Manan : Love On ! (Intro)

Hey guys !
Writing ‘Love on ! Manan ff.’ This is my second ff first one being Swasan Paperhearts.
I wanted to change the combination of Fab five as it is important for the story. For me the fab five would be like

Fab five is like a world famous band (think about One D) and they are heart stealers and teenagers specially are crazy behind them. So they have a big fan following and are real stars.

Dhruv is a friend a really close friend of Manik but he would not be into music.
Nandini is a scientist at ISRO and has a loving and caring BF Aryaman. At least that’s what she thinks. She hates Rock music.

Manik, the heart throb and handsome hunk in Fab five is a famous rock star of the band Fab five.

Mukti is the gang leader of Fab five and is engaged to Abhimanyu. She is beautiful and loves pulling legs of her guy friends and fiancé.

Cabir is the drummer and the prankster in the group. He loves Navya a lot but their love story is a little complex.

Aliya is the fashionista of the group and plays the piano. She has a secret crush but she never reveals about the guy. ~~suspense.

Maddy is another singer in the group and also the guitarist and is a cool guy to hang out with. Secret crush ~~suspense

Dhruv is a suave businessman who is very shy and introvert. He shares his feeling only with Soha and Manik

Soha is best friend of Manik and Dhruv knows them since they were ten. She is pretty adorable and a bubbly girl. Secret crush ~~suspense

Possibly I think you all may not like Maddy in Fab five but that’s what is required in the plot. Sorry Dhruv lovers but Dhruv does have a pivotal role in the plot.

The story is definitely deals with love, friendship, sacrifice and jealousy.

I will write the first part soon of you like the concept.

P.S. Sorry No college romance and drama !

Credit to: Ayesha


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