Manan : Love On ! (Epi-2)

everyone. I have a small confession. I m not Ayesha but Anu writer of KYY S3. I wrote by this name coz I thought people might throw tomatoes on me for pairing Nandini and Aryaman and Maddy being in Fab five. But I m glad by ur response and seriously I want this ff to go smooth. Love you all and keep reading and commenting.
POV : Point of view
Manik’s POV

After an hour or so her yelling at me stops finally. And she blurts out a “sorry”

I ask her “for what ?”

“actually its just a bad day for me and I just took out all my frustration on you. I m sorry. Really.”

Just then a kid comes there and asks me for an autograph. I sign my name Manik there.

“Manik ?” she calls out my name in her sweetest voice .

“that’s my name.”

“are you like famous ? That kid just asked you for an autograph.” she asks me.

I start laughing. “I thought so. But after meeting you I think I m not that famous. Just an ordinary rock star of rock band Fab five.” I tried to be as humble as possible though I m not at all like this in reality.

Her mouth form an ‘O’ shape as soon as she gets to know.

“actually I m not into rock music. I don’t like it neither my Ams. So..”

“alright. I dont think its compulsive to hear my songs. Its perfectly okay with me.”

“anyways. Will you drop me to ISRO. If you are not getting late. I cant go with that car.”

“sure” I open the other door of the car and let her in.

There was awkward silence. To kill the silence I do the biggest mistake of my life.
I asked her “why was your day bad ?”

“nothing much. I just found my boyfriend is a cheat.” she replies back in sarcasm.

“is he mad or what ? He left such a beautiful girl. Must be an insane guy.” I just realised what I just told her. I mentally smacked my head for blurting out those words.

I could see heat rising up her cheeks. She was blushing and trust me she looked beautiful that way. I didn’t believe.
Conclusion : Girls love hearing compliments however bad is their mood.

We reach ISRO. She was about to leave when I stop her.

“Coffee at Starbucks ?” I asked just her. Manik Malhotra just asked a girl for a coffee date he met a few minutes ago.

“um. Sure ! Six p.m. Today. Pick me up as you broke my baby.”

“sure !” I answered her back in excitement. I stay there till she enters the door and she turns back and waves at me. I wave at her back. She tried to mask her fave with a fake smile. I could clearly figure that.

I drive to my place where I see everyone waiting for me with frowned faces. Mukti, Aliya, Maddy and Cabir. My life !

Mukti : Where the hell were you ?

Aliya : Why were you not answering our calls and texts?

Cabir : What the heck is going on.

All start bombarding questions at me. There is a long silence after which Maddy blurts out. “He must me with some girl.”

I literally wanted to shoot him with a gun but I shoot an annoyed face at him. All start laughing.

Aliya : Who can tolerate this guy ! By the way we have practice today five thirty p.m.
I try to convince them. “No actually I have some other plans. So you guys carry on. ”

Cabir : Are you actually going on a date ?

Cabir is so correct. Yes, I was going on a date. But wait I dont know the girl’s name. How can you be so stupid Manik Malhotra.

“not a date exactly. Just a meeting at Starbucks. And please mind it. You guys are not going to spy. Else just forget it. I will cancel the plan.”

Maddy : No wait. You carry on. And please let us meet our Bhabhi soon. Till then we will wait. You don’t worry.

I throw a pillow at him and soon we all start our pillow fight. My friends are my life. And I m going to make another friend whose name I don’t know.


Nandini’s POV

That guy is now out of my hate-list.
What the heck ! what is this jerk doing here. The jerk is none other than Aryaman.

“look baby I m sorry. I just got carried away.” he came with a puppy face, not actually a puppy but a dog face.

“sorry for sleeping with my so called best friend or sorry for calling me a money purse or sorry for breaking my heart. Aryaman your sins are endless. Its over between us.” I literally shouted at him.

“okay then. Please don’t create a scene here. Who the hell can date you, you loser. No one can be better for you than me. Trust me on that.” This guy changes his colours so soon. ‘How could I fall for him ?’ I wondered.

I wanted to slap him on his face but somehow I control my emotions and resume my work. Being a scientist is not that easy, especially at ISRO.

I was thinking about our meeting at starbucks. How it would be ? What kind of person he is. And I googled about him.
And came to a conclusion.

So this guy is like twenty four in age. He has a crazy female following. He is damn famous and does concert everywhere even abroad. He is a guitarist. And he has a pet too Brunel. The puppy was a fluffy cloud and looked too adorable.

So in short this guy was too perfect and therefore not my type ! He must be arrogant thanks to the name, fame and money he has.

Next part : ~~Coffee date~~

Hope you like this episode. Dont forget to comment.

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  4. awesome
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    1. Hehe I thought peeps would probably throw tomatoes on me. Anyways brushing those thoughts aside. I love u dil se… Ty for reading and ur support !!!!

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