MaNan- Love Diaries (chapter 2-A New Friend)

Next day, Nandini and Anjali went to school in the school bus together but every time Anjali saw Nandini talking to them, she got insecure that their bonding will break because of new friends but she brushed this thought off her mind and she too got busy in talking with them. When they reached their school, they got down and Anjali took hold of Nandini’s hand and she smiled in return. Anjali smiled back. When they got to their classes, they sat together as usual and were talking. Just then the teacher came and everyone greeted him except them.

“I am in the class,” said the teacher clearing her throat. “Sorry teacher,” Nandini said cutely holding her ears that anyone’s heart would melt. Teacher smiled at her and the class continued. Rest of the two classes went on with some fun. Later in recess, Nandini went with Anjali to their new friends and after sometime, they all started playing with a ball. Nandini threw the ball at Alia and it hit her making her fall down. She ran to help her. “Yayyy, it’s so much fun,” Anjali laughed while clapping. Nandini helped Alia and she sat under the tree.

The game continued and slowly everyone got tired. Only the twins were left. Anjali threw the ball and Nandini catched it. When she threw back the ball at Anjali, a boy caught it instead, he had fair skin, chocolate brown eyes and a thin face. Nandini was lost in him. “It’s our ball, give it back to us,” Anjali said and Manik twirled the ball on his index finger and turned to her. “Did I snatch it from you? I caught it because I wanted to join you,” Manik said and winked at her. “Catch,” he said as the ball was about to fall.

They held it together and he smiled with a smirk and he had such a cute smile, it spelled magic on everyone. Anjali too kept looking at him. He clicked his fingers in front of her. “Hey, can I join you? Why are you two looking at me as if I am a ghost?,” Manik asked. “Yes you can join us but after we return,” Anjali said and left the ball going towards Nandini and held her hand. “Nandini come,” she said to her but she was too lost. Her trance broke when Anjali pulled her away.

“Where are you taking me?,” Nandini asked. “He’s asking if he can join us so I told him that he can after we return, come na,” she said and took her far from there. “Anjali are you up to something?,” Nandini asked knowingly. “Yes, we aren’t returning there,” Anjali said. “But why? It will get more fun if there are three people,” Nandini said. “I want to do a prank,” Anjali said. “We decided we’ll be together right? Actually promised, are you insecure?,” Nandini asked. “No it’s just a prank,” Anjali said. “When he will come to find us, we’ll scare him.”

“OK,” Nandini agreed as she too loved doing such small pranks. Manik was getting bored so he went to a group. “Hey,” he said. It was the same group which Nandini and Anjali joined. “I am Manik Malhotra, can I join you guys?,” he asked. “Yes bro,” replied Cabir. Manik sat down and everyone introduced themselves to him. They talked and after sometime, Manik decided to go and check on the twins. He excused himself and went from there. “Why didn’t he come till now?,” Anjali asked and Nandini saw him coming and asked her to be quiet.

Slowly they came in front of him and scared him. They laughed. “What’s this?,” he asked. “It was my idea,” Anjali said. “I can tell it by your face,” Manik replied. “And mine too,” Nandini told him. “Can we go and play?,” Manik asked and just then the bell rang and they went to their classes leaving behind an annoyed Manik. He went to his class only to find that the twins are his classmates. He sat on the backseat alone. The teacher entered. “Today I would like to introduce a new student, Manik Malhotra, some of you might’ve already met him.”

Manik waved to everyone. “Anjali you shift on the back bench and Manik you come forward,” teacher said and Anjali stood up and went but stopped in between looking at Manik. Then she went. He sat beside her. “Sorry about that Manik, my sister has habit to joke,” Nandini said. “It’s ok, what’s your name?,” he said and she told her name. “Nice name, and she’s Anjali, right?,” he asked and she nodded. “Let’s sit together in recess everyday,” he said and she agreed. Later, it was time to go home, the sisters went together as usual.

“Nandini,” Manik called out when she was about to get on the bus. She looked back and smiled. He gave her a chocolate and she smiled brighter. “Thank you,” she said. “Oh and give one to Anjali too,” he said giving another. She got on the bus and he waved at her. Anjali waved at him and he waved back. The sisters ate chocolate together and the rest of the ride, Nandini had her head on Anjali’s shoulder. They reached their house and got down the bus and went inside holding hands. Their parents smiled at them.

They went to their room and Nandini laid on the bed as she was too tired. Anjali laid beside her. “Anjali, Nandini, have something,” said Varshini coming to their room but found them sleeping hugging each other, she smiled and didn’t woke them up. She covered them and went. Later they woke up and after eating and completing their homework, they went outside to play and found their friend circle. “Hi,” Alia said and they too greeted her and everyone else. Manik too came there. The sister’s eyes were on him. He smiled at Nandini and they all played hide and seek together.

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