Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 4


Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 4

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Recap : Nandini and rishabh are staying at Manik’s club

Let’s continue

(Nandini’s POV)

I had come from my work a lil early since I had to attend the meeting that was going to take place in the club. (I had forgotten to mention earlier, this club is having research offices, living quarters and also racing tracks because Manik is fond of racing).

(Nandini) “Good evening. Here I am. So what will these tests be, Mr. Malhotra?”

(Manik) “Take your seat, Ms.Murthy. Guys, attention please. A new member has joined us. This is Rishabh Murthy. A high school student. He is considerably young but will be a good little brother to all of us. And this is his sister who wants a membership. These are the members. Aliya, Dhruv, Madhyam, Karan and Abhimanyu are my high school buddies, Aliya is a doctor, Madhyam is a Lawyer and rest are currently in my R&D.”

Rishabh was about to relax and sit. With one look from me, he kept quiet and sat back for once. He has exams coming up and now is not the time to be playing.

“Hello everyone and a very Good Evening. I am Nandini Murthy. I am twenty two and Freelance Business Consultant. If you guys don’t mind, (at Rishabh) please go to your room and start studying. Your exams are next week.”

Rishabh hesitated. (In my mind – I clearly understand that he wants to ditch studying and play. It’s not like he is a dumb fellow, but I don’t want him to take chances).

(Manik) “Common Nandini, let him have some fun.”

(Nandini) “Ok. Let him decide. Rishabh your wish, tumhari marzi, jo karna hai karo”.

(Rishabh) “Hello all. Nice meeting you. I will be going to my room to study.”

The members started laughing that it’s the first time we have seen Manik lose to a girl :-P.

(Aliya to Nandini) Call me Aliya, I was bored being the only girl here so you have my approval and ya I am married to Dhruv here.” She hugged me. Dhruv got up,

(Dhruv)“I am Aliya’s unfortunate husband.” “Hey! But you need to be able to race cars for me this Saturday, baby. Win me in a race, you have my approval. Cool?”

(Nandini’s POV) I couldn’t help but smile. His friends sure are better mannered than Manik.

(Nandini) “Sure. I have no problem with it”

(Abhimanyu to Nandini) “Call me Abhimanyu. What is your qualification, Nandini? You are too young no matter how I look at it. You should be in university, any way I see it.”

(Nandini) “Am a Freelance Business Consultant. I skipped some grades.”

(Abhimanyu) “Oh. Manik unlike you, she skipped grades. Can you believe this? You are not the only genius here Manik. Nandini, you have my approval.”

(Nandini) “Thank you Abhimanyu”

(Nandini’s POV) He seems nice though he feels to be a bit of a flirt.

(Madhyam) “Hi, I am Madhyam. What is your annual pay, sweety?”

(Nandini) “Six digits, is all I can say and it does fluctuate if I get more work in an year.”

Madhyam is shocked to listen “Good. twenty two and six digits. I like you girl. You are through.”

(Manik) “(Sighing) Are these the tests you guys are giving? Why can’t you do something more solid? Karan, what about you?”

(Karan) “What are your favourite books and movies genre?”

(Nandini) “Mystery and romance. Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie and Chetan Bhagat are my favourite writers”

(Karan) “Call me Brother Karan ,Nandini. You have cleared my test.”

(Manik) “Bhagwan! Karan, your question is the worst of all. I can’t believe that you are approving her without asking her to do something except Dhruv.”

(Madhyam) “Give it a rest, Manik. We all like her.”

(Manik) “Ok. My test is cooking. Are you up to it, Nandini? I am a difficult critic to please when it comes to food. And you are going up this Sunday”

(Nandini’s POV) Does he even know to cook.

(Manik) “I will try, Mr. Malhotra.” I smiled my perfect business smile.

(Aliya) “Nandi, why are you calling Manik by his surname?”

(Nandini)“He hasn’t told me how to address him.” Nandini in her mind thought, I don’t wish to call him by nickname, anyway.

(Manik) “Let’s think about it after she has passed both the tests.

Precap : Some talks and a little crying

Hope u guys even like this part

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