Manan : Love On ! (Epi-1)

Nandini’s POV

Bang !

My baby got hurt as the black Mercedes Benz in front of me collided with it.
“what the heck !”
I was cursing the driver in my mind.
“idiot, stupid, moron…”

I waited for the driver to come out but he didn’t. Now I was super pissed off. This day is the worst day of my life.

To start with I found my boyfriend Aryaman cheated on me with my so called best friend. I had these goggles on to hide my tears and eyes.

And now this driver who hurted my baby my lovely Black SUV.
I unbuckled my seat belt and walked towards him with all my anger. Now that guy was at the second place in my hate-list first one being Aryaman.

“idiot !” I called him as I knocked at his tinted glass as I saw a man on his phone

The Man’s POV

“Shit !” I shrieked as I banged in the rear side of a black SUV.

“what happened ?” asked my buddy Dhruv on the other side of phone.

“nothing much. Just crashed with a car and the lady in it is walking towards me. Oh lord. I ll talk to you later buddy !” I immediately hung up as she knocked on the window.

Knock knock.

I was amazed seeing her though she had her goggles on. I immediately opened the glass.

“excuse me?” Her voice made my brain stop thinking much.

“um. Yeah !” I replied in a nervous tone.

“you dog ! Look what you did to my car. Cant you see and drive ? Are you drunk !” her words didn’t stop but I stopped hearing them as soon as I saw her eyes.

Her eye make up was smudged suggesting she had been crying. And I found her face familiar. I had met her somewhere else. I was damn sure about it.

I removed my shades to stop the argument as once she would recognise me she would stop yelling at me at once. I m that famous at least that’s what I thought.

I did that but no. She didn’t stop.

She didn’t recognise me. Looks like Manik Malhotra is not as famous as he thinks.

“my baby is so hurt !” she continued her blabber.

“what baby ?” I asked her in confusion. She looked around my age a little younger than me. She couldn’t be a mother.

“I mean my car. Its my lifeline and I call her my baby .”

“oh okay.” I found her way of calling her car a baby cute. But I was still thinking hard trying yo recollect where I had met her before.

And then I remembered.

15th February, London

I was walking down the street when I bumped with a girl. She had too many files in her hand and all of them were scattered because of our collision.

She called me an”idiot.” And I hid my face in the black hoodie I was wearing at that time.
“sorry for calling you an idiot.” She apologised me after I helped her to which I replied “its okay. I too called you an idiot in my mind.”

And I walked away. I reaches the underground station as we had a concert and I was already running out of time when again the same girl came and started yelling at me and called me a thief.
“you thief ! How dare you steal my
I -phone 6S”

Before I could give any justification the cops drag me to the other side and started searching for the phone in my bags. I searched for my phone so that I could call my friends and get out of this mess.

As soon as I took it out the girl shouted “That’s my phone !”

I was surprised as it was indeed her phone.

“stealer !” again she called me. I so hate this girl.

I tried to clear the misunderstandings and told the cops “my nexus might be in her bag please check officers…” Before I could complete I landed in the jail.

After half an hour or so the same girl came with her guilty face and confirmed that she had my phone. It was a pure case of misunderstanding. I threw daggers at her through my eyes. But then I walked away as I was in a hurry.

Back to present.
I took a closer look at the girl. She was the same girl and she called me an idiot now and then.

But her eyes had changed a lot. First they used to be happy but now they had some pain.

Wait what am I thinking ? She is still abusing me and I m thinking so good about her. This is not so done !
Drop your feedback if I should continue or not.

Next part : She gets to know who he is !

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