manan ,the love (intro)

hi i am a big fan of manan that’s y i m here wid a ff on them. i read many ff of n got inspired thank u all for that.As i m occupied wid studies so i just want to give a short stroy of my imagination on manan .hope i get support of my stupid ff.pls bear my nonsence plssss.this has only manan no other imp characters.

nandini murthy-a us retured who was ditched by her bf-karan and rich
manik malothra -a rich boy in search his love lady.a rockstar .lead of fab five
nyonika malothra-manik’s mom(positive role)
suraj murthy-nandini’ dad .a scientis
fab five -mukti,cabir,manik,dhruv,alia

.so my starts like this
nandini due ditching of her bf is really very to change her mood she got dressed in a black dress which is exposing much part of her thies,v necked and a silver work in the middle.her hairs are straighted and high heels of black. with make up and lipgloss on lips.with this hot look took her n went to pub.

nandini as soon as entered the pub quickly eyes started for searching bar counter.she went there and asked for one shot.she drank it and asked for 2,3,4……..12.

now she was in the worst state and wid a drunken walk managed to reach her car.some of the boys who were eyeing her appoarched her.nandini in this state was unable to put the in the car.

boy 1-can i help u?
nandini-of course plsss.
boy 2-its ur pleasure.
saying this he held her hand .and dragged her to a corner . nandindi unable to understand current sutiation. said my car is them said let it be there.
nandini-but i wanna go home.
boy 2-i will drop u .

nandini -fine.
one of the started to move his hand around nandini’s waist and pulled towards him.she didn’t resist as she was drunken.he turned her towards him .he kept one hand on her waist and another tucking it .after doing so he moved his from waist to shoulder sensually .by now nandini felt uncomfortable and started pushing him.but they weren’t ready to leave her.she started strrugling in his arms.
manik who was passing by to attend his friends party saw this and rushed but before that called his gaurds.he went and asked want the hell is happening here.
boy 1-who are u? just get lost
manik-leave her.he went near him held his collar and punched hard on his face.
by now guards came.the boys were throwen out.nandini was turning back.
manik-hello excuse me.nandini turned and manik was just mesmerised in her beauty .
manik thinks she is just amazing .her plumpy cheeks ,flat lips , big black eyes , straight hair , long eyelashes ,a cute nose and perfect shape of the body.he was buzy staring her .
nandini-yes wat u want .
nandini-y u want me in childish voice
manik relealising wat he said and futher continued-no no i will drop u
nandini-but another guy told me he would ….r u his friend
manik to himself she is badly drunken without even realising wat they were intented to asking this kind of weird questions to me .
nandini-ok lets go.she put her arms around his arms for support.manik ignored and took to his car.
manik-where is ur adderss.
nandini-are u getting me in car till U.S ??? blinking like a child
manik-oh god now this state unable to recall her adderss.
nandini-y r u talking to urself.

manik decided to take her to this home .and turned to ask nandini but found her already sleeping like a baby holding his arms.manik reached home and took her in his arms till the
room and placed her frgile body on the bed and a smile crept on his face unknowingly. when he turned around he found she held his shirt thightly held by her.and she was murmuring in sleep .manik just close to her lips to hear wat she was saying .
nandini-karan pls don’t leave me.nandini pulled his shirt and he fell on her and his lips touched her nose .manik pulled himself out of her and stood straight as if nothing happened.
manik was hell embaressed and there was lil happiness + guilt as she was his heart .but he wondered y there was happiness.
nandini assuming manik as karan went near him .manik was stood still.
nandini-y u left me karan , wat did i do
manik-i m not karan
nandini- stop lying .u left me just becoz i said no for that ,that night.
manik thinks ooo it’s her bf .but how can a guy leave his beloved just like this .may be he didn’t love her at all.

manik-ok for wat
nandini-for that u asked .due to which we broke up last night .
manik was hell shocked and was sweating vwery badly.
manik-wat i asked.
nandini-i know u r miffed wid me but say like this.saying this she walked even closed to manik.she put herarms around his neck and manik like statue stood there and didn’t know how to react to her act.
nandini-baby i know u r angry ,but y r u not responding to me .pls don’t do this to me .or else i will die.

manik’s eyes popped off from his sockets .neither was able to enjoy nor able to throw she held him very tightly.nandini took his arms forcfully and placed it on her bare waist as the dress model was like that .and pressed it .manik don’t know wat to do and was trying to get away.
nandini-karan pls with teary eye.she moved her hands on manik’s face and finally rested on his cheeks .manik somehow got rid of her.and started move out .nandini pulled hi m on the bed and she on top she wore a v neck her cleavagewas very clearly visible and her soft bare thies were on his legs and on top of it she made his hand wrap around her bare waist and she kept her chest on his chest and buried her head in the crook of neck .and whispered karan i will fulfill everything that want from me but pls give some time .even today i thought of doing but i didn’t fell like doing it . i don’t know y .i sometimes think we are rushing too fast .i mean we just met 10 days ago and u r expecting me to do it yesterday.plss don’t be angry ,i want to feel the love then this . i nandini promise u i will soon fulfill ur wish .
manik- so her name is nandini .damn she is madly loving him but this is just emotinally blackmailing to have it and she is just blind in love .i have heard it but seeing it for the first time .and that guy karan how he expect a girl within 10 days have s*x with him .may be he is just using her.
nandini-karan did say anything.

manik-i m not karan and pls don’t let any damn bl**dy guy to use u .as u r very beautiful and deserve the best guy in the world .and don’t give a bit of urself to anyone .ok.pls accept it as a friend request.
nandini-karan u r very sweet .u accepted this very soon and also giving me advise and all.but all of a sudden y this adorable change .i mean i have trying to explain this last 2 days .u didn’t a damn shit about it but now u accepted it .saying this she gave a peck on his cheeks and dozed.
screen freezes there.


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