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11th March, 2016.

Nandini’s POV

“Check out the lights!”

“Where are the scissors?”

“Pass me those CDs!”

“Where is the remote?” Multiple voices could be heard at once. We were all preparing for Manik’s surprise birthday party and there was so much chaos all around. Almost all the people present were Manik’s band mates. He has really gotten so many feiends, I must say. I wonder how many people of India did he know. The ones who had come for the party were Dhruv, Maddy, Cabir, Mukti, Abhimanyu, Sid and Ayesha. These are the people I’ve already met before. The only new person present in the party was Trilok. It was so much fun. All these people were so friendly.

Yesterday, I had a tough time keeping Manik away from the others. But it was fun spending time with him. I had to spend the whole day yesterday with him, as was planned beforehand. I had to bunk office (yeah bunk OFFICE), of course, but I didn’t mind. Office was no less than hell for me anyways. After Aryaman had dumped me, and my friend had spread the rumours that I had cheated on Aryaman by double dating, I hadn’t had many friends left. Some people were just so fake, I wonder how could I be so blind not to see. Anyways, I’m not gonna think about them anymore.

The one in charge of keeping him away from the party today was Aliya. We had decided that none of us would wish Manik in the morning and would pretend as if we’d forgotten about his birthday. Aliya was supposed to get Virat to Cabir’s house (that’s where the party was being held) at sharp 6 o’clock, and the time by the watch now was 4:45. We still had some time left and loads of work to do.

Ting tong! The door bell rang everyone froze in their position. Is it Manik? But he can’t be here so soon! We weren’t ready at all, and Cabid had gone to get the cake since ages. I looked at Ayesha with a horrified expression.

“I’d asked Aliya to ring me up before coming,” Ayesha angrily muttered and walked to the door to open it. I crossed my fingers. Please, no Manik, pleaseee…

“Guys, the cake is here!” Cabir’s cheerful voice filled the quiet room.

“Phew!” all said, relieved.

“Thanks for giving us a mini-heart attack and bringing in the cake so soon,” Maddy said, taking the cake from Cabir’s hands and placing it on the centre table. “Now, Mukti, help me quickly arrange the gifts on the…” and he went on to help Mukti, and all the others got engaged in whatever work they were doing.

“Hey, Nandini… I have wrapped you gift,” Cabir said. Oh. I had totally forgotten about that. I hadn’t had time to wrap Manik’s gift and so I’d told Cabir to do it for me. I gave a quick look at the gift—it was wrapped up in a beautiful pink coloured paper with dark pink coloured hearts, with a beautiful ribbon on top of it. It actually looked like a Valentine’s Day gift. Nevertheless, it looked cute.

“Oh, thank you so much! I’m busy with this—“ I said, motioning to my hands, full of streamers and other decoration stuff, “Please give it to Maddy to keep it with the other gifts.”

“Nandini,” Ayesha called out to me. As I was going, I saw Acbur handed my gift to Maddy and then gave a wink to Mukti. I sensed some sort of wickedness involved but I was a bit extra busy to ask. Plus, what could they possibly do?

*After an hour*

Abhi and Cabir checked out all the things for the last time while we were seated on the sofa and the couch to take some rest.

“Everything is done, guys. Now we only have to wait for Aliya to bring the birthday boy,” Abhi said and took a seat beside Ayesha. Just then, Maddy’s phone rang and he answered it right away—

“Yeah Aliya, where are you?…….Okay…….Text me when you reach the front gate…..Bye,” He ended the call and turned towards us and said,

“Guys, Aliya and Manik will be here in five minutes. So everyone find a hiding place for yourselves. And Nansini, you stay near the main light switch. Switch it on when Manik is in the middle of the room. Ayesha and Dhruv, hide behind the sofa and catch these party poopers. And it is a sincere request; please blow it at the right time, just when the lights are switched on. And guys, scream ‘Surprise’ when the lights are on,” Cabir explained and everyone took their respective positions. This was so exciting!

“They’re here. Switch off the lights, Nandini. Let’s surprise he birthday boy!” Cabir said from his position. I switched off the light and waited eagerly, not afraid of the darkness anymore. The sound of footsteps were heard approaching the door, which we had left unbolted for Manik. Soon, the door opened.

“Wow, why is this house is in darkness? Don’t tell me Cabir is not at home. But why would he leave his door unlocked?” Manik’s voice was heard, who was probably talking to Aliya, and I figured his dark silhouette walking into the room. I switched on the lights two seconds later, and the party poopers were blown at the perfect timing. All of shouted at the top of our voice,


Manik’s POV

What has happened to everyone? No one has wished me today. At least I had expected Nandini not to forget my birthday. I had all these thoughts in my head when I and Aliya were climbing the stairs to Cabir’s house. The only ones who had wished me today were Mom, my siblings and a couple of other relatives. And my fans, of course. Aliya was with me today for the whole day. She bored me a lot with her shopping but didn’t care to wish me. As we’re getting bored, Aliya suggested coming to Cabir’s. As I entered the house, the door of which was left unlocked, I found the house in pitch darkness.

“Wow, why is this house is in darkness? Don’t tell me Cabir is not at home. But why would he leave his door unlocked?” I said out loud to Aliya, who was right behind me. I was on my way to switch on the light when the lights were turned on automatically and loud voices screamed—

“SURPRISEEEEEEEE!” and lots of confetti was showered on me.

“Wow! What a surprise! Why didn’t I guess it?” I exclaimed, and looked around the room. It was decorated beautifully with so much care. I was overwhelmed with happiness. “You guys must have wasted a lot of energy in all this. You didn’t need—“ I went on blabbering, when Cabir interrupted me by saying,

“Yes it is needed. It’s not your twenty fifth birthday every day, right? Happy birthday!” And he gave me a big bear hug.

“Yeah… Thank you so much!” I replied, “Thank you everyone for so much love.” Everyone then walked up to me and wished me, giving me a hug. Nandini was the last one and said,

“”Happy twenty fifth birthday, Monster Manik ! Now you’re officially two years older than me,” and gave me a bone crushing hug.

“At least today don’t call me that!” I requested, pulling out from her warm embrace. I looked at her—she looked beautiful as always.

“Okay baba,” she said, surrendering.

“Monster Manik, come here and cut the cake,” Maddy called out, chuckling. What man. One agreed not to call me Monster and the other started.

I cut the cake, blew the candles, made a wish and everyone clapped. It was a huge chocolate and vanilla flavoured cake. After cutting, I made everyone eat the cake, and then went over to Nandini. I knowingly took a big piece of cake for her and stuffed it into her mouth, saying,

“A big piece of cake for my fatty best friend.” My fingers touched her lips. They were so soft and smooth… My thoughts were broken by a punch on my arms from Nandini. I chuckled and went over to Cabir. He ate the cake and then grabbed my hands. I wasn’t able to understand what he was up to but after two seconds I knew what was he planning. He held my hands firmly when Maddy and Abhi decorated my handsome face with the icing of the cake.

“No guys! Wait!” I yelled, but to vain. My face was already covered with the cake. They were all now laughing their heads off. “Wait and watch, you idiots!” I threatened and chased them, with the cream in my hand. After about fifteen minutes of running around the room, everyone’s face was beautifully covered with cake and all were having a hearty laugh. I suddenly remembered Nandini and looked for her. She was very cunning, standing in a safe corner, her face clean and glowing like Snow White. I slowly took the cake and approached her. She saw me walking towards her. I think she sensed danger and she said,

“Monster—Manik, please don’t do this!” And she started moving away from her position.

“You know how stubborn I am,” I said and ran after her. We raced through the whole room, making our way through everything and everyone. Well… I have to admit, she was a good runner. She swiftly ran around the room, dodging everything that came in her way. She was now entering the space between the sofa and the cake table. I was so close to her, I would have caught her any moment now. I extended my hand to catch her, but at the same time, she tripped over the end of the carpet which ran below the sofa and the table. She stopped abruptly in front of me but I wasn’t able to stop myself.

“Whoa!” I exclaimed as I dashed with her and we both fell on the sofa—I on top of Nandini…


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