Manan : Love On ! (Epi-11) (Mukbhi)


A new character
Ayesha Thakkar (Abhimanyu’s elder sister) played by Asha Negi.

~~ Mukbhi’s engagement day~~

~Manik’s POV

Dear Diary,
Today is Mukti’s engagement. I don’t believe it. Her parents are not happy with the match, so they are not joining us showing their discontent. So there’s just a mini engagement ceremony in Abhi’s house today. It’d be just Fab five, Nandini, Dhruv and ofcourse Abhimanyu and her sister. Yeah, we kinda forced Nandini to come even though Fab five don’t know her really well. I have an evil plan right now in my mind. *evil laugh*

I don’t know why I enjoy her company. Everything seems so right around her, except shopping. Don’t take it wrong though — we are just good friend in fact best friends. That’s all.. Its just that…Idk, but, we are so SIMILAR. We have almost the same likes and dislikes except her extreme dislike for rock music and an extraordinary phobia for a heck lot of things. She is really a nice, lively and cheerful girl. I m glad that I have her as my friend. It’s just incredible how we met in London and again in Mumbai. It all seems like a movie to me.
Oh shit. Its 6:45. I have to pick Nandini from her house. The good thing is that her Ams is right now in Bangalore. I don’t have the guts to face her ever again…… Bye !

**After 30 minutes **

I pulled my car into the huge driveway of much familiar, Nandini’s house. She was standing outside waiting for me. I checked her out from head to toe. I was awestruck. I had expected her to wear the ‘whatever pink dress’ which we bought yesterday but there she stood in a white and golden embellished Indian attire, which made her look even more gorgeous. It complemented her body well. Well, Indian girls always look prettier in Indian clothes. I slowly shifted my gaze to her beautiful black eyes.. Wow ! But soon I realised the look in her eyes. I looked at my watch – I WAS WHOLE 30 MINUTES LATE. She is gonna kill me for sure.

I quickly got out if my car to open the passenger door for her as soon as she started walking towards me. As soon as both of us were seated I expected to shower rage on me. But as soon as she said something, it was something which I hadn’t anticipated. She asked in a calm voice —
“What made you so late ? You could have told me right.” Wow.

I replied casually
“Sorry re.. Actually I lost track of time and it took me a while to get dressed up. Plus paparazzi outside my gate were constantly asking me about this engagement party as if it’s me who is getting engaged.”

Her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as soon as she heard my lengthy justification.

“By the way, you are looking beautiful.”

She blushed and replied “Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself.”

**After Car ride**

“Look whose here!” Ayesha di (Abhi’s sister) exclaimed as she opened the door.

“Congratulations. Officially, today my sister is becoming your sister-in-law.” I said hugging her. Ayesha di was like my sister. She was just three years older than me but nevertheless, I called her di as the other lads did. After wishing me she turned to Nandini and said–

“You are Nandini right ?”

“And you must be Abhi’s sister.”

“Yeah.. Call me Ayesha. So finally we met ! The lads were talking a lot about you.” She said wrapping her arms around her.

“Hopefully all good.” Nandini said narrowing her eyes giving her killer look to all of us.

“Yes. Dont worry. You look so adorable.” Ayesha said.

“Thank you. You look awesome too. I love your dress.” Nandini said. The GIRLS TALK continued till she escorted both of us inside. Once inside, I and Nandini greeted the guys – Mukti, Abhi, Dhruv, Cabir, Maddy and Aliya.

Ayesha di emerged from the kitchen, followed by two servants with trays in their hands. They left the trays in the centre table and left.

“Di is it that halwa that I love ?” Cabir exclaimed like a five year old kid.

“Yes. It is I can tell it from the smell.” Abhi said.

“Cabir. You behave a little in front of our new guest.” Ayesha di said eyeing towards Nandini.

“she must be new to you di but she has already become the heartthrob of our innocent Manik……” Cabir replied back. I looked up on hearing my name, while my mind was registering what Cabir had said. When I realised what he had meant, I looked up at Nandini with a surprised expression to find her horrifying eyes looking at me.

“No……..its not at all true.” I blurted out.
“Haha Cabir. Don’t make her feel embarrassed in front of everyone . We will discover that later.” Ayesha said Cabir with a wink, handing a plate of her most praised halwa and I decided to ignore my stupid friends and enjoy the yummy halwa.

Nandini took the first spoon of the halwa and exclaimed

“wow Ayesha it’s simply awesome !”

“After all whose sister is she.” Abhi said with a smile.

“Stop taking the credit Abhi, it’s the jadoo (magic) of Ayesha di’s hands and has nothing to do with her being your sister.” Aliya mocked.

“Stop it guys. Tell me if anyone wants some more halwa.” Di said.

“Anyways I wanna know how Mukti and Abhimanyu became Mukbhi.” Nandini asked.

Mukti blushed and lowered her eyelids. And Abhimanyu starts their love story.

“Once upon a time there lived a princess and a pauper. (All laugh while Mukti playfully punches his stomach)
Okay on a serious note I met this sad looking girl in a hospital while she was there for some counselling.
He looks at Mukti and they talk with their eyes out of my understanding. Probably he was asking her whether ge should disclose this and was she okay with it. Mukti nodded.
” Mukti had always been pampered by everything but not love and time. Her parents gave her all the superficial things she needed but never gave her the time. So once this lady tried to commit suicide. Fab five tried to pacify her but that was impossible.”

Abhi was interrupted by Mukti. “Then I met this angel of my life who taught me how to smile. First he used to annoy me a lot by doing silly things but one day he disappeared. That day I realised how important he is in my life.”

“Its true when you lose someone at that time you realise the worth of that person.” I piped in glancing at Nandini hoping I never lose her.

“Then I came to know that Abhi was suffering from Cancer. My life shattered but I didn’t lose my control. I decided I want to spend all my time with Abhi be it short..”

“So is he cured now ?” Nandini asked out of curiosity.

“No. Abhi has very less time left. Maybe one year or less than that. That’s why Mukti’s parents are not happy with this match.” I said in politest tone ever.

“Love makes life live. You two are the best example for this. Mukti, you should never lose hope.” Nandini tries pacifying Mukti who was on verge of crying.

“Abhi is very lucky to find you Mukti.” Ayesha di said to Mukti while she controls her tears.

“No I m very lucky di. At one moment I had decided I dont deserve to live and I dont deserve to be loved. But he always showered the love on me which was never done except my best friends.” Mukti said to everyone which automatically brings a smile on everyone’s face.

“Okay enough of this guys ! Its my engagement. Dont be so mental. I mean sentimental.” Abhi chuckled making us laugh. I knew no one could be better for Mukti than Abhimanyu. What if their love life is short ? Memories can make one’s life full of love. That’s what Mukti was trying to do and we were with her always.

*After an hour of chatting*

Mukti and Abhi occupied the centre of the hall. Mukti really looked beautiful in the red and silver long dress while Abhi wore a red and black tuxedo. Both complemented each other very well. Abhi slid the princess cut diamond ring in her finger and I could see Mukti blushing. She also slid a topaz ring in his finger. All of us clapped and hooted congratulating them heartily.

“Okay. I have a big plan. I have brought some crackers and floating lamps for you all. So lets fire them. It’s gonna be fun.” I told or rather informed them.

“oh yeah lets go. By the way great idea dude.” Cabir said and all agreed.

Idea ? Its not an idea. Its my evil plan. I know Nandini fears crackers and I can’t wait longer for Diwali so I thought of this. Nonetheless, Mukti loved crackers and floating lamps so she would definitely like my idea/plan.

“No….um…I would like to stay here and have a talk with…..Ayesha .” Nandini made an excuse and walked over to Ayesha di.

“Oh really ! I thought you would love to go out with Manik.” Ayesha di said giggling. Nandini gave what-is-this-look.

“No di. Actually she is scared of firing crackers. That’s why she is making excuses.” I said to di.

“C’mon yaar. Nothing will happen. It ll be fun.” Dhruv said trying to console her.

“Guys if she doesn’t want to come then why are you forcing her. Nandini its your wish.” Abhi said and Nandini mouthed a thank-you to him.

“Common guys lets go.” Abhi nodded and started leading the way to terrace while holding Mukti’s hands.

“No she ll go.” I said. I heard a fake coughs but I ignored it. I was sick of this non-sensical teasing of my friends. “You also come di.” I said pulling Nandini by holding her hand.

“Okay. Okay I m coming. Don’t pull me like that.” Nandini said.

“Yes.” I said and joined my Fab five. In the terrace, there was perfect arrangement of almost all types of crackers. Being not the season of Diwali it was difficult to arrange but somehow I managed.
We all started firing crackers and dancing on the music when I noticed Nandini standing in a corner like a scared mouse.

“Nandini, are you just here to stand in a corner ?” I said approaching her.

“Manik. I m really scared of these stuff. How do you guys manage—-”

I snapped at her. “Just shut your mouth and come with me.” dragging her along with me.
“But Manik listen—”

“ssh.” I said leading her to were others were burning crackers. I forcefully held her hand and made her fire a mini bomb. While holding her hand I could feel butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time I felt something like this. . .

“AAAAAHH.” She gave out a shriek when the mini bomb blasted. Everyone had a heart laugh which was also joined by Nandini.
Yes, I did it. I removed another of her phobias.

“Shit.” Someone shouted suddenly. I turned to see what had happened. There were millions of glass pieces shattered all over the ground and in the middle of them stood no one else but — Dhruv.

Next update : Dhruni sounds better.

I know in my previous ff I showed Abhi had cured but I dont know why I didn’t feel like that in this ff. Losing your loved ones is a part and parcel of life. There can never be a perfect Cinderella story for every girl. But you can live your Prince Charming forever and always. Love is beyond being physical and superficial and that’s what Mukbhi is all about.
#Mukbhi_forever_and_always ♡

I wont say much because I m crying right now.

Credit to: Amu

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