Manan : Love On ! (Epi-5)

~~A shoulder to lean upon (part 2)~~

Manik’s POV

I tightened my grip as she continued crying. I had no idea why she was crying so badly. But I felt as if someone was stabbing my heart as I saw those tears rolling down her cheek. But then I know she was only a friend but I don’t know why and how she she became a big part of my life already.

“hey. Its fine..Its fine baby.. Dont cry. What happened you can tell me.” I said rubbing her head full of concern as she cried.

After what seemed like ages her rate of crying decreased to small sobs.

“what happened ? You wanna tell me ?” I whispered in her ears. She slowly lifted her head and tried to get out of my arms. Seeing this, I only tightened my grip as I knew she needed a shoulder to lean upon badly. I knew what she was going through and she definitely needed some moral support. And at that moment I was with her to help her.
This time she made no effort to pull herself back and softly replied.
“It was him in the garden.”

Although I wanted to know about whom she was talking about I waited giving her the time. But I wondered who made her cry ? I wanted to punch his face right away !

“it was Aryaman with my best friend Anaita. He was cuddling with her at the same spot where we used to…”

I was shocked but more than that I was angry. But somehow I controlled my emotions and shook off my anger. Had I seen that son of a b*t*h guy I would have literally shot him dead probably. But I knew she wanted me right now.

We started walking towards the bench holding our hands tightly. I made her sit on the bench and I kneeled down on the ground comforting her still holding her hands. This girl was going through a lot. It wont be easy to cope up with so much pain.

After an hour **

I was now sitting beside Nandini while she slept resting her head upon my shoulder.

“Sir.” My driver called from the door of church as I had called him to pick me up with another car.

Now mind was debating whether to wake her up or not. I went with the latter option. Being careful, not to disturb her sleep I lifted her up in my arms and walked towards the car. As soon as I touched her wet skin I could feel electric sparks running through my body. This was some thing new ? But what was this ?
(Stupid its love :P)

Resting her head on my lap we sat on the backseat and the driver started driving.

I looked at her when she was sleeping. She always managed to look cute adorable childish mind blowing gorgeous all at the same time.

But wait I don’t know her address. How am I going to get her address ? And then I started running my brain and I hit upon a plan. I got her address and told the driver to rush there.
(plan will be discussed in the next update bear this suspense ;P)

As soon as we reached her place I again picked her up in my arms and rang the door bell. It was an old lady who opened the door.

“what happened to Nandu ?” Her jaw dropped seeing Nandini in this condition.

“nothing realty. She has over worked but she is fine. Aunty she was asleep and so I decided not to wake her up.”

“oh…okay. Please come inside.”

I landed her on the bed and of course that old lady was with us so I had no chance of staring at her. I made her feel cosy by spreading a blanket on her already shivering body.

Seeing her room I came to a conclusion that she was girly and loved stars. Ofcourse she works for ISRO. So she definitely would !

And then I had a conversation with the old aunty.

“who are you ? Nandini never talked about you I guess.” She asked me.

“um. Manik Malhotra. And you must be her dear Ams ?” I asked her back.

“yes.” She replied.

“so what you do ?”

“um. I m actually a singer a guitarist.”

“rock music ?” She asked coldly.

“um yes.” I replied nervously as I remembered once Nandini told me her Ams hates rock music.

And as expected she shot a death glare at me. I mentally smacked my cheeks seeing her glaring at me.

“okay. Now you can leave.” she said sternly.

As I went outside I asked myself.
“why do people have so many preconceived notions ?”
I was unhappy as I came to know her Ams didn’t like me much.

And thinking a out Nandini ‘I need to fix you baby.’ Wait did I call her baby ?

Next part : ~~A Phone-call~~


Hope you liked this episode. And by the way, Nandini’s family is a little protective and conservative when it comes to boys. I felt miserable showing Nandini’s emotions for Aryaman but we should not forget that its always difficult to break old ties especially very old ones. So this is just #breakup_mood_swings.

Now lets see how Manik helps Nandini in fixing her broken heart !!!!!!! Obviously, Fixing her heart will bring them closer…… Btw next chapter is ummmm. Hehe…

Guys. I dont know if you like this ff ? Its a no then I can wrap it in like two episodes …. I m extremely puzzled ….. Want to know your opinion badly…

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