MaNan- Love Diaries (Prologue)

You’ve read Manan horror ff: Sister Rivalry, now its time to dig in the past and dive in Nandini’s past life, this ff is about what happened before Nandini and Manik got married.

Two little twins girls were playing with a ball. A little boy comes and takes the ball catching it.
Girl 1: its our ball.
Boy: did I snatch it from you? I just want to join you both in this game, can I play with you?

Girl 2: of course, but after we both return. Come Nandini.

Nandini: but from where Anjali?

Anjali: I have some work and I need you in it. Come na please.

She takes her by her hand and smiles mischievously.

.      .       .      .      .        .         .         .

Nandini and the boy sit together in the class.
Nandini: sorry about that, my sister has a habit to joke.
Boy: its OK, I am Manik Malhotra by the way.

They shake hands.

.      .      .       .      .      .       .       .

Nandini and Anjali with Manik in between sit on the swings. They hold hands and swing and jump off it in between and laugh.

.     .      .       .      .      .       .         .

Manik: I am going abroad for studies, I will return after six years.
Nandini: I will miss you.
Anjali: I will also miss you.

They do a group hug.
.       .      .       .       .        .        .        .

Nandini and Anjali grow up. They were sitting together in their room, Nandini had her head on her shoulder.

Anjali: I want to tell something.
Nandini: tell.
Anjali: I love Manik.

Nandini gets shocked and lifts her head from her shoulder and looks at her.

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  1. raji-tamil magal

    good start dear..continue…

  2. Last part was a bit shocking. … but it is really good. . Pls continue. ..take care ?

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