Manan : Love On ! (Epi-9)


This episode is dedicated to all Maddy lovers !!!! Yuvi rocks !!! And btw this is the 9th episode and 9 is my lucky number which makes it even more special.

~~A Fall in the dark~~
~Manik’s POV~

“I M COMING !!!” Maddy, who was the seeker, called out to us. What ? So fast ? I have not even found a hiding place for myself. I and Nandini were hating this kid’s game. I wonder where she is ? No I know, where the rest would be like I know Aliya must be in a corner checking out online shopping sites. Mukti probably in the terrace talking to her boyfriend. And Cabir must be snoring on the sofa. But I have no clue where Nandini is. And Dhruv he is also so unpredictable.

I quickly scanned my position and found that I was near the door of my bedroom. I slowly and cautiously made my may into the room totally blinded. I could just see the faint outline of my white door and that was enough for me to recognize it. Once inside I thought of where to hide. Even though it was pitch dark I knew my room too well so I could easily get through. Behind the door was the stair to the gym. I decided to hide there so that even if I get caught I could run upstairs. Yeah, though I hated this ‘Kids Game’ I was totally into it. I hate to lose.

I quickly slid behind the curtains and stood there unmoved. I saw the dark outline of a man probably Maddy entering the room. I hastily moved inside towards the door when I bumped into someone. The smell was so familiar– I could bet zillions, it was her. Knowing that she would get startled and would scream, as a natural girly reflex, my hand automatically went to her lips to cover her mouth — just in a fraction of second. Thankfully it all happened on the correct time as her voice got drained.

“Shh. Nandini.” I said removing mg hand from her mouth. “It’s me Manik.” I whispered in her ears so that Maddy couldn’t hear us even if he was trying to.

She inhaled deeply and whispered back “Gawd. You just gave me a mini heart attack Manik. I m so scared of the dark and above that you scared me even more.”

“How many things are you afraid of?” I exclaimed in a low voice. IS THERE ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD WHICH DOESN’T HAUNT HER.

But this time instead of her reply I heard something else. “Maaaannnik” Nandini’s shrill and piercing scream filled the room and from somewhere white light flooded into the room. It didn’t take me much time to analyse what had happened–
She had pushed the gym door by mistake and was now about to fall off the stairs.
I immediately sprang forward to save her from falling. Thankfully I caught her. As soon as I caught her, I pulled her towards me wrapping my arms around her waist securing a grip. But being the always-a-clumsy-girl she is, she tripped on me. I looked into her eyes — so intense.
And that’s when I heard someone say “Ahem ahem” from side. Shit, I and Nandini in a awkward situation and I just prayed it was not Cabir or Maddy or else….

~Maddy’s POV~

“Maaaannnik” I heard a girlish scream from my left. I immediately turned thinking that I caught my first prey. I could see bright light penetrating in the room from the curtains and I saw shadows of two people.
Wah, ek teer se do nishane. (Wow, I caught two preys from one arrow) I thought and patted myself at the back.

I sneaked near the curtain and pulled them aside. And there I found only two love birds — Manik and Nandini. Manik was holding her waist and Nandini was on top of his chest. Both of them were staring into each other’s eyes.

“Ahem ahem” I immediately faked a cough to grab their attention.
They immediately straightened themselves. “Caught you love birds.” I exclaimed.

Both of them instantly screamed “SHUT UP!!”

“I just got saved from getting killed and you are concerned about this stupid kid’s game. And don’t dare you call us ‘lovebirds’ ever again.” Nandini yelled at me.

“Huh ? Getting killed.” I was in a dilemma as all I could see was a ‘romantic’ scene going out here.

“Yeah. She was just going to stumble down the stairs to the gym.” Manik explained.

“what ? Are you okay guys ?” Now I surely felt guilty. But whatever I saw was a ‘picture perfect’ moment.

“I m fine. All thanks to Manik.” Nandini continued further.

“Oh….. I thought you two were making out in the dark. And I would have been more guilty if I had played a third wheel in your romance.” I chuckled.

“Oh please.” Nandini said, disgusted.

“Well I dont think it’s a bad idea!” Manik said.

“Ugh!” Nandini muttered and smacked him on the arm.

“ow.” Manik muttered as if he was really hurt. These two guys did have ‘something – something’.

Suddenly light in the hallway was put on and I heard hurried footsteps towards the room. Everyone else entered the room too.

“What happened ? Is everything okay ?” Cabir enquired.

“everything’s fine. Chill guys.” I said.

“then why did Nandini scream ?” Dhruv asked full of concern.

And then I gave my world famous smirk .”Arre she……” And I went on to explain everything. Even the part where the two were cuddling. And I could hear giggles coming from their side. And then I could also hear Manik’s concerned voice asking Nandini if she was okay.

I bet Manik had a soft corner for this girl. We came in Mumbai for some music practice and some so called ‘surprise’ by Mukti but these days his mornings and evenings are only with this girl.
And the way he was concerned for Nandini, he had never been concerned like that for any girl, not even for his b*t*hy ex-girlfriend Riya. But when Riya and Manik were together he always cared for her, being the perfect boyfriend he always would be. But somehow this Nandini seemed to have a deep impact on him. Something, which never happened with Riya .

The bell rang and I expected it to be Abhimanyu. Manik ran towards the door and as expected it was Abhi.

He entered and was greeted by everyone. Manik introduced him to Nandini.

“Hey Nandini that’s Abhimanyu.”

“No call me Abhi.” Abhi chuckled.

“hey Abhi. Nice to meet you.” Nandini said extending her hand for a handshake.

“Hey beautiful.” Abhi said with a wink and shook her hand.

“Hey Abhi dont even try for her. She’s already taken by Manik…” I said to Abhi gesturing towards Manik. The next moment Nandini took the pillow beside her and threw it towards me which just hits my face.

“ouch!” I said rubbing my cute nose.
{that’s what I feel. I love his nose}

“Please don’t listen to that rascal dude. And by the way, dont try to flirt. you are with Mukti if you have forgotten.” Manik said clearly reflecting his possessiveness.

“See… he’s so possessive about her. No flirting and all.” Cabir said.

“oh shut up.” Nandini exclaimed crossing her arms across her chest with a frowned face.

After that we got engaged in an interesting conversation.

**After two hours**
Mukti said “Guys. Okay now time to unravel the suspense. I am going to tell you what’s the surprise behind this Mumbai trip.” She looked at Abhi and smiles.
Mukbhi were the most adorable couple but I could see someone else capitalizing now. And that’s Manik and Nandini, their hands were cuddling at the moment. *How cute*

“Okay I m getting engaged on Sunday.” Mukti said face palming her face. I had never seen her like this before. This girl was blushing deeply.

And we all gave her what-the-heck look and went on to congratulate her and Abhi. Dhruv gets a business call and excuses himself.

“So lets go shopping tomorrow.” Aliya said.

“um. Sure.” Mukti said. “but I think you all should join too. You too Nandini.” She added.

“shopping ?” Nandini asked. “um well I have office tomorrow. I can only make it after three.” She added.

“okay then I ll pick you up.” Manik said.

“you are going for shopping ?” Cabir asked Manik giving a dramatic expression. I also looked at him to see what would be his explanation.

“um. Yeah. Don’t tell me you all would wear these ripped jeans and old tees for Mukti’s engagement.” Manik justified.

“yeah. But I think I won’t be able to make it tomorrow.” Cabir said in dismay.

“yeah I also don’t feel like shopping.” I said.

Manik gave an -oh- look.

“Dont worry I m coming with you Manik.” Abhi said giving him an reassuring look. “otherwise I dont know what she might be wearing for her engagement.” He added only to earn a playful punch on his stomach.

“shall I bring my bike?” Manik popped a question to Nandini.

“No way. That bike ride was enough for me.” Nandini said.

I spat the water I was drinking. “You two went for a bike ride too ?” I asked them amused.

“yeah…. A long story. Will tell you later.” Manik said.

I and Cabir were exchanging glances. After all the good byes we talked about it.
Cabir told me “Something’s definitely cooking between the two.

“yeah. And we will tease them together later !” I said him giving a wicked grin.

I called Mukti about my plan. “Just leave them alone as soon as you enter the shopping mall. Its gonna be all hell awesome. Manik and Nandini all alone !!”

“um fine. I just hope they don’t murder us or something if they come to know about the plan. I don’t want to get killed unmarried.” She replied.

“Don’t worry.” I said and hung up.

Next part :
~~Hide and Seek, Shopping Spree~~

Did you like the Maddy of this ff ? I m sorry to his fans as I could never give him importance in my previous ff. Somehow I felt he never fitted the bill in KYY S3. But his character and persona in KYY S2 was awesome so I thought that Dhruv and Maddy should switch places which would help this story as well. Dont forget to comment about this.

By the way, this is how friends react when they get to see their friend having some spark with a guy/gal or if he/she gets in a relationship. I love teasing my friends too !

Credit to: Anu

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      Keep reading 🙂

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