Manan love is not bed of roses


Bangalore concert

A huge crowed is hooting FAB5 FAB5 …… every one quites and then spot light falls on a men who play drums then a girl is shown who plays keyboards and then spot light falls on a girl and boy playing guitars … Girl plays electric gutair
All four have tensed faces which change into a broad smile when a spot light falls on a young hot and handsome man …. Nearly 23 years old …he was wearing black suit which make him look even more hot …. He was also playing guitar and started singing … Everyone mesmerized by his playing and singing skills ….. Once the song ends whole crowd cheers for them

Host : now its time to announce the winner and the winner is …… Is
Crowd in one voice FAB5 FAB5
HOST :yes … And the winner is fab 5
Fab5 comes on stage and receives the trophy and have a group hug

Back stage
Cabir (the one who plays gutair ):where is manik (the one who sings )

Alya ( the one who played keyboard): as per his tradition he left before concert ends to avoid media
Mukti (the one who played electronic gutair): how mean he should take me along na…
Druv : now let’s go
Mukti :yeah sooner we will go sooner we will go for party

Parking :
Manik was walking toward his car but he saw a girl running she have long hairs wearing black jeans and red top and another girl in frock chasing her
Girl1 : u can’t catch me navya
Navya : ek baar hath a jao nandini ..Then i will tell u
Nandini : sweet dream but with open eyes …… Not fair
Manik smiles at her comment
Navya was about to catch nandini but she fells
Manik moves to help her but stops when navya speak
Navya : nandini stop ur drama

Manik thinks nandini is hurt and she is saying stop drama … How mean
Nandini:sachi bohat pain ha
Nandini makes navya sit to check her feet and start running again manik thinks how smart she is
Navya angerly shouts :nandiniiiNandini runs to save her self from navya but she catches her
Navya :tell me what’s the plan
Nandini ?: do u think I will tell u so easily
Navya : ok…. Just tell me any thing
Nandini :tommarow 5 pm at the beach

Navya :ok I will wait
Nandini :ok navya g I will leave
Navya :ok bye …. Plz take care and for god sake stay away from troubles
Nandini : come na I will drop u
Navni sits in her car and drove away . manik follows nandini’s car
Nandini drops navya went to ice cream parlor manik follows her then she went to her home , park her car outside her house and gets inside but manik stops her car and waits , he note the address , he looks at he house and saw a reflection on curtain of a girl which he guessed as nandini ,… He waited there till the lights off ,he went his house but he was still thinking about nandini , her smile , her voice , her beauty made him mad …. He called someone
Manik :hello ….. Arjun there
Arjun :yes I am…… Sir u called that to late Manik:I want complete information about someone … Can u do it
A: what kind of information
M:come to my place right now …. I will tell u

A :ok
Manik totally forgot about fab5 party , he gets a msg from alya
“Where r u we r waiting for u army place come fast else u r dead fab4 is boiling with anger ”
He calls arjun again
Manik :arjun come tommarow 9am at my office
Arjun: ok sir
He cuts the call and leave for fab5 party they enjoy a lot
manik is working on his laptop when he gets a call
Manik :let him come

After some time a handsome man comes inside manik’s cabin
Manik :hi arjun ….. I like ur punctuality…..
Arjun : any thing important
Manik :yes it is important….. I want complete information about a girl… Every thing ….. What she like , what she hate , her hobby , her job , her education , her family background , I want her pics , her friend details ….. Every thing means every damn thing
Arjun : any clue about her
Manik :this is her address….. And her name is Nandini , and remember one thing she do not get any thing about it ….. Not even a doubt
Arjun: Ok I will give u major informations by night

Manik : thanks
Arjun leaves the cabin and manik smile remembering nandini
Manik gets busy with his office work and meeting at some time one of his employe comes
Emp:sir u ask me to give u reminder of 4:30 pm it is 4 :15
A broad smile appear on his face he took his blazer and went to parking
Manik calls driver and ask keys
Driver : i will take u
Manik : no kaka …. I will go u can go home

Driver gives him keys and manik drove away

Credit to: Mehar

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