Manan : Love On ! (Epi-7)


So today you will get to know about the first villain of the many villains of the story. Hope you like reading this one.

~~Bike Ride~~

“Hey Nandini !” I greeted her in the most ever-exciting way as she emerged from her house. She looked beautiful in her black sleeveless long top and an all time cool blue denims.

But as soon as she saw my ‘Neiman Marcus’ she looked frightened and pale but nevertheless she gave me a weak smile and said a “Hi”

“so lets go.”

“yeah.” she replied weakly and followed me to my bike. She seated herself on the bike at the farthest place with a 15 cm gap between us.

As soon I was about to start the engine I warned her “hold me tight. I m gonna start the engine.”

“yeah.” she said gripping me tightly and I could see her from corner of my eye chanting something.
I could picturise her closing her eyes and praying to god.

“don’t worry I m not that bad driver. Just a dozen of accidents.” I started pulling her leg.

“very funny.” She said rolling her eyes.

“do you know why I wanted you to join me for this bike ride ?” We were now on the road heading to outskirts of Mumbai.

“no I cant hear you. The helmet is drowning your voice.”

I repeated the question near her ear as she leaned forward. I could feel her shivering breath right now.

“um yes. I guess. Because you love to trouble me monster Manik !”

“yeah that tooooh I love. But I also wanted to distract you from whatever drama is happening in your life plus we’d get to know each other better.” The last was totally untrue.

“well. I m glad to know that you care for me. But honestly I m done with Aryaman. I really don’t care an iota about him. He no more exists for me and about the second reason. I find it quite stupid. Wasn’t that 7 hour call enough for you to know about me? ”

I grinned as she had stolen my thoughts on the last part. As the road got clear I sped my bike and she crashed on my back. She tightened her grip around my waist.

“Maaaaanik slow down !!!!” She shrieked.

“Nooooooooooooooo.” I replied with the same vigour.

“okay then get ready to bear the consequences.” She pinched my waist tightly.

“oye.” But I decided to ignore her and concentrate on the road. But it started raining AGAIN. Rain had been destroying all my plans that I decide again and again and again.

“shit” I muttered and slowed down my bike looking for a shelter and we spot an ice cream parlour. ‘SWIRLS’

Nandini said “Hey lets go there to the ice-cream parlour.” Nandini pointed.

I helplessly stopped my bike and we both got inside the parlour drenched totally.

“wow. Rain always behind us to destroy our plans” I said to her.

“haha I m very happy. And I m right now doing a happy dance mentally.” She smiled.

“huh ?” I frowned at her.

“hey lets have an ice-cream to kill time.” She exclaimed suddenly.

I gave her a doubtful look as my doctor had told me to clearly avoid ice-cream kinda stuff which can be bad for my throat. But she looked at me with those gorgeous black eyes of hers making a puppy face. So I gave in. And said “Only for you.” with a smile.

“um two chocolate waffle cone.” We both said in unison again. Again we burst into laughter. We have a lot of commonness, I must agree.

We made ourselves comfortable on a table in that shop which was totally empty.

The man came with our ice cream and we had a good time relishing it.

“you know I love ice cream but my doctor had forbidden me so..”

“you are very serious about your music career. Aren’t you ?”

“um well yes. And you must be too. scientist ha ?”

“um. Well not as dedicated like you. Actually I wanted to be a writer. But my Ams wanted me to be a scientist Even my Chacha insisted. And I have always lived for my family. So I just…”

“so you just sacrificed your dreams. I dont believe this. I mean what should I say. You are mature yet a fool at the same time.”

” you are lucky enough because your parents always supported you.”

“um. Well yeah. I mean though my dad is no more my mom was, is and would always support me.”

“Awwh I m sorry. I can understand the pain of living without your parents.” A tear rolled down her cheek.

“hey. I brought you for this ride not to make you cry. I want you to be happy.”

“sorry.” She mumbled.

We finished our ice cream.

“loved it” I said to her.

“see I told you you would love it. Now say a thank you to me for making you eat this wonderful ice cream.” she pouted like a kid.

“okay. Thank you maaam.” I said in a babyish tone.

“very funny.”

“hey lets get started. The rain has stopped finally.”

She groaned but followed me to my bike like a small kid. This time she was not frightened and had a loose grip on my waist.

We went for a long ride and then I dropped her at ISRO and we both waved a never ending good bye to each other. But as everyone knows all good things dont stay long and forever.
The reality was,, she had to leave for her stupid work and I had to leave for my stupid practice.
Wait did I call music stupid for sake of a girl ?

Nandini’s POV

I entered my office and started doing my work on the new project which was about building a new suspensor. And unfortunately I had to work with my enemy number one my one and only ex-boyfriend Aryaman Khurana.

“so good to see you happy Nandini.” he said.

“lets get started with the work. I really want to end this soon.”

“I dont want to, as these days you ignore me. Want to spend some quality time with you. Have you found a new guy.”

“oh please. Dont think the opposite person to be just like you.”

“really ? You are drenched and I saw you with that biker guy. What’s going on Nandini ?”

“nothing much Aryaman. I am just working on the suspensor and you also work on your solar panel.” I ordered him.

He started twisting my arm and I couldn’t help but I slapped his face and left in anger. I could feel him burning from inside but for me it acted as an icepack on my dry wounds.

After sometime I again joined him but this time he was being totally professional and not like a moron ex.

“Listen. Just get that in your tiny mind of yours that its over between us and you have no right to judge me and ask me about my life. You have lost that right when you cheated on me with my best friend.” I warned him after we completed our work.

I walked away fuming in anger. To my utter surprise I saw Manik waiting for me outside. I badly wanted to hug somebody and there I saw him. So I just came running towards him and gave him a bone crushing hug.

“what happened all okay ?”he asked me with full of concern.

“I just slapped Aryaman.” I told him.

“poor him. He is the hospital right now. Isn’t he ?.” he said in a mocking tone.

I playfully punched his bicep and he dropped me home.
“bye driver.” I told him.

“when is your baby going to be okay ?” He asked me adding more fun to it.

“um. Never. I love this new driver of mine.”

“hehe. Don’t spoil yourself. I may have to go to Delhi where I stay with my mom. So who would take care of you ?”

I have him a what-the-heck look.
“bye.” I told him.

“bye take care.” He told me.

My heart ached when I got to know that he could leave Mumbai anytime. He has undoubtedly become an important part of my life.

Next part : ~~Meeting his friends.~~

Another part is over. Manik not living in Mumbai. But don’t worry he’s not leaving her soon. Dont forget to comment as it keeps me motivated. I need a lot of it in this fan fiction.
And the next part I adore it a lot. There would be Dhruni meeting. Along with Mukti, Aliya, Cabir and Maddy. Sorry no Abhi guys. But he would be joining the fun soon.
And if you are puzzled as to who is the new villain its none other the Rain guys.

Credit to: Anu

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  1. awesome update love the ride part and hey he is not going to leave sooo soooooon right? well dont want that at least for now and yeah waiting for the next one .update ASAP i wud love to read it
    lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu keep smiling and am waiting for the fantabulous friends to join in the fun <3<3<3

    1. Yep. Not so soon. But he will :/
      And tomorrows episode is kinda okay. You will get to see the humorous side of Nandini plus she will find someone from the group as hot as hell.
      Wait I m not gnna expose the whole epi. I ll try to post asap. Waiting to see ur comments. Love u Niri and btw which class ur in ? Or a college gal ? Or a job gal ?

  2. hihihi….. i luvd ur prank dear…. d rain one… cant ressist laughing..
    ur ff is amazing dear….
    i too luv our cute driver…..
    i jusst cant express myself….. fr how much i luv ur ff….
    u see i am not tht good at expressing….
    infact i am not good at anything at all…. lol…

    1. Ty Ty Ty. I love scaring my friends. And pranks learnt it app from fab five. Missing their fun. And don’t you dare to say u r not good at expressing. You are awesome Janvi. I think the silent readers should learn from this. Ty for reading dear.

  3. nice….

  4. Awsum epi Anu…

    1. Ty ruchi dear

  5. Anu dear u r such a darling person yar……
    Pata nhi kitne suspence create kiya tha ise
    New villain ke liye……nd it’s just a rain…..
    Like seriously dear…..
    It’s really amazing yar…….
    nd that line by manik….
    “wait did I call music stupid for a sake of girl…”
    It’s just mindblowing yar…..
    Frankly specking……i can’t wait for next update till tomorrow…….
    Plz update next part as soon as possible…

    1. Ab story me kuch suspense nahi hai so I thought why not rain. I m glad you all liked it. And next part I ll try to update Asap. Just keep reading and commenting

      <3 🙂

  6. So cute manik

    1. Yep he is… V v cute 🙂

  7. Awesome episode….I love to read ur ff….plz update nxt episode soon…

    1. Tysm first of all.. Yeah I have actually submitted the next part. Maybe it would be out by 6 : 00 pm

      Keep reading <3

  8. nice one anu dear..

  9. Awesome episode, very interesting, rain the villain…nope it’s a catalyst bringing manan closer…loved their convo at bike ride n at ice cream shop…aryaman got the very good slap…hehehe…n nandini hugged manim…wowwww. ..precap very interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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