Manan : Love On ! (Epi-3)

~~Coffee Date~~

Manik’s POV

I was still debating with my mind. And the topic was whether to go on time for the coffee date or be fashionably late like a rock star.

My heart said to be on time reminding me of her beautiful eyes but my ‘ego’ told me to be late as I am a rock star.

At the end I decided to follow my heart as it can never be wrong, I decided to go there on time.

I waited for the clock to struck its hands at 5:45 and as soon as that happened I drove towards ISRO.

I had thought she might be ready waiting for me but it seems like I was wrong. THIS GIRL WAS, IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE UNPREDICTABLE.
I am waiting for her since half an hour and I m really pissed off at the moment. At last she comes smiling with one of her colleagues and she was in a black jumpsuit with a white coat. WHITE COAT, THAT’S WEIRD.

She notices me and is surprised to see me waiting for her. At least, that’s what her face depicted. She came walking towards as I got out of my cars and briefly apologised me.

We both get inside the car and then I switched on the music system. It was a One direction song and I really pretend to hate that band so I decided to change but she stopped me.

She starts humming that song.

“You like One D ?”

“which girl doesn’t ?”

“that’s true. All my female band mates also love them. Especially Zayn Malik.” And that’s why I pretend to hate it I told myself in mind.

“Awh. He is my favourite too !”

I chuckled as I really had expected that. Who doesn’t like that guy !

{Guys this is an ff so Zayn has not quit One D here}

We reach the Starbucks and there was hardly any crowd. We get off the car and I literally stare her.
“are you gonna wear that white coat of yours inside too ?” I asked her in amusement.

She notices this and narrows her eyes in embarrassment. Trust me this girl looks cute whatever her expressions are !

We get a table in the corner away from the world and paparazzi where I could get to stare her. She always managed to look gorgeous without trying much hard like other girls who always get make-up and short dresses.
Wait what am I thinking ? Don’t forget she’s just a friend or maybe less than as I don’t know her name too. Certainly she’s not more than a friend right now.

I peep in her Id. Nandini Murthy.
I was relieved to know her name.

Nandini’s POV

“waiter !” Manik called out and he asked us for the order politely.

” A cappuccino ” we both reply in unison and then stare into each other eyes. We couldn’t help it but burst into laughter.

After the waiter walked away and we sat there in silence and so to kick start a conversation I asked him
“why are you staring me ? Do I look that bad ?”

“who told you that people stare at others when they look bad ?”

“um then…” I know it is a stupid way to start a conversation but I was out of choice.

“you look…..beautiful.” He confessed.
Now this was unexpected as I thought Aryaman cheated me because I was not beautiful but an ugly fat ass.

“Thanks.” I mumbled.

Now it was his turn so he asked me “feeling better ?”

“um.. Why ?” I asked him in curiosity.

“after break-up ?”
I wanted to avoid the question but unwantedly I replied .
“um fine. Its just that I lost a childhood friend and a boyfriend of three years. I had never been close to any other guy before. So it actually hurts.”

“how it happened ?” He again asked.

“well. I was in London when he started getting close to my best friend and then today I came to know about it when I came to his home to give him a surprise. I saw him half naked with my friend and the rest is the history. The most ironical thing is that I wanted to surprise him but it was he who surprised me.”

“how can someone do this ? blo*dy a*sh*le.” He was fuming in anger.

“no dont call him that !”

“you still care for that guy…” Manik said and the waiter arrived with our coffee.

“of course. How can you expect me to change my feelings all of a sudden for a guy whom I dated for freaking three years.”I told him taking a sip of coffee.

“chuck it. I dont want to talk about him right now. Lets not ruin this date.” I added.

I mentally slapped myself for calling it a date and I saw him shifting his gaze in amazement towards my face when I called this a ‘date’. I WANT TO BURY MY FACE IN MY BED RIGHT NOW !

“Um. I dont know if you remember the guy you met in London. The guy with a nexus phone.” He said and I was wondering how he knew about thay guy.

“ofcourse I do. How can I forget that monster.” I replied him.

The next moment he showed me his nexus phone. “I m the same guy.” He blurted out.

Again I mentally slapped my face. I JUST CALLED HIM A MONSTER ON HIS FACE. How could you do this Nandini Murthy ?

“by the way. I like it.. Monster Manik. I think you should leave ISRO and start naming people. You will have a great business dear.” He said to lighten my mood.
He seemed to be a nice guy. Manik , a big rock star still so down to earth. I guess it was me who was showing more tantrums to him.

We kept on talking about random stuffs before finishing our coffee.

“if you dont mind we can meet tomorrow again.” He asked me.

“sure. But I have to see my schedule. If I have less work at ISRO to do then why not.” Again a reply with some arrogance.

He must have drawn a conclusion that I m a very rude person. By ‘very’ I mean very very very very very.

“um. Sure.” He replied and we left the place.

It was a pleasant date. “I will take a cab as I have to give my hurt baby to get repaired.” He laughed at my silly statement.

“yeah your baby.” he said in a rather sarcastic tone.

I scratched the back of my head. He stopped a cab for me.
That’s so sweet of him ! He was indeed a gentleman.

Next part : ~~A shoulder to lean upon~~

So how was their first unofficial coffee date ? I hope you liked it.
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  1. Anu dear……u r such an awesome writer……
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    1. Omg Ty btw check the I DO episode of KYY S3 and keep reading.
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  2. the unofficial coffee date was amazing dear.. cant stop smiling…

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  7. awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1. Ty for the suggestion. I have given u credit for that in the next update. U r awesome dear…love u niri <3

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  10. You are an awesome writer and this update was amazing . Update asap. Medhu di and you Anu, you both are gem writers because you both dont rush with the story and explain everything to the core. Love u… God bless u..

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  11. Awesome episode anu dearyyyyyy, wowwww loved this coffee ‘date’ according to nandini…manik’s pov n then nandini’s pov were soooo cuteeeee. ..he loving her each expressions. …n she found him down to earth n gentleman. …wowwww such a sweeeeeet episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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