mirror angrily. Why did I let myself get distracted? Ugh. I hated myself at that moment more than anyone/anything else.

The concert was won by Fab five and with that, Fab five won the Musicana. It was a matter of celebration but I was not at all in the mood of celebrating so after all the formalities were done, I straight headed to home. I just lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling, engrossed in deep thoughts and cursing myself for the nth time when my phone rang.

“Hello,” I said, picking up the call, putting up a nonchalant tone.

“Aww…So my Manik’s mood is upset because of that stupid fall?” She said. Wow. She always understood it when I was upset. “Well, I have some news which will excite you!” She continued. Although I knew nothing could excite me at that moment, I nevertheless asked,


“I have got a transfer letter and…. I’ve been transferred to… INDIAAAA!” She said enthusiastically, putting emphasis on the last word.

“What! Are you serious? I mean I’m so so soooooo happy! You really know how to make my day!” I replied, totally excited at the news.

“Yeah yeah. But first listen. Tomorrow I’m throwing a party. I’ll text you the address and you’re going to come.” Soha invited me.

“But I would be bored in between all you girlfriends…”

“Chillax dude. I have also invited Nandini, Dhr–” Vinnie was still still speaking when I cut her off,

“What! Nandini is coming? You invited her?”

“Yeah, what’s the big deal?”

“Nothing. I’ll try to come,” I replied after thinking a little.

“Acha bachu…On hearing Nandini’s name you toh melted like wax! I can see someone has started liking someone huh?” She said, and I found myself smiling for no reason.

“You’re smiling right?” She said from the other. Ugh. I can’t hide anything from her. She knows me a bit too well!

“N..No…I just…Ugh Soha! It’s nothing like that. Stop teasing me or you will repent!”

“Okay baba. Anyways now I gotta go and calls some of my friends. And you better be there tomorrow in the party or you will see the worst side of me.”

“Ruk na… (Please stay) Can’t you talk to me for five minutes?” I said, not wanting to hang up so soon.

“Nahi re, (Nope) I’ll call you later tonight. I’ve got to call a hell lotta people now.”

I was about to protest some more, when a beep sound came from my phone. I looked at the screen which flashed,


“Okay fine bye,” I said abruptly.

“How did you suddenly agree haan?”

“Arrey…Nothing. Actually Nandini is calling soo…”

“Oooooh. Okay I’m going. I don’t want to be a wall in between two lover!” She said, and hung up. I ignored her and at once received Nandini’s call.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hi!” Nandini’s cheerful voice greeted me, “What’s up?”.

“Nothing was just talking to Soha before you called…”

“Oh so she told you ’bout the party?”

“Yeah, you coming?”

“Uh, I don’t think I’d be coming… I don’t know anyone there dude..”

“Nooo please, you have to come! Otherwise I’d be bored to death,” I pleaded.

“Why, all your childhood friends would be there right?”

“Nope. Soha’s childhood friends would be there, and I have nothing to do with them. I never got along well with her girlfriends…So you have to come!”

“Oh-kay… But you’ve got to entertain me!” She finally agreed.

“Yeah sure.”

“So… What happened to you in the field today, in your last move?” She asked.

“Uh, umm… Actually, I got a bit distracted…” I managed to say. “Well you tell me, did you enjoy the first concert match of your life?”

“Yeah it was fine. To be honest, I only saw the part when you were singing and the rest of the time I was talking with Ayesha…”

I don’t know why, but I felt really happy to know that she had watched me play, even though she was not a fan of rock music.

*After 35 minutes*

“Oh God! See you wasted so much of my time! I was writing my project!” Nandini yelled from the other side.

“What! You had only called me yourself! Now I am to blame for wasting you time!” I said in my defense.

“Yeah, but I had intended to take a short break as I was bored. But see, you engaged me in talking and I didn’t even realize how time flew by!”

“But you were talking most of the time!” I protested, not willing to let her win this argument, when my phone beeped to show that Soha was calling. She remembered to call back! But anyhow, I ignored her call, deciding to call her back later as I did not want Nandini to hang up… yet.

“Okay whatevs… I’m gonna go complete my project or else I’d be dead by tomorrow! Bye for now, see you tomorrow in the party…” Nandini said.

“Oh…kay. Bye, good night,” I said in a low tone. Then she hung up, leaving me alone with my thoughts when Soha started calling me again.

“Hey,” I said, receiving the call.

“Don’t tell me you were talking with Nandini till now!”

“Ye-ah, but please don’t start teasing again!” I said, fearing the inevitable.

“Okay baba, I’ll not tease. But you’ve got to answer my one question frankly…”

“Fine, ask.” I said, wondering what would she ask. I would of course have to give an honest answer, I could never possibly lie to her.

“Do you love her?” Do I? Of course not.

“No re… She’s just a friend…”

“Okay, I believe you. But promise if anything ever happens between you two, I’m going to be the first to know about it.”

“Okay I promise,” I said, unsure of whether anything could ever happen in between us.

“Hmm, that’s like my Manik! Oh, oops, hey I’ll get back to you later… I’m getting a call from Mom, bye!” She said in a hurry and abruptly hung up, not letting me reply.

‘Do you love her?’ Soha’s question started haunting my mind. All the moments which I had spent with Nandini started dancing in front of my eyes. When I had first met her how I had become dumbstruck by her beauty and my record of longest call with her. How she had grabbed me in the bike ride out of fear. I felt a tickling as if Nandini’s soft hands were still holding me. How she made me get wet in the rain and eat ice cream… A smile crossed my face when I thought of these moments. My thoughts flowed like a stream and halted on the memories of my birthday. It was like one of the best memories… how I and Nandini had fallen on the sofa…Her scared expression when I was about to rub the cream on her face was simply priceless. I literally giggled at this memory. I shook my head at myself as I was madly giggling to myself when my eyes fell on the photo frame which Nandini had given me. I took it in my hands and stared at the pic of, as all say, Manan. Slowly my smile faded and I got lost in the photo. I felt as if the photo was real. As if I was still holding Nandini’s hand. As if Nandini, scared of the cracker, had still half buried her head into my arms. As if Nandini was still standing so close to me that I could smell her feminine fragrance. As if she was right there sitting beside me and was casting her ever-enthusiastic smile by seeing me lost so deep in her thoughts.

Soha’s question again started circling my mind-

‘Do you love her?’

‘Of course not. She’s just a friend..’ my mind answered. I was about to agree with it and and the tussle, when my heart said–

‘Seriously? Then why are you staring at her pic? Why are you only thinking of the moments spent with her? Why did you get fall bowled today?’

My mind and my heart kept on arguing like this for almost an hour. Then I at last reached a conclusion which was satisfactory and quite firm to answer all the questions laid down by my stupid heart. I immediately picked up my phone and dialled Soha’s no. I heard an engage tone but I was quite impatient to wait.I kept on calling till her irritated voice was finally heard–

“What is this Manik? Can’t you just wait for five–” But I cut her off and said–

“I am in love…”


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Credit to: Anu

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