After listening last words of the lady, the man feels disgusted of himself for being associated with her since her marriage who not even considers her own children as her children..

then man out of blue asks “then why did you marry me SOHA??”

So: hahaha (evil laugh) tumhe kyaa lagtaa hai MANIK, mai tumhe kyu shaadi kali, ey to tumhe pataa honaa hi thaa..

Ma: ha tumne tho mera parents se baat karke tumne hi hamara rishta ka shuru kiya right, because u told in front of everyone that u love me.. (tells the sentence with a blank face)

So: ha pyaar tho kiya tha, lekin tumhe nai.. tumhaare popularity ko aur tumhaare o charming face ko, jo abhi muje kah rahi hai ki mere phaislaa galat hai..

Ma: (listening this becomes shock.. eventhough he never loved her, but he trusted her for his remaining life because she expressed him when she proposed him in front of all that she loves him a lot.. and she will be by his side at any odd hour.. and what not.. soha has used all the cheesy lines.. for which manik’s family has accepted her proposal to manik)

So: So yeah coming to the point, the lady who bought u for money is none other than ur PARI.. so here u may think of me as i am such a cheapo and what not.. i don’t care.. but just c ur value.. she has valued u for money… (she tells all nonsense about the lady who bought manik for money.. as she hates pari since her childhood and even after betraying manik she don’t want pari to be happy with manik)

Ma: (Our manik was in other state of shock.. he never in his wildest dreams thought that HIS PARI can be stoop too low that she will value him for money.. and all the bad ideas comes to his mind at that time..)

So: and yeah she is going to come in an hour as new bahu of this house.. hope u don’t mind it.. otherwise i have my own ways.. if u won’t accept my deal of being sold to ur PARI, then ur children lives are at stake.. as i will take divorce and u know what i can do with my powers as i will bring children in my custody and i will torture them.. so better be ready..

(listening SOHA all the people in the family gets happy and sad.. happy for the fact that Soha is permanantly leaving and PARI is coming and sad for the real side of SOHA which they have ever thought in their lives.. they all know that Soha is cunning but they never thought that she can stoop so low..)

(on the other side Manik is thinking that.. “why pari, why u did this.. for this deed of urs i will never forgive u.. may be u become my wife.. but i won’t give u that position in my life ever.. until now u have seen the sweet, caring, funny, jovial and good manik but from now onwards i will show u the MONSTER MANIK)

Credit to: starflies

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  1. If i m not wrong…..then….PARI is none other then our own nandani…..
    Awesome intro……
    Keep going….

  2. wow! it seems like pari is nandu…….
    hey pls continue ….. its so interesting……
    pls update asap
    keep smiling

  3. nice. so pari is nadu no doubt
    story is interesting please continue. try to give regular updates. Thank u for updating.

  4. Superb i wish pari should be our nandhu only one thing don’t think me wrong that manik lived with soha and have children that’s irritating other than that its awesome

  5. Aren’t u going to post a new epi I m eagerly waiting plz hurry na……want to lnw wt happens nxt……nd yaa da intro in really awesome…..want to knw more so plz…..hurry …….

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