MaNan- Love Diaries (chapter 1-Moorthy Twins)

In a rich family and a lavish house, a young woman was pregnant and was resting on the bed. Suddenly she gets labour pain and screams, her husband comes running to her. “Varshini, you okay?,” asks her husband Nandkishore. “It’s hurting a lot,” she says in pain and he helps her stand and takes her out of the house inside the car and drives to the nearest hospital. He stops and helps her out of the car. He takes her in the hospital and a ward boy comes and brings wheel chair, Nandkishore helped her sit and took her to emergency ward.

Within sometime, the surgery was done and the couple was blessed with twins girls, one was named as Nandini (Nand of Nandkishore and ini of Varshini) and other was named as Anjali. After some hours, the couple was allowed to take their newborn babies home. “We are really blessed, we got two beautiful children instead of one,” Varshini said smilingly. “Yes you’re right,” Nandkishore said playing with Anjali and Varshini had Nandini in her lap. They kept both the babies together and they interacted very well. “They’ll become very good sisters,” Nandkishore said on their interaction.

Five years later, Nandini and Anjali were now able to walk. They played together, ate together, they did almost everything together. They were able to speak a little. They were sitting on their bed playing with toys. “Let’s go outside and sit on twing(swing),” said Anjali. “Yes, the one who reaches the first will be the winnel(winner),” Nandini said and they got down the bed and ran outside the room, each tried their best to reach first. Nandini ran really fast but she always matched her speed with Anjali so that she doesn’t gets sad. She was a protective sister.

At last they reached the swing and climbed on it. They sat holding hands and smiled at each other. “You didn’t win this time he he,” Anjali said laughing on her. “We both won, but tell me one thing, aren’t you feeling ticklish ticklish by swinging?,” Nandini asked tickling her, she laughed and Nandini too laughed. “Let’s jump off the swing,” Anjali said. “OK,” Nandini agreed and counted, “3….2….1,” and they jumped off the swing and landed on the grassy floor and laughed. They got up and sat under the tree. “What to play now?,” Anjali asked.

“Don’t you get tired?,” Nandini asked. “No,” she replied. “Ok then I will run and you catch me,” Nandini said and got up running away and Anjali ran behind her. They ran inside the house running round the couch. “Anjali, you can’t catch me,” Nandini stuck her tongue out. Anjali continued running but stopped after sometime and sat on the floor. Nandini too stopped and sat with her. “Got tired?,” she asked. “Yes, I always lose,” Anjali replied sadly. “Who said? Look you won, I was too tired that I came to you by myself,” Nandini said and Anjali looked at her for sometime.

“Ok you’re good in hide and seek, let’s play that, ok, we aren’t tired,” Nandini said cheering her up and they stood up again. “Close your eyes,” Anjali said and Nandini did so and counted, she ran away to hide, she ran to their room and opened the cupboard, she climbed inside and hid herself. Nandini found her everywhere but not inside the cupboard. “Anjali, where are you?,” Nandini said and Anjali looked at her from the cupboard. She got out of it slowly and scared her. “You scared me, mumma says not to hide in cupboard,” Nandini warned.

“But I won,” Anjali said poutingly. “Yes you won, but don’t hide there again,” Nandini said and Anjali sat on the bed facing her back towards her. Nandini sat beside her. “Ok forget it, you won so let’s have a little party,” she said and asked her to wait going out of the room. After sometime, she came back with her chocolate and gave it to her. Anjali smiled and ate it. She gave it half to her and after sometime their chin was stained with chocolate. Even if they fought very much, they would end up hugging each other.

When they turned six, they were admitted in a school. They sat together the first day and listened to everything teacher said. The classes seemed boring to them. It was recess time and they sat together under the tree having lunch. They sat on merry go round. A girl with her hair pulled back in a ponytail sat beside Nandini. “Hi,” she said. “Hello,” Nandini said and Anjali just waved at her. “I am Alia,” she said introducing herself and forwarded her hand for handshake. They shook their hands and introduced themselves. “Will you join our group?,” Alia asked.

“Yes,” Nandini replied. They got down the swing and Alia took them to her friends. “Friends,” she said grabbing her friend’s attention. “This is Anjali and this is Nandini, our new friends,” Alia said pointing towards the twins, they smiled. “I am Soha,” said a girl with brown hair and they shook their hands with her. “I am Cabir, he’s Dhruv,” a thin boy said introducing himself and the kid with chubby cheeks. They sat with them and talked about many things. It was only thirty minutes since they were talking but for them it was like hours.

Cabir and Soha were in the same class as them but Dhruv was in different class. They went back to their class together and the rest of the day went very fast. They went to home in same bus while talking. Nandini and Anjali got down the bus together and went to their house. At night, they both were sitting together and were ready to sleep. “Nandini, we won’t get away because of new friends right?,” Anjali asked. “No Anjali, no matter who comes and whatever happens, we won’t leave each other’s side, we’ll be together forever, promise?,” Nandini said. “Promise,” Anjali replied and they held hands and slept.

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