Manan : Love On ! (Epi-4) (Feb 29 special !)

After four freaking years this day comes. 29 February and this clicked me when i was studying biology. So here I bring a bonus update for you all. Expecting you all guys will comment your heart out.

~~A shoulder to lean upon . (part 1)~~

Manik’s POV

I came back to my temporary place and the first thing I did was playing my guitar. I love music but now I was loving something else too. And it was spending sometime with my new friend Nandini Murthy. Her innocent smile and cute blush with that tinge of red makes me go numb.

I literally want to ask her “You have Anaesthesia in your eyes Nandini ? Why do I become so senseless after seeing them ?”
And she called our Starbucks date a date officially. I was doing a happy dance in my mind when she did so. She is cute, adorable and really pretty.

I wonder how could Aryaman cheat such a beautiful girl ? She’s beautiful not only in her looks but also by heart, truly. Never have I ever met such an innocent soul in my life. All my ex girlfriends always counted me as their money purse and ATM. But this new friend of mine was different in a good way of course.

Now I was on my bed thinking of all the moments with Nandini. This girl was driving me crazy.

And I have a sweet plan for her. Beware the prankster Fab five master is ready for a plan. Only for you Nandini.

Nandini’s POV

I came out of ISRO. It was a great day as I didn’t get to see Aryaman’s face. I started walking as I couldn’t trace a single cab on the not so busy road. It was pretty secluded.

And I could feel someone following me. “stalker !” My brain alerted my body. I was great at kickboxing and was just mentally getting ready when someone held my wrist tightly.

I could do nothing but turn around. It was a fair young man with lots of beard and a pair of shades on. I was literally shivering as he forced me into his car. He threw my mobile away.

“who are you?” “where are you taking me ?” “please leave me!” I constantly said these sentences at top of my voice and then I gave him a tight punch. I was sweating continuously and never in my life I felt so helpless. He was a well built man and I wish I was with Manik right now. Wait why am I thinking about him ?

“okay okay. Please calm down babe !” He replied in a heavy tone.

“babe ? Like seriously ?” I asked him.

And then suddenly bursts into laughter. What was this now ?

He took out his shades and the fake beard and then it turns out to be Manik. I was relieved/shocked/angry. Adjectives are less to express my present state of mind.

“so as I told you yesterday we are going somewhere !” He said to me in an ever-exciting way.


“will you take care to tell me where are we going Manik ?” I asked him like for the zillionth time.

“just wait and watch Nandini !” He replied again the zillionth time. I was bored of his reply.

I was dying of curiosity to know what special place was that, because he literally kidnapped me to take there.
He told me nothing except that he always goes to that ‘special place’ when he wants to relax and calm down. Its a very soothing place and would freshen his mind always. But I was not sure of his so called ‘special place’ would be equally effective for me.
‘why didn’t I jump out of the car at the first place?’ this question started haunting me. He was merely an acquaintance and I hardly knew anything about him.
And I agreed like an idiot to go to a place of which I dont have the faintest idea. Great Nandini ! I felt like slapping myself.

Just when these thoughts were circling in my mind the car suddenly stopped. I noticed it was a heavy downpour outside which I didn’t notice earlier I was too preoccupied by these thoughts.

“did we reach ?” I asked him in a pissed off manner.

To my horror he replied “no !”

“Then why did you stop the car.” I seriously was not feeling a good omen right now.

“actually the car just.. The car just…”he trailed off unsure of what to say. I was by then panic-stricken

” The car just what ? Dont tell me the car just stopped working in the middle of the road and its raining outside just like it happens in Bollywood movies.” I was really annoyed. First he wants to take me to his ‘special place’ and now his car crashes. Wow I m already liking this new friend. And I m seriously done with him.

“I guess you got it right dear. Look, I m really sorry Nandini for giving you so much trouble in these two days.”

His reply melted my heart away. I could be rude, arrogant, angry and what not. But I don’t carry the baggage of these emotions with me for a long time. I believe in ‘Forgive and forget.’

“aww. I didn’t mean to upset you. You don’t have to apologise. You just wanted me to be happy, right ?” He nodded. I then continued, “um. So what do we do now ?”

“Looks like we have two options. First, sit in the car and wait till someone walks to us for help or second, just get out of here for a shelter and then we could repair our car or something..”

“I will definitely go with the second option as I can’t wait here in the car for so long plus I don’t think we would get help anytime soon.”

“no wait. I can call my bodyguard if you wish. He could get us out of here.” He added another option.

How could I forget he is a celeb. I stopped him right away. “Look Manik. I know you are a big celeb but its just that can you please for god’s sake act like a normal guy in front of me. I mean I dont like extra-ordinary friends. No offence though.”

“ofcourse. I m also bored of living this celeb life. I like acting like a normal guy not surrounded by paps and media. I just thought you would be uncomfortable as you would get drenched in this heavy rain. Trust me on this…” He said and sighed. He then continued “where should we go ?”

My mind said you got us into this veeeeryy big trouble so you have to find a way out.
But unfortunately I pointed at a church “That church. It doesn’t look far away. Lets go there !”

“fine but I don’t have an umbrella.”

“I dont need one. I don’t mind getting wet. Now common !” I said and I rushed out to get soaked in rain. It felt so good. Manik followed me and after a few seconds of sprinting we reached an empty church, laughing our heads off.

“that was fun !” Manik exclaimed.

“I know !”

“have you gotten wet in rain before.” He asked this stupid question. Who doesn’t Mr. Malhotra ?

“ofcourse yes. I love the rain ! What about you ?”

“well… I got wet today after ages. But I have to admit I loved it.”

“Woah. You are a spoilt kid.”

“you can say that kinda….”

“Mhmm…” I murmured hugging myself. I then faced the church window on the other side. Manik followed me and stood next to me.

“what happened ?” He asked.

“nothing. I love watching the rain drops falling down and its music. It actually calms me down. I always do this from my bedroom window.”

“nice” he said.

I didn’t bother to reply this and I saw the rain falling. It was raining after many days and I wanted to enjoy this. A comfortable silence prevailed.

I saw a couple cuddling there in the garden in the rain and thought they just in the same situation as I and Manik were in. Except that they were cuddling. It instantly reminded me of Aryaman. How we used to cuddle at the same spot. The couple now sat on the bench and were coming nearer and nearer.

I squinted my eyes to have a closer look at their faces and then my face froze !

“No this cant happen !”

“what happened Nandini ?” Manik asked sitting beside me.

“no. He can’t. She can’t…” I said and tears found their way on to my face. I could no longer control them. I started crying my heart out. Before I knew, Manik wrapped his strong arms around me and held me tightly and I made no efforts to pull back.
I wanted a shoulder to lean upon and he was there with me, my friend, Manik.

Drop your feedback on this episode and why do you think Nandini started crying ?
Love you all…
Next part : A shoulder to lean upon (part 2)

Hey loved your suggestions.

@niri I added Manik’s POV in the beginning only after reading your comment. Thanks for that idea which could never struck to little mind. Love you.

And don’t forget to share your ideas. Always up for them. Do comment plz guyss ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. So sad nandhu

    1. ๐Ÿ˜ She will be okay soon

  2. Good going dear…..
    Plz continue…..
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    Love u…..

    1. I ll try to post asap. Ty for reading. Lov u Kavya.

  3. whoa….superb..

    1. Ty sm !!! Keep reading …..

  4. manan scene was awesome….

    1. Tysm I ll try to build more scenes. But I k not that creative though. But I ll try… <3

  5. Nice work…im loving it…I think it was aryamann with his new gf…keep writing…:)

    1. I have to admit you are Sherlock Holmes. Guessed it right ! Ty for reading and being so observant. Keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. awww manik’s shoulder meant only for nandu
    soooo gooooood love the way u presented it
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    hey update next More ASAP lol

    1. Hehe a good suggestion ๐Ÿ˜› but you gotta wait as I have already thought of a big grenade bomb for their first confrontation. Will be good to see

      Manik vs Aryaman.

      I m dying to write that !!! It’s freaking me right now.

      Ty for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I have already thought about the face off
      Manik vs Aryaman.
      But that will happen a little later. And you are Sherlock Holmes ???? I guess the plot is very predictable…. I fear it

      Keep reading..:)

  7. Its obvious as it would be aryaman and soha (probably)

    1. Aryaman is so correct. But soha she is not her best friend. Lets see….. Suspense ๐Ÿ˜› I know that’s lame. Its just a name.

      Lol I made a poem….

      Keep reading…

  8. @Renu stop playing pranks …

  9. How can you he so good ? Waiting for second part like a kid. Update asap.

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  10. Sorry Anu yaar I didn’t mean to hurt you. I m just a little tomboyish and I lov pranks again a sorry :/

    1. Its okay. Its just that my readers might take you as me. And I know the truth. Just want to meet you in face gal. Sorry tomboy. ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. A boy who loves Niti Taylor

    Don’t want my Niti to cry !!!!!!!! Plz do sumtin Manik Malhotra… Or I ll kik u…

    1. Dude the way u lov Niti i lov Parth Samthaan he’s my hero !!!! So dare you kick him. You will be knocked out…
      Just kidding lol. Keep reading. O.O

  12. its definately arymann n his girlfriend…… bt anyways i luv rain too…..
    plzz post d nxt one soon…

    1. I love it too !!! Like a lot !!! But its always gonna be a spoil sport for Manan. Oops did i reveal something ?
      Tu for reading.

  13. Super dear??and the POV’s of our MaNan are really really awesome…. Am liking this way of writing a lot…..Love u Anu…keep going …waiting for the next partsss….

  14. Awesome episode, anu my sweeeeeet, it’s superb episode loved the way manik kidnapped nandini n she was thinking of him to save her name to her surprise that was manik’s wowwww. ..loved manik’s pov for coffee date…car scene n convo in rain was really awesome. ..I guess she saw aryaman with one of her bff…so lovelyyyyyy when she hugged manik n cried her heart out…manan first hug n she found his shoulder to lean upon..wowwww so beautifully written n narrated. …just loving it sooo much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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