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Anu here!! As promised. . .

Hello everyone. Please no tomatoes or anything. I know you all missed this. Even I did. But I was really unhappy with the response. I thought no one is liking the story. Silent readers sometimes really annoy me. Sorry if this was rude, but yes. Another cute couple. And yeah, I know you all were also waiting for Nikita’s ff Broken Strings. The prologue and chapter 1 were written by me as she wanted me to start that. And after that she would have written the rest of the chapters. But she quit it because of the less response. If any of you are wondering what might have happened next, just read Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls written by me. Both are Swasan ff. And about this story, I wont be able to update it regularly. Sorry for that! Its just that I don’t get enough time ♥ Four times a week. I hope that’s not an issue.
I request your forgiveness! And now the chapter. . .

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Episode 12 ~ Dhruni ♥♥

Manik’s POV ~

“What happened?” Abhimanyu asked, walking towards Dhruv and breaking the glass yet into smaller pieces.

“Be careful.” Mukti said from behind, already following Abhi. Soon, all of us surrounded and he started explaining —

“Nothing guys… I was just firing this rocket by putting it inside the glass bottle, and before I knew, the bottle exploded, and glass pieces went flying in the air…and one of them hit me in my arm.” He said, and took out a small piece of glass from his left arm, uttering an “ouch!”

“Show.” Nandini asked Dhruv to show his wound. “Its a deep cut yaar. Lets get you some first aid.”

“Chill, Nandini. Its not hurting. I’ll just go and wash it. You all don’t need to miss the celebration for such a small thing!” Dhruv said.

“No, Dhruv. Its a deep cut as Nandini said. You must apply some medicine. C’mon I’ll help you with it. We’ll be right back guys” Ayesha di said.

“Wait! Ayesha, I’m also coming.” Nandini said, walking towards them as soon as they disappeared down the stairs.

“I’ll be right back guys.” I said to the others and headed to the stairs when Cabir called out.

“Yeah, yeah… Nandini is gone so how can we expect her monster Manik not to go?”

What the hell. Cant I just go downstairs because Nandini’s there? Ugh!

“Hey guys! Have a look at this pic of Manan.” Maddy shouted.

Soon everyone surrounded him and started Oooh-ing on seeing the pic. I walked over to Maddy to see whose pic it was. I had no idea about this Manan, whoever he/she was.

“Who’s Manan?” I asked, approaching Maddy and saw the photo. What! The pic of me and Nandini when I was holding her hand to make her light the mini-bomb. Maddy zoomed the image and said,

“See they look so cute together!” I again looked at the picture and saw how close we both were. Wow!I mean what? You need a psychiatrist Manik.

“What guys? It’s nothing like that.” I said, and snatched Maddy’s phone and immediately deletes the photo before he could protest.

“No use of deleting that picture. I have another one with me.” Cabir said.

“Lets tweet. All Manik fans will go crazy!” Aliya said.

Ugh. These guys are so…disgusting. How could Aliya even think of such an idea? She really has got to be out of her mind. Cabir was already in the process of tweeting the pic. No, I couldn’t let him do it… Nandini would eat me alive if she comes to know about it.

“NOO! Stop!” I shouted, trying to snatch the phone out of his hands.

“Maddy, catch!” Cabir exclaimed and threw his phone up in the air only to be caught by Maddy who is an expert in that. Soon I saw the phone pass on from Maddy to Aliya, Mukti, and back to Cabir, as I tried to snatch it from each one of them.

“Abhi, pakad!” Cabir said, throwing it towards Abhi bhai, who caught it with one hand.

“No guys, I dont think its a good idea to tweet it. You know the paps na… They’ll make a big deal our of nothing.” Abhi said, taking my support.

“Exactly. That’s what I’m trying to say.” I said and walked over to take the phone from him.

“But that doesn’t mean we cant tease you!” Abhi smirked, and passed on the phone to Maddy and the TEASING continued.

Dhruv’s POV ~

The doorbell rang just when Nandini was opening the first aid box. Ayesha do walked over to open the door.

“Hey! What a pleasant surprise!” Do exclaimed.

“Congratulations, di. Finally getting a sister in law.” A familiar voice greeted.

“Yeah but you were supposed to be in your hometown today. How come you landed here?” Di asked, leading him inside. Once inside, I was able to recognize the face of oh-so-familiar person. It was Siddharth. Siddharth Rajput, another person from Warrior High, and one of Manik’s close friends.

“Yeah, but I missed the flight. Overslept!” He said and chuckled. Then he walked towards me giving me a light hug and greeted. “Hey bro! Long time, right?”

“Yeah… Missed you…”

He nodded and then turned to face Nandini, who sitting beside me on the sofa. “Hi, we never met before. I’m Sid.” He said and stretched out his hand.

Nandini shook his hand. “Hi. I am Na -”

“She’s Nandini! Manik’s future girlfriend!” Ayesha di jumped in.

“Oooh…” Sid said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“What is this Ayesha? Its nothing like that. Sid, don’t listen to her. Manik and I are best friends. That’s all.” Nandini explained.

I don’t get it. When Manik and Nandini are continuously saying that there’s nothing like ‘that’ between them, why do these peeps have to mention them again and again? And what a stupid name they have given to both of them – Manan?!! Ugh… Dhruni – Dhruv and Nandini – sounds so better.

“Hmm. So where are the others?” Sid asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“They are upstairs, doing fireworks.”

“So lets go up na, what are you guys doing here?” Sid asked.

“Yeah, but I’m waiting for Dhruv and Nandini.” Ayesha di replied.

“Ayesha you go. . . I’ll stay here. You know na, I dont like crackers and fireworks.” Nandini said.

“But how can I leave you alone?”

“Arrey, Dhruv is there na. You go!” Nandini said and Ayesha di finally gave up and went upstairs with Sid, leaving me and Nandini alone.

“What was the need to act brave and light the rocket?” She said and gently wiped my wound with wet cotton.

“Arrey, it’s fun, you know?” I said. She put the antiseptic on the cotton and carefully nursed my wound.

“Yeah, yeah. . .whatever. I’ll wash my hands and come.” My eyes followed her till she disappeared in the washroom. She was looking so beautiful!

Dhruv bachu. . .you are in love! A voice inside my head spoke up and unknowingly a smile spread across my face.

“Why are you smiling to yourself?” I heard Nandini’s voice and notices that she was sitting beside me on the sofa.

“Huh? Nothing. . . I was just yea. . .nothing. Yeah, I had to inform you about something.” I changed the topic and turned towards Nandini.

“Wait. First me. I was asking that have you all planned something for Manik’s birthday, day after tomorrow?”

“I was telling you that only. Listen we all have planned to give Manik a little surprise birthday party.”

“Yeah, sure. Tell me what I have to do?”

“Ummm… Gotta ask others about it.” Just as I’d said that, Maddy entered the room.

“Hey, what has Nandini got to do in the party?” I asked him.

“Wait. Lemme drink some water first.” He said and disappeared in the kitchen. After that he came out.

“Well, Nandini… Yours is the easiest task. You simply have to spend the whole day with Manik and make sure he doesn’t get the slightest hint about the party. And I’m sure he’d love it. . .a whole say with you!” He chuckled.

“Maddy! Now shut up! This is really getting into my nerves. Will you guys please stop this?”

“Okay bubba, I’m sorry! But please do this task. We need your help.” Maddy said and Nandini finally agreed.

No! Wait — Nandini and Manik — all alone — that was a horrible idea!



Sorry guys. I know this episode was not too interesting as hardly any Manan moments. But next episode is going to be Manik’s birthday:) and I need a suggestion from you guys. What should Nandini gift Manik on his 25th birthday?? Comment and let me know;-)

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