Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal (Character Sketch and Plot Summary)


Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada

Hi people this is me Crystal the writer of FF’s like Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love, Raglak: Love Me Like You Do and Raglak_Life is full of happiness…. I had got an unusual request that they wanted me to write Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love for Manan… So I am accepting that request and doing the same… I will drop in one or two updates if I find that you guys are interested I will continue this journey again or I will just stop it… it’s all in the hands of the readers…… Everything is going to be the same….. Only the characters would changes…………….. So here I go….. There would be few characters that I will leave the same


There are numerous characters in this FF, but i will give the main characters sketch and I will also mention the Recurring characters.
1.Nandini Murthy – an independent business consultant for many companies and a very determined and strong person. At the age of 22 she has touched and tasted success. Both her parents had left her and her brother when they were young and she was brought up by her paternal grandfather (Dadaji).

2. Manik Malhotra – again a successful business tycoon who runs various institutions. His father had died when he was young but he was brought up by his mother Nyonika Singh (mother is continuing her husband’s family name but since Manik was adopted by his nanaji he is carrying his surname) and maternal grandfather (Nanaji). He had got inheritance from his nanaji. He is 25 years.

3. Cabir Dhawan – Best friend of Nandini Murthy and again a successful business tycoon. CEO of Dhawan Industries. He is 28 years old

4. Navya Singh – Cousin of Manik Malhotra (She is his father’s side cousin). Doctor by profession with a great business sense and one of the board members of Singh Industries and head of Singh Hospitals.. She is aged 25 years old

5. Rishabh Murthy – brother of Nandini Murthy and he is at present studying in school that is run by the Malhotras.

6. Ram Murthy – Nandini and Rishabh’s late grandfather (Paternal side).

7. Venkatesh Iyer and Shannoo Murthy– Aunty and Uncle of Nandini and Rishabh. Shannoo Gupta is a retired fashion designer and Uncle Mr.Venkatesh Iyer is a lawyer.

The above are the main characters and other recurring characters are

1. Mr Roy – A manager in Manik’s company

2. Dhruv and Aliya – Husband and Wife and best friends of Manik.

3. Abhimanyu, Madhyam and Karan – Again best friends of Manik and they all work along with Manik

4. Kavya Khanna – Sister of Cabir Dhawan and one of the heads of the business run by Cabir Dhawan . She treats Nandini as her daughter though the age difference between them is just 10 years.

5. Veer Dhawan – Grandfather of Cabir Dhawan and founder of Dhawan Industries. A strong support system for Nandini Murthy.

6. Shekhar Kumar and Sharmishta Kumar – Parents of Nandini and Rishabh who abandoned them when they were young. Since Shekhar was disinherited by the Murthy’s, he doesn’t have the surname as Murthy

There are more recurring characters. Those i will explain as and when they come.

The outline of the story will be how Nandini a strong headed and stone hearted girl and how she will fall in love with Manik. Manik will leave no stone unturned to make her fall in love with him. He will become his support system and will never leave her inspite of knowing her dark secrets that will come in front of him in the course of their love journey. This FF is a ride wherein their love has to face lot of tests. But will their love stay strong even after so many problems and tests?

The entire story is based will be based in London.

If you are happy with the decision let me know….. It’s just for you guys i am doing it ….

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