Manan: Love is You

hey people, i am jazz back with a fs. i and sooo sorry i could’nt complete my store..but please do support me in this story like previous one.. so, my story starts from manan’s break up wala scene after soha know more, read below!!
manik : nandini!! please , just leave me alone !! get the hell outta here…

nandu : ,mnk, plz listen to me let me explain..ek baar meri baat sun lo . i’m sorry. i know i should have trusted u. i am sorry.. i love you. please, just let me explain.

manik : nothing’s left to explain. its over. forever..chali jao yaha se..

nandini’s world crumbles down. tears make way through her eyes . she begs him. pleads infront of him. she knows its not easy for him too. she can see it in his eyes. manik pushes her and goes away, wiping his tears of anger, sorrow and pain. his words flash in nandu’s ears.

“it’s over. forever..”

nandu’s pov:

aiyyappa , what just happened? i love manik. but how do i tell him. i did this all this for his future. i can’t let him be destroyed nor fab5. main usse kaise kahu.. this was all done by his own mom..kaise?


nandu cme to nyo”s office as she called her.

na” yes ma’am.. u asked fr me?

nyo: nandini, yess. come here. well, how do you do? bahut dard hua hoga na to see ur ”love” going away!( smirks)

na: what do you mean?

nyo: i mean that , do you want me to save manik ??

na : sorry, but how can u do that? aap use kaise churwaogi??

nyo: vaise his jaise maine usse phasaya !

na: kya? this means yeh sab aapne kiya? kyu?

nyo; of crse dear, i did it all coz you chabged my momster to manik. tumne usse uske andhere se nikala. aur tumse pyaar karke uske bahut parr nikal aaye hai. so, u knw i had to do something.

na: kaisi maa ho aap. how can u do this? whatever. just tell me what do you want?

nyo: i want you to lie in court.

na: kya ?

nyo: yess, you’ll have to lie that manik ne soha ka murder kiya and then u’ll have to leave him..

na: but kyu? iss sab se aapko kya milega ? why do u want todo dis!!

nyo: shut up. just shut up. do as isay or else ui will destroy manik’s, no no, the whole fab5’s career. nd u know i can.

na(in tear): plz. no, main chali jaaungi. humesha ke liye. plz.

and rushes out crying. nyo smirks.

end of flashback.

she picks up her expellation letter and leaves space. her love, manik. is away, from her. forever. memories of their past flash in front of her. her mind goes numb. she walks on the road with tears on her eyes. a big car hits her and rushes off. se lying there in a pool of blood with just one name on her lips ; manik.

on the other hand;

navya has nausea and her nose starts bleeding. everyone et worried and rush her to the hospital. fab 5 too reach there. manik was steal broken inside,but pretending to be fine outside. oc checks and says that it was just nausea symptoms and nothing serious . suddenly there’s a hustle in the hospital. an emergency patient was carried on the bad dipped in blood from head to toe. (yup, its nandu) chacha and chachi are rushing in. manik turns around and the nexxt seen just stops his heartbeat. his life his love ,nandu. was lying there in blood and ppl rushing about.


sooo, what do u think shuld i continue? please do express your views.

lots of love…

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  1. Great start please continue l just live the way you start writing it .

    1. Jazz

      thank you so much.. 🙂

  2. Hey jazz it’s awesome plss cont waitng fr next update dearr

    1. Jazz

      thanks a lot manu 🙂

  3. Ohhhhhh yessssss u should continue…. Relivng those momnts …omg…grttt….plzzz update soonr…waitng and t c

    1. Jazz

      thanks anjali, and i’ll try to update soon.. 🙂

  4. plzz continue writing ma.i love ur ff..

    1. Jazz

      thank you raji.. 🙂

  5. Awsme ????????????Pls continue n upload next part asap ??Waiting!!!

    1. Jazz

      thanks sweety, the next part is on the way… 🙂

  6. Pls continue it…. waiting eagerly for the next part. .. pls update asap…. take care ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Jazz

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  7. awsome part👍👍.plz plz continu….😊😊

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  8. Aswini Durga

    Keep going yar

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  9. I also miss praha ‘s ff l don’t know if she going to continue writing because she is also good. Please come back.

    1. Jazz

      yess, i miss her ffs too..hope she gets back.. 🙂 🙂

  10. Yes u should continue but please update every day

    1. Jazz

      thank you and yep , i’ll try to.. 😉

  11. delsina rose

    great………..heart-warming yaar……………dying to read the next one.
    is she going to lose her memory? A new twist………….awesome yaar……….i wanna know whether you are a girl or a boy.

    1. Jazz

      thanks dear..will not keep you waiting for long 🙂

  12. Vry gud part

    1. Jazz

      thank you…. 🙂

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